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The Best Garden Decor for Spring

The Best Garden Decor for Spring

Let your creative side kick in as you get your green thumb going this coming springtime! Building your own whimsical garden and laying out arrangements of home grown flowers and plants is an exciting thing to do but as always, you’re gonna need some essentials to start. With that being said, here are some of the best garden decor you can use for any garden theme. From planters to stakes, statues, stones, and trellises, this list is the key to creating your fairytale spring garden. 

The Best Garden Decor for Spring

1. Set of 2 Half-Barrel Planters

For a medieval themed garden, check out this set of Half Barrel Planters from The Lakeside Collection. Made from polypropylene and designed to look like an ancient wooden barrel, these planters are perfect for bigger greenery and colorful flowers with its large opening, spacious interior, solid feet and drainage holes for easy watering. Put these in your garden and who knows? Maybe your knight in shining armor will come along. Set comes with 2 planters. Shop at the Lakeside Collection.

The Best Garden Decor for Spring

2. Monogram Garden Trellises

Add a touch of mystique to your garden with this Monogram Garden Trellis from The Lakeside Collection. Made from secure double metal stakes with a fancy scrollwork design and a lettered monogram at the top, this trellis is sure to add a personal flair to your plants while providing a sturdy trellis when vines branch out. Can also be used as a Halloween decor when October comes around. Shop at the Lakeside Collection.

The Best Garden Decor for Spring

3. Mobile Vegetable Planter with Trellis

If you’re into garden to table cooking, take a look at this Mobile Vegetable Planter from The Lakeside Collection. Made from polypropylene, this vegetable planter provides convenient portable planting space for vegetables and flowering plants with its extra large interior, two smooth gliding wheels, and an attached trellis. Product also features a water storage zone which can store up to three gallons of water. When it’s time to harvest, wheel it around anywhere and you’ll have the finest, freshest fruits and vegetables! Shop at the Lakeside Collection.

The Best Garden Decor for Spring

4. Wicker LED Candle Lanterns

Bedazzle with Boho themed decor! Check out these Wicker Candle Lanterns from The Lakeside Collection. Made from plastic, rattan, metal and glass, these LED candle lanterns bathe any area with a soft warm glow that can put anyone in a relaxing, reminiscent mood. These lanterns feature a wired rattan design and can be displayed both indoors and outdoors for a nature inspired view. Product comes in three different sizes. Shop at the Lakeside Collection.

The Best Garden Decor for Spring

5. Kids with Solar Fireflies Garden Statues

Keep wishes, dreams and memories alive with an inspiring scene! Take a look at these Kids Statues from The Lakeside Collection. Made from cold cast ceramic, these statues add a sentimental touch to any garden, perfect for afternoon talks and strolls. Product features children holding and admiring a clear glass jar with a firefly inside it. Firefly lights up through solar power looks stunning from sunrise to sundown. Ideal for garden fountain decor. Shop at the Lakeside Collection.

More Amazing Garden Decor for Spring

The Best Garden Decor for Spring

1. Ladybug Flag or Stepping Stones

Fill your garden with some critter cuteness! Check out these Ladybug Flag or Steppingstones Sets from The Lakeside Collection. Made from polyester and cold cast ceramic, these Ladybug ornaments will give off a warm welcome to any guest and adorably lead the way further into your garden with its friendly face, vivid painted detailing and vibrant contrasting colors. Set comes with 14 ladybug stepping stones. Shop at the Lakeside Collection

The Best Garden Decor for Spring

2. Solar House Number Display Stakes

Light up the block with these House Number Stakes from The Lakeside Collection. Made from metal and plastic with a detailed chain scrollwork, these number stakes keeps your address visible throughout the night for any guests that might drop by. Product comes with 4 warm white lights and 50 numbers, 5 pieces each for the numbers 0-9. Each digit is easy to slide in and replace and have spacers to keep the numbers secure in place.Shop at the Lakeside Collection.

The Best Garden Decor for Spring

3. Decorative Rail or Fence Planters

Add a charming vintage feel to your outdoor area with this Decorative Rail and Fence Planter from The Lakeside Collection. Made from metal with adjustable hooks, these lovely decorative rails are repurposable into a fence planter for hanging plants, flowers and smaller greenery. Product features a heart shaped scrollwork design, giving your home a sweet and serene look that is sure to get  photos and #instagrammable posts flooding in. Shop at the Lakeside Collection.

The Best Garden Decor for Spring

4. Set of 3 Solar Pathway Stakes

Amp up your patio presentation with this set of Solar Pathway Stakes from The Lakeside Collection. Made from Polypropylene, these pathway stakes feature a stenciled scrollwork design which casts mystifying shadows on your walkway when lighted. Product features a warm white light and an ergonomic cylindrical design which can be taken apart when not in use for easier storage. Set includes three pathway stakes. Shop at the Lakeside Collection.

The Best Garden Decor for Spring

5. Solar Sleeping Angel or Napping Cherub

Adorn your garden with a beautiful guardian! Check out this Solar Sleeping Angel and Napping Cherub from The Lakeside Collection. Made from cold cast ceramic, this lovely angel and cherub is crafted with fine detailing and features a glowing floral carved halo which lights up your garden, giving it a breathtaking look and atmosphere. Shop at the Lakeside Collection.

Whimsical Spring Garden Decor

  1. CROWNED BEAUTY Hello Spring Floral Garden Flag, a beautifully detailed decorative flat that will maintain its timeless look and is printed on both sides, made of machine washable spun polyester that is weather resistant and UV and fade resistant. Get this on Amazon.
  2. Semilits Honey Bees Solar String Lights, with up to 20 LEDs shaped like a honey bee so your garden is adorned with little bees that light up in the evenings, made of strong plastic with a waterproof design perfect for outdoor use. Get this on Amazon.
  3. NEROSUN Wooden Hanging Wild Bird Feeder in Red British Phone, featuring the iconic phone booth from the U.K., this charming bird-friendly bird feeder is attractive and crafted from wood and non-toxic materials. Get this on Amazon.
  4. MUMTOP Glass Bird Bath and Outdoor Bird Feeder in Peacock, an elegant addition to any garden this spring with its handmade glass birdbath bowl decorated with a beautiful peacock pattern and stainless metal stake that is durable and easy to install in your garden. Get this on Amazon.
  5. VP Home Firefly Jar Gnome Solar Powered LED Outdoor Decor Garden Light, a whimsical addition to your outdoor patio, garden, porch, lawn, and more, as it is powered by a solar panel with a solar powered LED that absorbs energy in the morning and switches on at night. Get this on Amazon.

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