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Early Black Friday Deals You Need to Get Your Hands On Now

Early Black Friday Deals You Need to Get Your Hands On Now

Everyone’s been busy celebrating Thanksgiving but there is even more to look forward to. Black Friday kicks off the holiday shopping season with its bargain buys, bonus offers, discounts and all the good deals you just shouldn’t miss out on. Get your pockets ready for a shopping spree because we are bringing you this list of early Black Friday items up for grabs. From functional and practical additions to your home, to indoor holiday decor that will prepare you for the Christmas season, this list has got you covered.

Early Black Friday Deals for Your Home

1. Luminarc 4 Piece Glassware Sets

Spice up your home bar setup with these 4 Piece Glassware Sets from Luminarc. These versatile glass sets are made from soda lime glass, and come in different contemporary designs, giving you a fitting glass for a wide variety of drinks. For cocktails, go with the Aristocrat 15.5oz Cooler Glasses set, for your favorite bourbon or scotch, go with the Aristocrat 15.5oz Cooler Glasses Set or the Sterling 13oz. Double Old-Fashioned Glasses Set. For fancy sparkling wine, go with the Cachet 9oz Stemless Flutes Set or the Concerto 19oz. Stemless Wine Glasses Set. For water and other tropical themed refreshments go with the Tacoma 16oz Cooler Glasses Set. Each set comes with four glasses. Up to 80% off for a limited time at Macy’s.

Promising Review:These have been my favourite drinking glasses! I absolutely love them and will be getting more!”- Anastasiya

2. Dash Mini Pizzelle Maker

Holidays are far from over! Keep the delicious treats coming and cook up some crisp cannolis, mini waffles, wafers, pizzelles and so much more with this Mini Pizzelle Maker from Dash. Made from aluminum and bakelite plastic, this mini pizzelle maker is absolutely convenient to use, with its patterned nonstick cooking surface and hassle free setup. Simply plug and pour your ready made batter once it’s hot and you’re good to go! Product also includes a recipe guide. Up to 41% off for a limited time at Macy’s.

Promising Review:I love Pizzelles and this pizzelle maker is awesome. Makes perfect Pizzelles. Easy clean up and takes up very little space when stored.”- Mary R. 

3. Shark Rocket® HV301 Corded Stick Vacuum

Having a handy tool for general all around cleaning is always a must! Take a look at the Shark Rocket® HV301 Corded Stick Vacuum. Made from Plastic, Metal and Rubber, this lightweight corded stick vacuum is ultra powerful against dust and small pieces of food and debris with its swivel steering feature and fingertip controls, which let you maneuver around easily to get dirt off tight spaces, corners of furniture and in every nook and cranny. Product is also convertible to a handheld vacuum for cleaning the walls and clearing up cobwebs in the ceiling. Up to 52% off for a limited time at Macy’s.

Promising Review:Just what I was looking for. It is a great vacuum! It is light, very easy to maneuver and empty, and easily unattached to use as a hand held vacuum. Love the way it reaches under furniture and into corners.”- Virginia.

4. Bella 8-Quart Dual-Basket Touchscreen Air Fryer

Looking for a time saving and cost efficient way to cook meals? Check out this 8-Qt. Dual-Basket Touchscreen Air Fryer from Bella. This dual-basket air fryer from Bella is made from stainless steel and plastic and has two rapid heating cooking baskets, allowing you to prep and heat up two dishes at the same time. The product has eight customizable synced preset programs for different types of food to cook evenly and features a touchscreen adjustable timer and temperature range. Up to 61% off for a limited time at Macy’s.

