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15 Haunting Halloween Home Decor to Spook Your Guests!

15 Haunting Halloween Home Decor to Spook Your Guests!

‘Tis the season to spook your friends and family! It’s that time of the year again and this season, we’re rounding up the most haunting Halloween home decor to spook your guests. Before we dive into that list, let’s check out some Halloween decorating tips from Punchbowl.

  • Take down your regular home decor before you decorate. It’s best to declutter and clean up before you decorate for Halloween so you have a blank canvas, a clean slate to begin with. Besides, piling up on decor will make your space look messy, unorganized, and super cluttered.
  • Pick a color scheme. The fun thing about Halloween is that there are several color schemes to choose from. You can go classic black and white, or orange and black. You can also do bright green and violet colors. Before you decorate, pick a color theme and an overall theme. It can be witches and wizards, spiders and bats, vampires, or anything you fancy. Build on those ideas to create a unified look.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of candles and pumpkins. Something as regular as candles can provide a creepy look by changing up the colors. Go for black and orange candles or those that come in colors of Fall. As for pumpkins, you can leave them as is or get creative and paint on messages that read “Boo!” or fun quotes like “Creepin’ it real,” and much more.

You still have time to shop and decorate in time for Halloween, so check out these fun recommendations for haunting Halloween home decor to spook your guests this season.


1. Sourpuss Coffin Curio Shelf

Here’s one piece of home decor that will surely creep out your guests! This coffin shelf from Sourpuss is a delightful addition to any living room, entertainment room or bedroom this Halloween season. It features 19 little compartments that you can place fun Halloween knick knacks in, including creepy crow figurines, candles, creepy gems and other mysterious odds and ends. This MDF construction shelf is measures 18 inches high, 9.5 wide, and 2 inches deep. Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

What customers say about it: “Unique shelf smaller than expected but totally worth it I put gems and stones in each of the compartments. Very cool creepy vibe.” Lisa Marie


2. Bellaa The Hear-no, See-no, Speak-no Evil Skull Statue

Spook your guests this Halloween season with these three amigos! The The Hear-no, See-no, Speak-no Evil Skull Statue is made of polyresin, giving it loads of detail upon closer inspection. These hand-crafted work of art measures 8 inches and is perfect for placing on an entryway table or on a shelf as a display. Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

What customers say about it: “I purchased this as a gift for a friend who loves and collects skull sculptures. She absolutely loved it, said it was one of her favorites in the whole collection. It’s a bit macabre but funny and even playful at the same time.” Amazon Customer


3. DWK Murder & Mystery Raven on Skull Bookends

Swap out your regular bookends for something creepier this Halloween. These raven on skull bookends are charming additions to your treasured classics and novels on the bookshelf. It is also a great Halloween gift for bookworkms, Edgar Allan Poe enthusiasts, goth lovers and more. It is made of durable, high-quality, cold-cast polyresin and measures 7 x 4.25 x 4 inches. Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

What customers say about it: “We loved how these bookends turned out! They are very sturdy and added a spooky look to our book collection.” August Hancock


4. Design Toscano Past, Present, Future Sculptural Dragon Wall Clock

If Game of Thrones is your theme for this Halloween, you’re going to need this unique dragon wall clock honoring the Mother of Dragons herself. The clock is adorned with three dragons representing the past, present, and future. Dragons are prominently featured in myths of both medieval European and Asian cultures. These mystical fire-breathing creatures are known to hold spiritual and cultural significance, along with several other ancient spirits and figures. The clock is hand-cast using real crushed stone bonded with high quality designer resin and is hand-finished by skilled artisans. TIt features a modern quartz clock movement mechanism and comes in a sleep grestone color. Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

What customers say about it: “It’s beautiful and really stylish! Everything came intact and it’s a great addition to my dragon themed collection.” John M.


5. Vela Lanterns Moroccan Style Candle Lantern, Medium, Amber Glass

This gorgeous lantern add color, pattern, and an exotic global vibe to any room in your home. This Halloween, adorn your hallway or living room with these lanterns that add a rustic feel to any space. It features colorful stained glass and lamp shades that bounce light in unique patterns, giving off a one-of-a-kind glow that’s perfect for adding mystery this Halloween. These Moroccan-style lanterns measure 6 inch high glass panels. Great for using with tea lights or fairy lights. Measures 10.5 inches tall and 11.5 inches tall with the loop. This best seller is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon

What customers are saying about it: “The color on this lamp is gorgeous. I bought the orange to use for Halloween and fall decor and am so excited for that season so I can use it. Well made and the glass almost glows even without a candle in. Will likely be purchasing more in different colors and as gifts.” Stephanie Dager


More Haunting Halloween Decor to Creep Out Your Friends!

