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Best Backyard Pools and Swimming Accessories for Summer

Best Backyard Pools and Swimming Accessories for Summer

Summer may bring in the heat but it also means breaks, beaches and outdoor fun! Now we know some trips may not always go as planned, but don’t worry because we are not letting you miss out! We got you this list of the best backyard pools and swimming accessories that you’ll need to create your own splash island from the comfort of your own home! So kick off your shoes and grab your OOTD’s because the summer hype is on! 

1. INTEX Metal Frame Pool with Cartridge Filter Pump

Keep cool and get your pool party started with this Metal Frame Pool from INTEX. Made from super tough PVC material and a durable, easy to set up metal frame, this convenient above ground pool set lets you start up a pool party anywhere, anytime, with heat and damage resistant  panels to make sure that everyone stays comfy and enjoys to the max. Product also features an Intex 330 GPH Filter Pump to help keep your water sparkling clean. Get this on Amazon.

Promising review: “This is my third Intex Metal Pool Frame. We have limited space to set up a pool and this one is ideal. Easy set up and maintenance. Good value for the price.” YoungD007

2. INTEX Ultra XTR Pool Set with Sand Filter Pump

Kick off some poolside challenges with this Ultra XTR Pool Set  from INTEX. Made from high-quality, galvanized steel with precision-engineered locking system and equipped with Hydro Aeration Technology this ultra pool set brings professional quality pools into your backyard for the most memorable summertime showdowns. Perfect for a wide variety of 

activities, this pool also features a neat look with its gray exterior and blue tile-print lined interior. Set includes a pool, pool ladder, ground cloth, sand filter, and pool cover. Get this on Amazon.

Promising review: “Pool and sand filter work great. Instructions could be a bit more defined when erecting the pool and hooking up the pump. Perfect fit for my patio.” Thomas Lute

3. MADAXY Inflatable Pool for Kids and Adults

For a pool that’s good for both your kids and your cliques, check out this Inflatable Pool from MADAXY. Made from phthalate, alloy steel and BPA free materials, this multipurpose, inflatable swimming pool makes a great way to bond with family and friends with its stable base that can withstand extra weight, allowing room for more people and toys. Product also features two built in curve water valves, double drains and a free flow exhaust valve. When not in use, the product can be converted to an indoor ball pit for indoor fun. Get this on Amazon.

Promising review: “I bought this pool for when our grandkids come over this summer. It was deep enough and large enough for them to go under water, run around in it, toss a ball around. They had a ball. It was easy to set up and to drain the water.” DMB

4. Bestway Power Steel Frame Pool Set

When summer hits, the pool side is the best side! Check out this Frame Pool Set from Bestway. Made from heavy duty rust resistant metal frames, this pool set is perfect for hanging out and poolside drinks with its unique pearly white color and strap type reinforced rope wraps for a sturdy setup. Product also features a flow control drain valve. Set includes filter pump, ground cloth, ladder and pool cover. Get this on Amazon.

Promising review: “Great value for the money. We used it last summer and took it down for the winter but plan on using it again next summer. The pump could use extra power but if you run it 10 hours a day you should be fine. The pool is a great size for our kids under 6.” JB

5. Bestway Steel Pro MAX Outdoor Circle Frame Above Ground Round Swimming Pool Set

Water down the heat with this ProMAX Swimming Pool Set from Bestway. Made with the DuraPlus enhanced 3-ply reinforced puncture-resistant liner and a corrosion-resistant steel frame , and enhanced with a secure pipe connection system, this circular pool  lets you save up on water while soaking up in summer style. Get this on Amazon.

Promising review: “Great pool, easy assembly. Just the right size for summer fun and refreshment. Great company to work with if you have any issues.” R. H. Ganswindt

Swimming Accessories for Summer

  1. WateLves Women’s Aqua Socks, great for beach games, swimming, surfing and other activities, featuring soles made of TPR materials with excellent air permeability and non-slip resistance. Get this on Amazon.
  2. FINIS Floating Agility Paddles Large for Swim Training, designed for learn-to-swim programs and open water swimming as it helps train proper stroke techniques. Get this on Amazon.
  3. SeagoAnti-Fog Pool/Swim Goggles with UV Protection 180° Clear Vision, a pair of versatile goggles designed with wider lenses for better peripheral vision, adjustable non-slip straps,and UV protection. Get this on Amazon.
  4. Rainleaf Microfiber Towel, a fast-drying super absorbent and skin friendly towel that’s lightweight and easy to carry. Get this on Amazon.
  5. VIAHART Swimming Kickboard, made from phthalate and formaldehyde free EVA foam that is lightweight but durable and ideal for kicking drills and general training. Get this on Amazon.

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