Promising Review:This air fryer is so much better than my old one! I can now make chicken nuggets and french fries at the same time so that I can make quick and easy dinner for my kids. The design is super chic and it fits perfectly on my counter! Best of the best air fryers out there and will definitely be gifting it to my entire extended family” – Samantha

5. Belgique Stainless Steel 8-Quart Stock Pot with Multi-Use Insert

Bring your light and healthy homemade sauces and recipes to life using the Belgique Stainless Steel 8-Quart Stock Pot with Multi-Use Insert, created exclusively for Macy’s. This elegant and durable stainless steel stock pot comes with its own glass cover and a perforated insert that serves as a strainer, perfect for steaming , boiling, blanching and draining pasta or vegetables. Product is dishwasher safe and is also designed to be suitable for all types of cooktops including induction powered cooktops. Up to 65% off for a limited time at Macy’s

Promising Review: Nice pot! I love the insert, a kitchen must! Very helpful when boiling stuff. Pot is well crafted and I really like the design. I already have the 3qt pot. Great picking up on sale too!” RENEE

Holiday Decor on Sale Just in Time for Christmas

1. Jim Shore 2021 Annual Santa, Santa Holding Cardinals

Be an early bird when it comes to setting up some decor for the Christmas season! Check out the 2021 Annual Santa, Santa Holding Cardinals from Jim Shore. This figurine is made from stone resin and features a jolly Santa holding two lovely cardinals perched atop a holly bush, along with a seasonal scene of winter leaves and trees sculpted in a stylized rosemaling pattern. This product is also part of the Jim Shore Collection, created exclusively for Macy’s.Get up to 50% off for a limited time at Macy’s.

2. National Tree Company National Tree 11-Inch Lighted Holiday Snowman Décor

Set an inspiring mood with a charming decorative ornament that will remind you of the joys of celebrating Christmas. Take a look at the National Tree 11-Inch Lighted Holiday Snowman Décor from the National Tree Company. Constructed from solid resin material, this adorable snowman is dressed with a red scarf and a black hat, sports a Christmas themed seashell design spelling out the letters J-O-Y and has a set of coiled woven branch wreaths with miniature seashells decorating its base. Product is lighted by battery powered LED lights, bringing a soft, whimsical glow to your tabletop area. Get up to 60% off for a limited time at Macy’s.

3. Nearly Natural Hydrangea Holiday Candelabrum

Brighten up your Christmas setup in beautiful stark contrast with this Hydrangea Holiday Candelabrum from Nearly Natural. Made from polyester, plastic and glass material, this holiday candelabrum includes a combination of holly leaves, evergreen twigs, berries and pinecones in lush green and vibrant red hues. This item has space for three holiday candles, making it the perfect festive centerpiece for holiday dinners and gathering around the Christmas tree for gift giving. Get up to 60% off for a limited time at Macy’s.

Promising Review: I do floral projects throughout my home, but when I saw this floral piece I just had to purchase it. The size, brilliant colors and artistry blew me away. The quality is so everywhere. Absolutely love it!” Jenna

4. Northlight Wooden Christmas Nutcracker Chef with Gingerbread House

All aboard the gingerbread house! For a holiday gingerbread motif inspired by the favorite sweet Christmas treat, let this little fella lead the way. Check out this Wooden Christmas Nutcracker Chef with Gingerbread House from Northlight. Made from wood, faux, fur and plastic material, this nutcracker chief stands atop a beige gingerbread themed base, accentuated with red and white stripes, and holds two dangling gingerbread cookies as well as a candy cane in the other hand. Figurine also sports a beige and brown hat with a peppermint candy themed design on its center, and a lever operated movable mouth which you can open and close. Product is also part of the Gingerbread Kisses Collection. Get up to 60% off for a limited time at Macy’s.

5. Stonewall Kitchen Stonewall Home Winter White Candle

Treat yourself to some relaxing holiday scents or give out a gift that gives an instant boost of holiday cheer! Take a peek at this Stonewall Home Winter White Candle from Stonewall Kitchen. This handcrafted winter white candle is made from soy blend wax with a fragrance blend of fresh-cut balsam and zesty citrus. Product also comes with its own glass container and is packaged in a stunning Christmas themed white box, decorated with snowflakes and Christmas mittens. Get 30% off for a limited time at Macy’s.

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Just a disclaimer – We have partnered with these companies because we use their products and/or proudly trust and endorse them – so we do receive a commission if you make a purchase or sign up for services. Often, we are able to negotiate special discounts and/or bonuses, which we will pass on to you via our links. We often get short notice on sale items available for 24-48 hours as we will pass these savings onto you.

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