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Best Educational Toys to Keep Kids Busy While Self-Isolating

Best Educational Toys to Keep Kids Busy While Self-Isolating

Self-isolation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic has drastically changed the lives of so many all over the world. For parents, it’s become increasingly stressful especially for those who work and need to homeschool their kids. Leaving children to play with devices such as tablets and phones have certain health effects, which is why some parents choose to give kids educational toys instead. In this handy list, we’ve curated some of the best educational toys to keep kids busy while self-isolating. Share this with a parent today and help ease their quarantine burden!


Best Educational Toys for Kids Right Now

1. Magna-Tiles Clear Colors 100 Piece Set

Engage and fascinate young minds with the amazing 3D magnetic building set from Magna-tiles. Great for ages 3 and up, this set of tiles keep young minds interested by combining math, science and creativity so they can build their very own creations using the different shapes. This set includes 100 translucent, colorful shapes including squares (4 large, 50 small) and triangles (20 equilateral, 11 right, 15 Isosceles). Expect hours of endless fun and creativity with this set that develops math, science, spatial and tactile skills among little ones. It’s made of 100% non-toxic, BPA-free, phthalate-free, food-grade ABS plastic with fully encapsulated magnets. Parents have rated this toy 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Why parents love it: “These have kept out toddler busy for longer than any toy we have. We love sitting with her and building towers. She loves these!” Mama KF

2. Melissa & Doug Shape Sequence Sorting Set

This doubles as a great gift! The Melissa & Doug Shape Sequence Sorting Set is a skill-building toy with a collection of different shapes and their respective wooden frames. This toy helps promote color and shape recognition and helps children sort objects into groups, the building blocks of math skills. Great for kids aged 3 to 6, this toy is designed to increase engagement and connection with your child and veer away from screens. These boldly colored wooden blocks and frame are a great addition to any playroom. Parents have rated this toy 4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Why parents love it: “We purchased this for my daughter when she was 2 and have absolutely loved it. It helped her with her fine motor skills and dexterity, as well as color and shape sorting. I love how durable this product was made as well – it has now gone through two children! I would definitely recommend this product!” Justine

3. KEVA Structures 200 Plank Set

Endless possibilities await your kids when they get their hands on the KEVA Structures 200 Plank Set. These precision cut planks are made of pine and can be stacked with amazing stability. It doesn’t even need glue! Create towers and buildings and let kids have a first-hand experience with balance, leverage, geometry and principles of physics. These planks are the same size and shape of other KEVA planks so you can use them interchangeably and combine with other systems to create endless structures. This set includes 200 pine planks and a 24 page full-color idea booklet with build-out instructions. Parents have rated this product 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Why parents love it: “Great toy for kids to use there imagination! My kids ages 3-8 love playing with this toy and I’m amazed at some of the things they have built. Comes with enough pieces for my three kids to keep busy! They don’t get bored from it, it’s a great toy to have. Worth the price!” Anna

4. Thames & Kosmos Kids First Botany Experimental Greenhouse Kit

Let kids learn about the wonderful world of botany with this experimental greenhouse kit from Thames & Kosmos. It lets you and your kids construct an automatic watering system to keep your plants from getting too thirsty and grow beans, cress, and zinnia flowers, experiment with plant cells and capillary action, and learn how roots work to transfer nutrients and water throughout the plant. Great for kids 5 and up, this kit features as much as 30 experiments and a 48-page, full-color manual. Parents rated this kit 4.2 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Why parents love it: “I didn’t expect my 5 yr old son to love this as much as he does. He’s been playing with it for weeks now and honestly it’s his one Christmas gift he’s excited to play with every day. There are tons of different activities in the box and really teaches them so much.” Molly P.

5. Manhattan Toy Tree Top Adventure Activity Center

Welcome to the tree of learning! Here, your child will experience a number of motor skill activities as they investigate the features, nooks and crannies of this fun toy. The tree-themed activity center from Manhattan Toy features gliders, springy flaps, spinning dials, bead runs, and shape recognition, and other classic toddler activities to keep your little one engaged. It also features colorful, highly detailed graphics with a bright palette to instantly capture and hold your little one’s attention. Parents rated this toy 4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Why parents love it: “My 16 [month old] ADORES this activity tower! Lots of things to do for busy hands, and I really enjoy that the materials are so sturdy. It is very well made, and easy to put together.” Samuel Gillham


More Fun Educational Toys for Kids

1. Thames and Kosmos Kids First Chemistry Set Science Kit

Self-isolation will no longer be boring when you and your kids have this chemistry set from Thames and Kosmos, which features fun-filled experiments designed for young kids. Your future chemist or scientist will love performing all 27 experiments in the 48-page, full-color manual. These experiments will use tools from the kit and common household substances from the kitchen and bathroom. Such chemistry concepts to learn include reactions, heat, evaporation, and crystallization. Great for kids 8 and up. Parents rated this product 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Why parents love it: “This chemistry set engages kids and allows them to learn basic chemistry concepts. There are lots of basic laboratory items included, but be prepared to make your own cabbage juice and lemon juice. Other household items such as baking soda, rock salt, a candle, and markers, are necessary for several experiments too.” Phoibe

2. Sphero SPRK+ App-Enabled Robot Ball with Programmable Sensors + LED Lights

For older kids who aspire to be tomorrow’s tech giants, here’s a fun little tool to get them into programming. This programmable robot ball inspires creativity and helps them easily learn programming through an app. It features programmable sensors such as a gyroscope, accelerometer, motor encoders, and colorful LED lights to create countless play experiences and coding conditions. It can be programmed across several platforms using JavaScript. It connects via Bluetooth technology and is scratch-resistant, waterproof, charges inductively. Parents rated this product 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Why parents love it: “I bought this for my 7 year old son. He said it was his favorite Christmas present. He drives it all over but also uses an iPad to code and program where it goes. Learning and fun together! It was worth the money!” Diane

