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23 Best Halloween Wreaths for Every Type of Home

23 Best Halloween Wreaths for Every Type of Home

With Halloween just a month away, we’re already shopping for the best of the best accessories and home decor for the highly anticipated holiday. One of the most important decor for the holiday is a wreath, which is why we’ve lined up some of the best in the market today. Check out the 23 best Halloween wreaths for every type of home in this comprehensive list.


Best Halloween Wreaths for Every Type of Home

1. For the country home.

Those who want to keep it clean and simple this Halloween can opt for this charming country home inspired wreath that is made of driftwood and is adorned by moss. It features a a bat, spider, and crystal that’s perfect for the witching hour. The skeleton holds a crystal to keep the evil spirits away while the flying black bat and shimmering spider accompany him as he guards your house this Halloween season. Crafted in the United States by Ancient Vibration Shop designer in her studio located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Get this now, as there are only two left on Etsy.


Best Halloween Wreaths for Every Type of Home

2. For the minimalist witch.

Hear the witches call this Halloween! This charming black feather wreath is a nice, shiny addition to any witch’s door this Halloween. It features silky soft, shiny black feathers with hints of green and purple that cover a foam wreath, making it sprawl in all directions. It also includes a mini black felt witch hat that rests atop the wreath and a miniature straw broom on the  bottom of the wreath. A shiny orange ribbon provides a dazzling accent and a Halloween charm to the dark yet elegant piece. The wreath measures 16 inches in diameter and is handmade by A Holiday Shoppe’s Carmelina Lepore and Jessica Lepore in Connecticut. Grab the last piece now on Etsy.


Best Halloween Wreaths for Every Type of Home

3. For the shabby chic home.

Unlike other Halloween wreaths you may have seen at department stores, this floral Halloween wreath places a fresh new spin on the traditional Halloween colors. It is handcrafted with oak leaves, florals, and skulls, resulting to a charming and very feminine shabby chic wreath that’s perfect for any rustic themed home. It measures 22 inches in diameter and 6 inches deep. Crafted by Jayley Designs’ Lesley Rothrock from Texas. Get the last one now at Etsy.

Best Halloween Wreaths for Every Type of Home

4. For the minimalist home.

Sometimes, less is indeed more. This sleek Halloween wreath is crafted by Blissfully Crafty Co.’s Brittany Miller from Arizona and is crafted using black and white yarn. It features a spiderweb center and a bright orange spider and a sparkling orange bow to add a pop of Halloween color to a minimalist wreath that’s eye catching and truly unique. Get the last one now on Etsy.


Best Halloween Wreaths for Every Type of Home

5. For the Great Gatsby-inspired home.

If you’re into the glitz and glamour of the Great Gatsby and have the home for it, check out this unique Halloween wreath from Sparkle with Style’s Jennifer Weeks from North Carolina. It is handmade from grapevine, with bows, black flowers, burgundy floral, velvet pumpkins, ostrich feathers, and rose bouquets adorning the circular form. It also features a skeleton with his sleek top hat and feather, a sparkly crescent moon, chains, and charming red and black ribbons. The oxblood and rose colors provide an ominous yet romantic touch to this Halloween wreath, which measures about 24 to 26 inches wide and about 40 to 42 from the top to the tip of the bow. Hurry and get the last piece now on Etsy.


Best Halloween Wreaths for Every Type of Home

6. For the woodland-lover.

Charm the fairies and gnomes who pass by your door this Halloween with this unique wreath from Hearth Home and Harmony’s Neah Jackson in Oregon. This handmade wreath is crafted from grapevine, floral wire, and faux flowers, and features black pumpkins, black roses, a unique plaid ribbon, shiny silver and black branches, and bats that hover about it. The eerie wreath looks like something straight out of the woodlands! Grab the last one right now on Etsy.


Best Halloween Wreaths for Every Type of Home

7. For the Oscars-inspired party.

From Maryland comes this truly elegant Halloween wreath, which calls to mind glamorous nights out with celebrities and overflowing champagne on Oscars afterparties. This ultra-glam wreath features golden skulls with sleek black peonies and black and gold ribbons. It is crafted on a black glittered grapevine wreath base with a detailed skull background. Get the last one right now on Etsy.


