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Amazon Work and Learn from Home Sale: Essentials You Need Right Now

Amazon Work and Learn from Home Sale: Essentials You Need Right Now

Nowadays, Mondays feel less and less like Mondays and it’s totally understandable. Working or learning from home has thrown a wrench in our well-oiled machines and the lines between downtime and the grind have blurred. Working and learning from home presents its own challenges. But to make things easier and help you create better routines for yourself and your families, we’ve curated some work and learn from home essentials that will come in handy, especially if you’re still isolating at home. Check out these picks from the Amazon Work and Learn from Home sale.

Amazon Work and Learn from Home Sale: Essentials for Having a Great Day Working from Home

1. POLIVIAR French Press Coffee Maker, 34 Ounce

Start your work week with this Poliviar French Press Coffee Maker that you can get from the Amazon Work and Learn from Home Sale. It’s a charming choice for coffee lovers who want to preserve the taste of their beans. It features a dual-filter screen and a sandwich of steel mesh to ensure a smooth brew and intact flavor every time. It also features a coffee pot that is made from food grade stainless steel with a stylish, long-lasting coating that perks up not just you, but also your kitchen. Customers love its thickness, warmth, durability, and sturdiness. It’s also highly rated by customers who think it’s easy to clean and easy to use. This product has an overall rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars. Who needs Starbucks when you have this at home? Get the Poliviar French Press Coffee Maker at 15% off for a limited time on Amazon.

Promising review: “We were looking for a press pot that was aesthetically pleasing and didn’t break, like all the glass ones we’ve ever gotten. This one is it! And it also keeps the coffee/tea hot, very very well. Glass press pots could never do this. It’s freakin ‘sturdy too! I use the marked volume gradation on the inside everytime I pour too, no guessing on coffee/tea concentration. Get this one!” Jessica Baird

2. Soundance Laptop Stand and Aluminum Computer Riser

One of the biggest challenges of working from home is that we often don’t have an ergonomic space and equipment to make working more comfortable. You may have noticed your back or other body parts aching more often after working from home for months. To make things a little more ergonomic around the house as you work, try the Soundance computer riser and laptop stand, which effectively elevates your laptop by 6 inches to a perfect eye level. This prevents you from hunching over your screen and reduces neck and shoulder pain. It also helps cool your laptop better. This computer riser is made of thickened aluminum alloy so that it provides better support for your valued electronics. It also offers universal compatibility, fitting all laptops sized 10 to 15.6 inches. It has an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. Get 36% off the Soundance Laptop Stand for a limited time on Amazon.

Promising review: “I really like this laptop stand, there was not much assembly needed and it is very sturdy, a good quality product. The slant makes it easier to type on my laptop versus another flat one that I have where I have to lift my shoulders/elbows. I bought this to work from home after the pandemic hit, and I needed something compact since the only table space I had to work from was my small apartment dining table. It is high enough where I can put pens/sticky notes, which is nice as well.” Christine

3. FORTEM Seat Cushion & Lumbar Support for Office Chair

If there’s one thing we might have taken for granted in our office lives, it’s our ergonomic chairs! Worry not, though, as you can get this essential from the Amazon Work and Learn from Home Sale: the FORTEM Seat Cushion & Lumbar Support, which turns an ordinary office chair to one that’s more comfortable to work on. This seat cushion helps prevent pressure on your coccyx, whilst the lumbar support supports your lower back’s natural curve. They efficiently work together to help correct any slouching and promote a healthy posture. These back support essentials are made of 100% premium-quality memory foam and washable covers, making it easy to maintain. Customers love that it is easy to clean and is made of high quality materials. It is also highly rated for its durability, support, comfort, and pain relief. This cushion and lumbar support duo has an overall rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars. Get 33% off for a limited time on Amazon.

Promising review: “Been working at home and the chair that never got touched is now being sat in 10 hours a day. I bought this specifically because it provided cushioning for butt and back and I am so glad I did that. I can feel myself sitting upright in the chair and my tailbone does not hurt after work anymore.” Amazon Customer

4. Calyptus Screen Cleaner Kit with Spray and Wipes

Now that a lot of us are working from home, we have to depend on ourselves to keep our home office clean and tidy, including the electronics we use. Give your everyday electronics some TLC with the Calyptus Screen Cleaner Kit, which features two 4-oz bottles of Calyptus Screen Cleaner spray and 2 8×8 inch Calyptus Screen Cleaning E-Wipes. These products are made with 100% natural and plant derived cleaners that are non-toxic and biodegradable, so you can use it on your kids’ electronics as well. It does not contain alcohol, solvents, ammonia, or VOC’s, but it effectively soaks up oil and removes abrasive dust particles. Made in the U.S.A. This product has an overall rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. Get 31% off for a limited time on Amazon.

Promising review: “This is phenomenal! Literally one spray, 2 swipes with the cloth they sent and it is clean and bright! Our phones and tablet screens are not caked with chemicals, not sticky, or have residue. They’re so clean and smooth. I’m beyond Impressed! My husband went through the whole house finding any screen to clean!” Lnk

5. Smead SuperTab File Folder with Oversized 1/3-Cut Tab, Letter Size in Assorted Colors, 24-Pack

Anyone who works from home, especially parents who do, need a little hand when it comes to organizing things. Good thing you can get this super cool file folder at the Amazon Work and Learn from Home Sale. The Smead SuperTab File Folder is a fun collection of file folders that feature almost double the labeling area of standard folders, so you can write larger or fit more lines of text. Each folder is scored 3/4 inches for greater storage capacity. This pack of 24 folders includes 6 each of Camel, Lake Blue and Moss, and 3 each of Lavender and Pink colors. These folders are made in the U.S. using 10% recycled content, 10% post-consumer material and are SFI Sourcing Certified. It has an overall rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. Get 49% off for a limited time on Amazon.