15 Haunting Halloween Home Decor to Spook Your Guests!

1. ArtificialaRoom Skull Terrarium

Add a mysterious, rustic flair to any space in your home with this little terrarium featuring a creepy skull with preserved flowers. It is encased in a glass dome and is perfect for displaying on a table or bookshelf. This unique piece is crafted with preserved flowers, artificial grass, artificial rubble, and is housed in a glass done with a black acrylic base and a ribbon and wax seal. Each piece is uniquely modeled and hand painted so you know you’re getting a one-of-a-kind decor. Hurry and get the last one at Etsy.


15 Haunting Halloween Home Decor to Spook Your Guests!

2. 99Heads Ceramic Halloween Ghosts

Three little ghosts sat on the window! Meet the three little ghosts that are set to spook your guests this Halloween. This set of 3 ghost figures are handmade from white clay and then glazed with ceramic glazes. It’s perfect for placing on the dining table, shelf or window sill, a bookshelf and more. It measures 2.5 inches each and is a cute addition to any space this Halloween. Shop the last set at Etsy.


15 Haunting Halloween Home Decor to Spook Your Guests!

3. DemiurgusDreams Black Cat Skull Replica Taxidermy

Goth lovers will enjoy receiving this as a gift this Halloween. This black cat skull replica is made of casting resin and measures 3.6 inches in length. It’s a great little knick knack for those who love the goth lifestyle or for those who want to add a touch of mystery to their space this Halloween season. Shop at Etsy.


15 Haunting Halloween Home Decor to Spook Your Guests!

4. TheBriarwood NECROMANCER™ Spell Candle for Communing with The Dead, Summoning Spirits, and Retrieving Knowledge from the Dead

Necromancy is defined as the sorcery and practice of communicating with the dead for the purposes of foretelling the future. But did you know it’s more than just raising dead bodies out of their graves? Necromancy involves communing with the dead, summoning spirits during spells or rituals and receiving the knowledge of the person who has went on to the afterlife. This Halloween, celebrate the concept of necromancy and the mysterious practices surrounding it with this spell candle from The Briarwood, which is crafted with natural wax, a pure cotton wick, and a high amount of essential/essence oils of cedar, plum, vanilla, and more for a mysteriously intoxicating fragrance. Give your space a seductive, mysterious appeal with this unique candle. Shop the last piece at Etsy.


15 Haunting Halloween Home Decor to Spook Your Guests!

5. BotanikaStudio Halloween Wreath

Holidays are never complete without a wreath. This unique Halloween wreath is handmade with wicker, artificial greenery, faux roses, plywood, paint, and faux spiders to give it a totally creepy yet elegant appeal. It’s perfect for hanging on your front door so it can welcome your guests to your Halloween shindig. Measures 15 inches tall. Crafted in Poland. Shop at Etsy.


Fun Halloween Home Decor Finds

1. McKenzie-Childs Courtly Stripe Witch’s Hat

This charmingly elegant witch’s hat from McKenzie-Childs is one of the best things you can add to your home this Halloween. It features black and white stripes and chessboard design, complete with a buckle, some pumpkins, and a creepy little spider hanging off the tip. Shop at Neiman Marcus.

What customers are saying about it: “Love this little hat. It’s just the cutest Halloween item. Well made and I’m so happy I decided to purchase. The colors are typical for this brand. Beautiful. It will be a great piece to hand down to my children. Also it arrived packaged to perfect to avoid breakage.” Margie M., Murfreesboro, TN


2. Staub 3.5-Qt. Pumpkin Cocotte, Matte Black

Add a touch of mystery and elegance to your tablescape with this chic little Staub cast iron pumpkin cocotte. This piece is an heirloom quality Dutch Oven that is cast and enameled in France by skilled craftsmen. It features an interior enamel that is textured matte finish that’s perfect for browning and searing. Cook meals with the Halloween spirit this season with Staub. Shop at Neiman Marcus.


3. Staub 5-Qt. Pumpkin Cocotte, Burnt Orange

Staub collectors will love this pumpkin cocotte that comes in a burnt orange finish that’s perfect for Halloween. Like its matte black counterpart, this cocotte has a textured matte finish inside that’s great for browning and searing. This item is an heirloom quality Dutch Oven that is cast and enameled in France by skilled craftsmen. Shop at Neiman Marcus.


4. Seletti Diesel Wolf Skull

Add a touch of rustic charm to your space this Halloween with the wolf skull that features a golden finish. It is crafted from aluminum and is great for displaying on a bookshelf or table, or on a Halloween party center table. Such a unique conversation piece! Shop at Neiman Marcus.


5. Bethany Lowe Stonella Bust Skeleton Decor

Last but certainly not least, this Stonella Bust Skeleton Decor from Bethany Lowe certainly ups the creepy factor in any home. This piece is designed by Bethany Lowe, who began creating her unique Santas and folk art designs with the purpose to encourage families to collect treasured pieces every holiday season. Today, Bethany Lowe’s 26-year old business employs over 17 artists to create unique, timeless pieces you’ll want to pass down to your kids. Shop at Neiman Marcus.


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