Best Halloween Wreaths for Every Type of Home

8. For the gothic romance-inspired.

If your theme for this year’s Halloween party is gothic romance, you’ll love this wreath from

Allison Timothy Designs from Utah. This beautifully creepy wreath features flowing deep purple ostrich feathers that move as a light breeze passes through it, as well as a skeleton that watches over you as you pass. It’s perfect for welcoming guests this Halloween with its charming yet dark and swampy colors that exude elegance and a bit of mystery. Made with feathers, natural grapevine, ostrich feathers, plastic skull and boney hands, wood, black roses, wine peonies, and resin bones. Shop the last two pieces on Etsy.


Best Halloween Wreaths for Every Type of Home

9. For the pirate-lover.

Honor those who were lost at sea this Halloween with this unique pirate Gasparilla wreath handmade by Tara from Florida. It features a base made of burlap/black and golden mesh intertwined on a metal form measuring approximately 29″ in diameter. It includes five different types of pirate inspired, wired ribbon to make it appear full and grand. A skull adorned with a patch and bandana and a dagger complete the look of this pirate-inspired wreath. Only two left on Etsy.


Best Halloween Wreaths for Every Type of Home

10. For the ultra-creepy Halloween party.

From Erin Deaton in North Carolina comes this 18-inch grapevine wreath that’s handcrafted with black paint, faux spider, string, hot glue, and a party-ready ribbon that’s festive. A fuzzy spider sits in the middle of an ominous web that’s adorned with a fun polka dotted bow. Guests will love the simplistic design that’s still very creepy and season-appropriate. This bestseller comes from the Heart of Home Design shop. Get the last piece on Etsy.


Best Halloween Wreaths for Every Type of Home

11. For the classy New York apartment.

A classy home needs a classy Halloween wreath and that’s exactly what you’ll get from

Erina Meres-Dacey’s Sunday Crafts by Erina shop. This wreath is handmade with grapevine, faux flowers, plastic pumpkins, black leaves and a silver ribbon. It features maroon hydrangeas, maroon berries, black and white pumpkins, a glittered spider, and a sparkly moon. Perfect for your chic Halloween get together. Get the last one at Etsy.


Best Halloween Wreaths for Every Type of Home

12. For elegant city townhouses.

Let your guests know how much you’ve missed them with this fun gothic Halloween wreath featuring a skeleton with a creepy little sign that reads, “We’ve been dying to meet you.” The wreath, which measures 28 x 28 x 10 inches, features a 4-inch black ribbon with rosettes paired with a lush burgundy velvet. Its pumpkins are hand-painted with a creepy crackle finish. The skeleton is adorned with a choker with a pewter cross, a top hat, and a classic outfit. Also features eerie leaves, creepy branches, draping floral, and a handmade sign. Get the last one right now on Etsy.


Best Halloween Wreaths for Every Type of Home

13. For the Halloween party hostess’ home.

Bells and whistles and so much more, that’s what you’ll get with this wreath that has everything Halloween has to offer. At the center of it lies Mr. Bones, who is dressed up in a custom harlequin hat and an extra large bow tie in leopard, stripes and spider web ribbons. He’s ready to host this year’s party with the help of his little spider friends. He will do a great job in welcoming guests to your Halloween party on October 31. This wreath is crafted by Jennifer’s Wreath Co. in New York and is made of spiders, bats, pumpkins, ribbons, deco mesh, black florals, top hat, skull, and skeleton. Shop the last piece right now on Etsy.


Best Halloween Wreaths for Every Type of Home

14. For the witch’s lair.

Something wicked this way comes! Channel Ray Bradbury’s dark fantasy novel with this super charming rustic witch wreath that’s made on a deco mesh base. It features witch legs and a hat that are sewn in a rustic Halloween fabric. The wreath is adorned with black skulls, spider webs, flowers, and pumpkins all accented in silver glitter for a glamorous look and feel. Crafted in New York by Jennifer’s Wreath Co. Get the last piece now on Etsy.


Best Halloween Wreaths for Every Type of Home

15. For the Blair Witch Project-themed home.

Crafted by Love Joy and Wreath’s Brittany in Texas, this unique handmade wreath is made of preserved spanish moss, artificial roses, artificial dahlias, artificial branches, plastic skull, faux fur owl, cotton, silk, tulle, and lace, giving it a truly one-of-a-kind creepy vibe. This hauntingly spooky design features a black owl and a skull, an unlikely duo brought together in a bed of black dahlias, roses and black “dead” tree branches. Shop the last piece now on Etsy.