3. Elenco Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100

Your future engineer will love tinkering with this awesome introduction to electronics. An innovative  educational toy, this kit features over 30 color-coded, real circuit components that snap together to create working electronic circuits and devices. It also features 101 do-it-yourself projects that will provide an entertaining, concrete education on how electronics work. No soldering needed, all you need to do is snap! It features a sound-activated switch, a musical doorbell, a voice-controlled lamp, a flying saucer, and a light police siren. Great for kids 8 and up. Parents rated this product 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Why parents love it: “Bought this for my 7 year old (and who am I kidding, I got one for me, too!) Super fun, very instructive. Snaps are easy to assemble, and the book walks you through different circuits at an excellent pace (progressively harder).” Rmansker

4. Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr. Talking Microscope, Featuring Bindi Irwin

Let your child explore the natural world through the lens of a microscope with this super fun talking toy from Educational Insights. It features the voice of Bindi Irwin, Wildlife Warrior from Australia Zoo, and 60 beautiful full-color images and 2 modes of play: Fact Mode and Quiz Mode. Also features kid-friendly focus free dual eyepieces. Parents rated this toy 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Why parents love it: “Grandchildren love learning about all the different specimens. They look at them for a while through the eyepiece and listen to the narrative. Very good learning item! Definitely recommend!” TLC

5. CozyBomB Magnetic Wooden Fishing Game Toy for Toddlers

Toddlers will love practicing their motor skills on this fishing game toy from CozyBombB. It lets toddlers enhance color recognition, and hand-eye coordination. It features two scenes, wherein kids use a doll magnet to search and pull fishes under the iced lake and magnetic fishing poles to hook fish in the ocean. This exciting game helps build close interaction and communication among kids. Parents rated it 4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Why parents love it: “My 2,3, 4 and 5 yr old nieces and grandchildren love this. Not only does it improve eye/ hand coordination, it also teaches number and letter recognition, colors and patterns, too. It’s a fun way to reinforce those concepts. I am an elementary teacher, and I am impressed with this sturdy toy.” Rhonda Weintraub



Keep Kids Entertained While Self-Isolating: Consider Toy Subscriptions and Services

For busy working-at-home parents who don’t have enough time to do some research on the types of toys they should provide curious minds, you can count on toy subscriptions to save you from the hassle of determining if an educational toy is age-appropriate for your child. Here are some great picks for toy subscriptions.

STEAM Toys and Projects for Your Future Scientist

Green Kid Crafts is a great way to get your kids involved in the sciences and other STEAM subjects. If he or she is naturally inclined to explore our natural world, get him or her a fun Green Kids Crafts plan. For kids aged 2 to 4, you can get them the Junior Discovery Box Subscription, which comes in a monthly, 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month plan. A similar Discovery Box Subscription is available for kids aged 5-10+. All you need to do is sign up for the best plan for your kids and wait for the monthly boxes to arrive! Each box contains award-winning themed boxes on topics such as ocean science, space, safari, volcanoes, music, and more, each designed by kids and experts. The subscription also includes STEAM Projects, which feature 4 to 8 science, technology, art, and math kits for kids aged 2 to 10. You’ll also get a 12-page STEAM magazine with fun hands-on activities, parent resources, puzzles, and more, and an educator-approved book that complement each box. Shop at Green Kid Crafts.

Why parents love it: “The STEAM projects in both of the kids’ boxes got me excited to help out — they are all unique, fuel creativity and inspire STEAM-based learning. They also inspire discovery and excitement about science, technology, engineering and math, and reminded me of some grade-school science projects I worked on as a child. I also loved that the kits came with quality supplies, including real lab tools.” CBC News


A Convenient Goody Package for New Parents

For busy moms and dads who are new to parenting, you’ll love Bluum, a subscription service that brings parents a highly curated collection of innovative products for kids. Bluum provides best-reviewed baby toddler, and mom products based on Amazon reviews, Bluum customer reviews, and Bluum team expertise. From pregnancy to preschool, each box will give you great value and great products that are relevant to your family, especially curated for your child’s age and stage. Each product is researched, tested, and selected by experts who are also parents to ensure that they are developmentally appropriate for your child. Sign up at Bluum.

Click here to starting bluuming today!


A Hassle-free Monthly Toy Rental Service

Let’s face it, kids grow real fast! They outgrow not just their clothes, but also their toys, which at times can be expensive. Good thing there’s ToyLibrary, a monthly toy rental service that helps parents get their children off screens, save money, reduce clutter from purchasing toys, and conserve the environment in the long run. Choosing toys can take time, as parents need to research and ensure that toys are age-appropriate and safe for their kids. ToyLibrary takes that burden off parents thanks to its unique business model which lets parents pick two toys for every shipment. ToyLibrary‘s child development experts curate toys that foster important skills and assign a point system to each toy corresponding to the skills it develops. The toys are then recommended based on your child’s age and play preference. Such skills include fine motor skills, gross motor skills, play and social, self care development, sensory processing development, and speech sounds development. Learn more at ToyLibrary.


For more cool ideas for the best toys for children, make sure to check out the stories from our archive in the links below. Share this list of best educational toys to keep busy while self-isolating and learn from like-minded moms today.

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Just a disclaimer – We have partnered with these companies because we use their products and/or proudly trust and endorse them – so we do receive a commission if you make a purchase or sign up for services. Often, we are able to negotiate special discounts and/or bonuses, which we will pass on to you via our links. We often get short notice on sale items available for 24-48 hours as we will pass these savings onto you.

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