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5 Best Storage Tips to Keep Your Home Organized in 2019

5 Best Storage Tips to Keep Your Home Organized in 2019

If you are on social media, chances are you’ve come across some posts on the newest home and personal improvement show to hit Netflix: Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.” And because the New Year sparks change among many, the show’s arrival on the streaming service could not have been better. In the show, organizing consultant and author Marie Kondo teaches people how to “spark joy” by eliminating clutter, one category at a time. In this day and age wherein we have way too much stuff and shopping has become increasingly easier thanks to online stores and payments, it’s refreshing to find ways to declutter and re-organize our homes and our lives so we can live stress free. In honor of Marie Kondo’s Konmari method of tidying up, we’re bringing you 5 best storage tips to keep your home organized in 2019. Check them out below.

Put things back in their proper order.

One of the best ways to avoid clutter in the first place is to return things where they belong. It’s a simple concept that seems difficult to grasp for some. Understandably so, as we often come home tired from work or exhausted from a gym session. But being mindful about how we move our stuff from one place to another can help eliminate clutter. Return that yoga mat to your closet as soon as you’re done using it. Put that newly bought  book in the bookcase. Place your boots in the closet after use. This great advice from Sue Bollinger of Tidy Up with Sue” (via Oprah)”helps us in the long run develop better habits at home and at work.

Practice one in, one out.

This mantra is great for both adults and children, especially kids who love hoarding toys. If your child wants you to buy him or her a new toy, encourage him or her to discard or donate one that he’s long forgotten and is gathering dust at the back of the closet. This way, you manage the things that flow in and out of your house. Do the same with the adults at home (and yourself!). Want to purchase new footwear for summer? Check to see if you have old ones that you’ve been wanting to discard before investing in a new pair. The same goes for clothing and other items around the house.

Go digital.

One great tip for bookworms is to go digital. If you have the resources, consider investing in a Kindle or any book reader that you think you might enjoy. Toss out or donate old books that you no longer need or enjoy and keep those that have a special meaning to you. Be careful with the sentiment, though, as it often encourages you to keep everything instead. Select books and works that truly hold meaning, such as a signed copy or limited edition. The rest, you can download digital copies of.

Keep things within reach.

This goes for things that you often use. If these things such as pots, pans, kitchen accessories and tools, and other things are within reach (and easy to return), you can avoid the clutter. Things that are difficult to return will only be placed on some random surface until someone decides to put it back to its proper place. Avoid this attitude of slacking by making things accessible. This concept is also applicable to those who want to eat healthier this year. Keep fruits and other healthy snacks and food items in easy to reach places and chips and junk foods in hard to reach places. Chances are, when you’re hungry, you’ll grab that apple on top of the counter instead of rummage in the cabinet for a bag of chips.

Check for space you haven’t optimized yet.

From walls to ceilings and that space in front of your sink, your home has a lot more space than you think. Use them to your advantage and install over the door hanging racks and caddies to add storage space.

To help you on your journey to implementing these 5 best storage tips to keep your home organized in 2019, here are some great products that you can invest in to help you maintain an organized home this year.

5 Best Storage Tips to Keep Your Home Organized in 2019

1. Square Glass Canisters with Stainless Steel Airtight Screw On Lid

Get rid of clutter in your shelves with these square glass canisters that can store cereals, grains, and the like. These clear containers make it easy to see if you’re running low on one product. It also makes it so much easier to see its contents. No more fussing over cereal boxes to figure out if you’re running low. Also, its square shape maximizes space in your cabinets versus round shaped mason jars. Shop at Amazon.

2. Bamboo Wood 4-Part Drawer Organizer with Removable Dividers

If you’re swamped with lots of electronic clutter, you’ll need this drawer organizer to corral all the chargers and adaptors in your home. This drawer organizer can be used on top of desks or inside drawers. It’s so versatile because it has removable dividers. Level up your organization by adding some tape and labeling them with names so you know whose chargers or adapters go where. Available at Amazon.

3. Clear Over The Door Hanging Shoe Organizer

Shoe organizers are great for organizing footwear in the closet, but did you know that you can do so much more with it? Install one in the children’s playroom and store small toys or keep one in the basement or cupboard to store wires and other utility tools. With as much as 24 clear pockets, this organizer will help keep things tidy in virtually any room in the house. Get this at Amazon.

4. Tension Curtain Rod in Bronze

If you want to maximize space in the cabinets under your skin, invest in these tension rods that can serve as a hanger for spray bottles, gloves, and other things that can easily hang. It features an adjustable length and is super easy to install. It expands with a simple twist and provides consistent tension for a secure fit. Features a contemporary style that goes with any home. Get yours at Amazon.

5. Brushed Stainless Steel Towel Hanger Over Cabinet

Cabinet doors can double as storage space, especially for lighter objects such as garbage bags. Invest in one of these towel hangers that can double as a dispenser for trash bags and items like it. Just pull and tear for easy access and use. Available at Amazon.

5 Best Storage Tips to Keep Your Home Organized in 2019

6. Tip Out Sink Front Trays and Hinges

It may not be much, but the space below your sink can be used to store smaller kitchen items such as sponges and other dishwashing materials. This tip out sink front tray set features a white open tray, white accessory tray with ring holder, a pair of hinges and mounting hardware. Easy to install in your kitchen or bathroom. Shop at Amazon.

7. Paper Towel Holder in Gold

Clear up the clutter in your closet or dresser by using a paper towel holder to hold your bracelets, scrunchies, or watches. Just toss them into this holder and stack them up as much as you want. Clever storage to keep clutter away from your dresser. The best part? It’s so affordable. Shop at Amazon.

8. Foldable Magazine Basket in Gray and Gold Print

Once your curling irons or styling irons have cooled, toss them into magazine file such as this one to reduce clutter on your dresser. This stylish storage bin is made of strong materials so you can use it for years. It’s versatile, unique, and features a very modern design that goes with any dressing or bathroom. Shop at Amazon.

9. Triangle Iron Storage Rack in Gold or Rose Gold

Crafted with high quality iron wire welding, these book or magazine racks can double as organizers in the kitchen! Keep those container lids organized by stacking them into this storage rack. Available at Amazon.

10. Perforated Chrome Plated Metal Bathroom Tray

Finally, organize your bathroom with this tray that features three individual perforated shelves, providing ample space for soap containers, toothbrush cups, liquid soap bottles, and other hygiene essentials. Available at Amazon.

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