Best Halloween Wreaths for Every Type of Home

16. For the Halloween party host’s front door.

Welcome guests to your Halloween party this year with a premium handmade deco mesh wreath that features not one but two rings. The outer ring is made of black deco mesh with metallic green, purple and orange tinsel stripes. It is adorned by gorgeous metallic purple mesh bows and bright green ribbons with Halloween colored glitter dots. The inner ring on the other hand is crafted with metallic orange deco mesh and has premium, black sheer ribbons with colorful diamond shapes around the center along with orange and green striped metallic mesh. To complete the Halloween look, black cats, spider webs, skulls and more adorn this wreath, which comes in three sizes: 20 inches, 24 inches and 28 inches in diameter. Shop this What A Mesh By Diana creation on Amazon.


Best Halloween Wreaths for Every Type of Home

17. For the eccentric home.

Halloween is all about the spooky fun we encounter through parties, movies, and such. It’s also the time to wear the craziest outfits and colors, just like the ones found in this awesome Halloween witch wreath from Pink Door Wreaths. It is made with black, green, and purple deco mesh and accented with lots of coordinating ribbons to showcase the removable witch boot. It measures 24 inches. This party-ready Halloween wreath is available on Amazon.


Best Halloween Wreaths for Every Type of Home

18. For the man cave.

If your husband is into comedy, make sure he gets this Evaxo wreath, which features a skeleton showman and a banner that hilariously reads, “Creepin’ it real.” This spookily fun wreath features decor that transitions well into the holidays with its red roses and green leaves. It also features a battery-operated multicolor LED light with 8 functions. Great for both indoor and outdoor use. Shop at Amazon.

Best Halloween Wreaths for Every Type of Home

19. For hosting a children’s Halloween party.

If you love the pun in the last wreath, you’ll crack up with this one: “Witch way to the treats?” Kids will love this fun black and orange wreath, which features tons of ribbons to make it look lush and full. It is made of deco mesh and ribbon and follows a classic orange and black Halloween theme. It measures 26 inches and is perfect for hanging on the front door to welcome kids of all ages. Shop at Amazon.

Best Halloween Wreaths for Every Type of Home

20. For a subtle hint at Halloween.

Those with minimalist homes will love this Fall wreath that gives a subtle nod to Halloween with its black glitter pine needle, reed, maple leaf and ball trim with orange glitter balls. Create a perfect mix between spooky and chic with this charming wreath that measures 16 inches in diameter. Add a sparkle to your Halloween party with this chic little wreath from DII. Shop at Amazon.


Best Halloween Wreaths for Every Type of Home

21. For homes excited for the holidays.

If you can’t wait to get to Christmas, then this Christmas ball adorned Halloween wreath from Specialty Décor and Gifts is for you. It features a black, orange and white motif that’s perfect for the season and is also great for hosting Halloween or horror-themed parties. Make your front door extra festive with this wreath, which customers love. Here’s what verified customer Jackie had to say about it: “This is the perfect wreath that I was looking for. It looks fabulous on my door and matches my other Halloween decorations perfectly. And it’s a little bigger than I thought it would be…that’s a plus.” Shop at Amazon.


Best Halloween Wreaths for Every Type of Home

22. For homes that don’t want to redecorate.

If redecorating for Halloween is too much for you, go for a simple Fall wreath that still give a nod to Halloween with warm orange colors. This Fall wreath from Pink Door Wreaths are made with brown, and orange mesh and accented with Fall ribbons. It measures 24 inches and is great for both indoor or outdoor use. What customers love about it: “Beautiful wreath. Very well made. Nice balance of colors and textures. Packaging was excellent and the shipping box will work as a storage box. Great value.” (P.J. Bonica) Rated 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Best Halloween Wreaths for Every Type of Home

23. For homes that love all the glitter.

The National Tree Company offers glittered pumpkins, gourds and ball ornaments on a vine base with this wreath that measures 20 inches in diameter. It is trimmed with leaves, ribbons and vines and is great for anticipating the holiday season. It features an assortment of glittered orange and black pumpkins, gourds and ball ornaments springing from a woven branch ring and features black spider ribbon and wrapped in a strangling vine. Perfect for placing on front doors this season. What customers love about it: “Super cute and love the look for Halloween. Was looking for a contemporary wreath that didn’t scream 90s and this is it. Love it on the door. The only thing it’s missing is a loop for the hook on the door, I have to hook it to the actual wreath. Just FYI, not a dealbreaker.” (Brittany White) Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon.


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