Promising review: “I purchased these to go in my mobile office lock box. The colors and large tabs help me find the right client information quickly. These seem thicker than others I have purchased in the past. They are quality folders!” Rose Callahan

Amazon Work and Learn from Home Sale: Children’s Learning Must Haves

1. Marbrasse Bamboo Art Supply Desk Organizer

Keep your kids’s workspaces clean and tidy by corralling supplies in this handy Marbrasse Bamboo Art Supply Desk Organizer, which features a 360-degree revolving design. It is designed as a hexagon to maximize space in its 6 compartments that can store a number of items, such as scissors, pencils, pens, highlighters, coloring materials, and more. It also has a handy handle for easy mobility around your learning room. This desk organizer is made of 100% natural and original bamboo material with a smooth and polished texture that is safe to use around kids. Its spinning feature makes it easy to grab anything your child needs to learn from home. This product has an overall rating of 4.4 out of 5 among customers who love it for its thickness, sturdiness, and durability. Get 15% off for a limited time on Amazon.

Promising review: “This was larger than expected and holds a lot. I use it for colored pens and pencils, arts and craft scissors, decorative hole punches and things like that. Nice quality and love that it revolves. Easy assembly too. Recommended!” Robinr333

2. Sunworks Construction Paper, White, 9″ x 12″, 50 Sheets

One great tip to make learning from home a little less stressful is to stock up on kids’ school supplies so you don’t have to run to the store to get more. For kids in grade school who constantly need to create projects, make sure you have the SunWorks Construction Paper on hand. It measures 9 x 12 inches and comes in a 50-sheet pack in one color per pack. This heavyweight groundwood construction paper is slightly textured and cuts and folds evenly without cracking. It features bright and consistent colors so that kids can enjoy crafting and learning. Parents love it because it’s lightweight, thick, sturdy, and provides value for money. It has an overall rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. Get 11% off select colors for a limited time on Amazon.

Promising review: “Nice sturdy paper, it actually surprised me at how well it held up to my little one and her use of every medium when creating. We used paint, pen, markers, pencils you name it!” Moonspinklady06

3. AmazonBasics Liquid School Glue, Clear, Washable, 32-oz

A must-have for any learning space, the AmazonBasics Liquid School Glue is a more affordable alternative to the usual branded glue. It’s great for arts and crafts, classroom projects, and even everyday home use. This washable liquid school glue effectively bonds together a range of materials such as paper, photographs, cardboard, wood, fabric, and more. It features a safe non-toxic formula that washes away easily from hands and clothes so moms need not worry about fussy clean up. It comes in a durable and lightweight plastic bottle that makes it easy for dispensing and storing. Also great for making slime during your downtime! The AmazonBasics Liquid School glue has an overall rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. Get 40% off for a limited time on Amazon.

Promising review: “This glue is just as good as the more expensive name brands. It’s good for bonding paper, cardboard, wood, and fabric. Of course, it’s great for making slime! It washes out of clothing, lucky for us, because 4-year-old Tinzley can be messy and likes to wipe her hands on her “paint” shirt (an old T-shirt of mine) rather than a towel. We’ve had no issues or concerns, so I rate this liquid glue 5 stars.” KK Schwartz

4. Carson-Dellosa Adjustable Pocket Chart Multi-Purpose Educational and Organizational Tool

Make homeschooling more effortlessly fun with this educational tool from Carson-Dellosa. This adjustable pocket chart is a multi-purpose solution to classroom organization and lesson reinforcement needs. It features 3 interchangeable sections with 5 long, clear pockets per section, and 18 header cards. It is made of flame retardant material and durable construction with sturdy grommets for easy hanging. It’s a versatile teaching tool that is a must-have for every learning space at home. Customers love its durability, sturdiness, value for money, and that it’s easy to assemble. It has an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. Get 44% off for a limited time on Amazon.

Promising review: “Love this! So happy I purchased. You can easily separate to have 3 or keep together easily with sturdy Velcro. Game chamber for my classroom.” DF

5. AmazonBasics Wood-cased Bulk Pencils, #2 HB Pencil, Box of 96

Homeschooling several children can be tough, especially when you’re constantly losing or misplacing supplies. To make sure you never run out, go for this box of 96 #2 HB pencils from AmazonBasics, which are made from high-quality wood for clean, easy sharpening. It features strong medium-soft lead that products long-lasting, smooth, and readable strokes and a rounded hexagonal shape with a satin-smooth finish for a secure, comfortable grip for both kids and kids at heart. Its soft, smudge-free, and latex-free eraser teaches us that mistakes are okay! This product has an overall rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. Get 18% off for a limited time on Amazon.

Promising review: “I’m a middle school teacher and if you know middle school kids, they go through pencils like crazy. I bought these and they work very well. Super great deal! Highly recommend for all teachers’ usage.” Jeanne Schulte

The Teelie Blog is your destination for curated essentials to make learning and working from home less stressful. We are also your choice for updates on the latest deals, just as you’ve seen from the Amazon Work and Learn from Home Sale. For more on the latest top recommended products, make sure to check back. In the meantime, explore more work from home stories in the links below.

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Just a disclaimer – We have partnered with these companies because we use their products and/or proudly trust and endorse them – so we do receive a commission if you make a purchase or sign up for services. Often, we are able to negotiate special discounts and/or bonuses, which we will pass on to you via our links. We often get short notice on sale items available for 24-48 hours as we will pass these savings onto you.

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