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10 Unique Finds at Amazon That You Can Get as Gifts for Loved Ones

10 Unique Finds at Amazon That You Can Get as Gifts for Loved Ones

Amazon is one of our most favorite places to shop. It offers amazing deals and discounts on must-have items for the home and everyday living, conveniently delivered right to your doorstep. But did you know that Amazon is also a platform for unique finds and gifts that you can get for yourself and your loved ones? Today, we’re exploring the many unique finds and one-of-a-kind products that you might have difficulty finding elsewhere. Here are some unique finds at Amazon that you can get as gifts for loved ones or keep for yourself! (Because who wouldn’t?)

1. The Thinking Egg in Natural Brass Metal by Orijin Design Company

Anxious, jittery or overwhelmed? Get yourself or your loved ones The Thinking Egg, a mindfulness tool that’s crafted ergonomically to feel perfect in your hands. It is a useful reminder to help bring calmness and mindfulness back into the present moment. It is crafted with natural materials that work in harmony with the egg’s simple and captivating symbology. It comes in four different organic materials, but the Natural Brass Metal variation is made of copper and zinc and is said to have healing properties to boost the immune system. It also increases melatonin to help you sleep better. Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

2. Breo iSee4 Electric Portable Eye Massager

If you have overworked eyes, invest in the Breo iSee4 Electric Portable Eye Massager, which is powered by intelligent, microprocessor-controlled air pressure, vibration, point massage and heat compress technology. It is designed to effectively knead, perss, nad hot compress the forehead and temple area around the eyes to relax the muscles, improve blood circulation, and reduce stress so you can sleep better. It effectively helps address dry eye conditions, which are recommended to be relieved with a warm compress routine combined with ocular massage. The iSee4 Eye Massager is designed with traditional Chinese medical meridian acupoint/acupressure science in mind. Available at Amazon.


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3. Dodow Sleep Aid Device

Let you and your loved ones sleep better with this revolutionary sleep device from Dodow. It is a metronome with a light system that effectively teaches you how to fall asleep naturally, so you can toss out those pills that may have side effects on your body. This Sleep Aid Device features a touch-sensitive surface, which can be activated by touching once for the 8-minute mode and touching twice for the 20-minute mode. A blue light will then appear on the ceiling above it, expanding and retracting as a guide for you to inhale and exhale accordingly. This helps train you to inhale deeper and exhale longer, creating a sensation of tiredness that’s conducive to falling asleep. It has an auto-off function so you need not worry about turning it off when you doze off. This will be your new favorite bedtime buddy. Shop at Amazon.

4. Ripple 24/7 Personal Safety Monitoring

Your loved ones’ safety and security is of utmost importance, that’s why it’s best to invest in the Ripple, a device that provides 24/7 nationwide personal safety at the press of a button. Its Bluetooth button alerts your own personal monitoring team of security experts who will provide you help when you need it. It comes with an app that lets you choose which emergency response to receive and input pre-set medical information and custom instructions. This device will let you live with a calmer sense of being knowing that help is always there at a touch of a button. Available at Amazon.

5. Wickedbone Smart Bone Automatic & Interactive Toy for Dogs

Our pets are truly part of our families. That’s why we only want what’s best for them. When it comes to entertaining toys for pets, the Wickedbone Smart Bone is well above the rest. This smart toy lets you choose between interactive auto-play modes or control the toy using the joystick in drive mode through the accompanying app. It features 12 types of emotional driven systems, including chasing, teasing, avoiding, and more. It is made of FDA food-grade polycarbonate of the body, cover, and the tires, which is strong and soft so it won’t harm your dog’s claws and teeth. It is easy to clean thanks to its detachable tires and protective cover, which are easy to disassemble. Powered by a built-in 470 mAh lithium polymer battery that offers over 2 hours in interactive mode. Get this at Amazon.

1. Kube Bluetooth Speaker with 37-Quart Cooler Storage

Don’t you love a product that serves to purposes in one? Kube offers a highly engineered technology in a fun and functional Bluetooth speaker that provides 37-quart cooler storage. How cool is that? This speaker and cooler in one is perfect for summer backyard parties or beachside get togethers. It has as much as 50 hours of battery life and onboard Wi-Fi so you can play your favorite tunes anytime and anywhere. It’s also designed to withstand the elements, as well as accidental spills and splashes. Its 37-quart storage keeps as much as 16 bottles of wine or any beverage or items you’d like to store. Shop at Amazon.


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2. Nomodo Wireless Qi-Certified Fast Charger with Mug Warmer/Drink Cooler

Free up space on your work desk and get organized with this wireless capable device that utilizes Qi Fast Charging technology. It has a Qi charging mat that charges your battery quickly without the need for wires and cables. It has a hot plate that keeps your coffee or tea hot while you work or a cool plate that keeps your iced latte cool as you keep busy at the office. Compatible with most Samsung, iPhone, Microsoft, LG, Google, Huawei, and other mobile devices that offer wireless charging. Get this at Amazon.

3. Elephant Aroma Diffuser by Make Lemonade

What sets this Elephant Aroma Diffuser apart from all the other diffusers in the market today is Make Lemonade’s mindful technology that is consciously created with a reusable cotton wick that lasts for years. This one-of-a-kind diffuser features a premium refillable porcelain reservoir and ceramic diffuser top that are both safe to touch. You don’t need water for this diffuser to work as it utilizes a slow release system that distributes fragrance subtly and steadily throughout your space, whether at home or in the office. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, as it doesn’t have any cords or wires! Rated 3.9 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

4. Breo Scalp Mini Waterproof Portable Electric Head Massager with Bamboo Base

Who says you need to hit the spa for ultimate relaxation and comfort? The Breo massager features a sophisticated 96-contact design that closely replicates the six traditional massage skills of longitudinal gliding, kneading, trigger point therapy, and oscillating pressure, so you get all the benefits in the comfort of your own home. It features a compact design that lets you use it at home, in the office, or when you travel. The scalp massager heads are made of food-grade silica gel that is gentle and non-irritating on the skin, but instead promotes blood flow for healthy hair growth. Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars on Amazon.


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Scotch and I be working on our posture 🧘🏻‍♀️ But unlike Scotch, I have atrocious posture. I’ve tried training myself to pull my shoulders back, hold my head high, and stand tall. But I just find myself going back to my super slouch posture and wonder why I always have back pain 🤦🏻‍♀️ . Luckily, I’ve partnered with @upright.trainer to try out their UPRIGHT GO 2 to fix my ongoing back issues. This little guy gives real-time posture feedback in the app so I can track my progress over time while giving me little vibration reminders when I slouch 🙌🏻 . If you need help fixing your heinous posture, head to the link in my bio to snag a trainer of your own! #iamupright #uprightgo #uprightposture

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5. Upright GO Posture Trainer and Corrector for Back

Improve your health with this comfortable strapless posture corrector that attaches to your back to remind you to sit or stand up straight with its real-time gentle vibration reminder. This wearable device comes with the Upright app that generates a personalized training program with daily goals to improve your posture. It also keeps track of your posture throughout the day to provide insights and stats for exact measurements and feedback, so you can track your performance and progress as well! This kit comes with the Upright GO posture device, a travel case, USB charging cable, 9 reusable hypoallergenic medical grade adhesives and a user manual. Rated 3.9 out of 5 stars on Amazon.


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