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Astronomy Day: The Best Astronomy-Inspired Gifts for Everyone

Astronomy Day: The Best Astronomy-Inspired Gifts for Everyone

May 11 is the Astronomy Day of Spring and it’s a perfect time to look up at the stars and marvel at the wonders of the universe. But did you know that Astronomy Day is in fact celebrated twice a year? Astronomy Day is celebrated on May 11 for Spring and October 5 for Autumn this year. This holiday was created in 1973 by Doug Berger, then president of the Astronomical Association of Northern California. Their goal was to help raise awareness and interest in astronomy by providing the general public with access to astronomical instruments such as telescopes. Many museums, observatories, universities, and astronomy clubs celebrate this day by holding Astronomy Day events such as public viewings of the skies using telescopes and other gadgets, or screenings of documentaries on astronomy. As we celebrate Astronomy Day, we’re checking out astronomy-themed gifts and items that you can give (or keep for yourself) this season.

Astronomy Day: The Best Astronomy-Inspired Gifts for Everyone

1. Solar System Necklace

Wear your favorite planet around your neck with these planet pendants that add a geeky flair to any outfit. It is carefully crafted from one of a kind jasper stone orbited by pyrite moon. It features a striking metal look with a copper ring, bronze wire, and brass chain, as well as an 18 or 24 inch antique brass chain with lobster clasp. Get yours at Etsy.

Astronomy Day: The Best Astronomy-Inspired Gifts for Everyone

2. Celestial Jewelry, Constellation Necklace Gift for Women

This handmade item is custom made from brass, polished gold plated, polished silver plated, or polished rose gold plated. It features a lobster clasp and a dainty addition to any Spring outfit. It features the unique zodiac sign constellations that we see up in the sky every night. Shop at Etsy.

Astronomy Day: The Best Astronomy-Inspired Gifts for Everyone

3. Real Moon Dust Meteorite Necklace (From Lunar Meteorite NWA 5000) in 18K Gold

Capture an actual piece of the moon with this meteorite necklace, which contains a sample of genuine moon meteorite dust. The dust came from the lunar meteorite NWA 5000, discovered in southern Morocco in July 2007. This magical necklace features genuine moon dust and is handmade using sterling silver plated with 18k gold and pure crystal glass. The unique crystal glass is shaped to allow for some magnification for up close observation of your intergalactic space dust. Also comes with a certification showing the complete chain of custody of the lunar material from the main mass holder (A. Hupe) listed in the official Meteoritical Bulletin. Grab yours at Etsy.

Astronomy Day: The Best Astronomy-Inspired Gifts for Everyone

4. Night Sky Star Chart Stemless Wine Glasses Southern Hemisphere (Pair), Astronomy Wine Glass

Enjoy your favorite glass of vino with these super chic astronomy stemless wine glasses that feature constellations as seen from the southern hemisphere. It’s printed in metallic gold ink, making it shimmer with every sip. These are carefully hand-blown from lead-free glass for the highest quality. Perfect as wedding gifts for astronomy enthusiasts. Shop at Etsy.

Astronomy Day: The Best Astronomy-Inspired Gifts for Everyone

5. Cosmic Jam Glitter Galaxy Enamel Pin

This super chic enamel pin is a nice finishing touch to any geeky space-inspired outfit. It is carefully handmade from metal and enamel and features glittery outer space material inside a mason jar. The jar is packed with cosmic jam that contains cute planets, a rocket ship, comets and nebula trails laced with sparkles. Imagine the worlds contained in this tiny, tiny jar! Get yours at Etsy.

Astronomy Day: The Best Astronomy-Inspired Gifts for Everyone

6. YOGA ZEAL Moon Phases Yoga Mat

Your yoga-loving friends who love looking up at the sky at night will appreciate this Yoga Zeal yoga mat that features the phases of the moon. Be one with the universe as you practice yoga with this cushy, high-density mat-printed with all the moon’s phases. It offers unparalleled support for joint protection and versatility on various floor surfaces. Also features a smooth suede-like finish that provides non-slip stability, even when wet. Shop at Nordstrom.

Astronomy Day: The Best Astronomy-Inspired Gifts for Everyone

7. Cosmic Crushed Crystal Cheese Board

Lovingly handmade by Melanie Malia in Pennsylvania, this truly one of a kind cheese board is infused with shimmering bits of crushed selenite crystal. This cosmos-inspired cheese board is crafted with cherry wood and shows off a unique cosmic scene thanks to Melanie Malia’s style of infusing paint with hand-crushed selenite crystals, which are believed to radiate positive energy. Come together for some cheese and positivity with this board that’s also perfect for gifting. Get yours at Uncommon Goods.

Astronomy Day: The Best Astronomy-Inspired Gifts for Everyone

8. Brightworld Moon Lamp

Perfect for any living room or bedroom, this charming moon lamp is made of environmentally friendly materials (PLA) and delicately crafted with 3D printing technology. It features sensitive touch control that allows you to change the colors of the lamp from warm to cool white and adjust its brightness. Shop at Amazon.

Astronomy Day: The Best Astronomy-Inspired Gifts for Everyone

9. Kanguru Glow in The Dark Constellation Blanket

Illuminate your evenings indoors with this soft and warm blanket that covers you with the galaxy’s constellations. This  luminous microfiber blanket features a stunning constellation design that glows in the dark to create some magic right at home! It’s perfect for any living room, children’s room, or bedroom. It’s made of premium quality polyester that’s durable so you can use it through the years. Get yours at Amazon.

Astronomy Day: The Best Astronomy-Inspired Gifts for Everyone

10. Pins and Paper Need Space Enamel Pin & Card

Whether you’re cosplaying or just showing off your love for outer space, wear this enamel pin that features a cute little astronaut and his shuttle as they journey into the unknown. They are joined by a dainty chain so they won’t lose sight of each other. Also comes with a card that reads “I need space.” Shop at Tilly’s.

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