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The Most Romantic Scented Candles You’ll Want to Give This Valentine’s Day

The Most Romantic Scented Candles You’ll Want to Give This Valentine’s Day

One of the more popular gifts to give on Valentine’s Day is the scented candle. Scented candles are an easily giftable item that can effortlessly set the mood. Scented candles gives a finishing touch to any ambience at home or personal space. Whether it’s to spice up your bedroom or make your living room cozier, scented candles can truly elevate your home. It’s also widely used in baths and showers, where you can indulge in a luxurious bubble bath complete with mood lighting and some good music. Here are some great ideas on the most romantic scented candles you’ll want to give this Valentine’s Day.

Most Romantic Scented Candles for Valentine’s Day

1. DIOR Miss Dior Scented Candle – Millefiori Couture Edition, 3 oz.

A charming, romantic gift to give this Valentine’s DAy, this Miss Dior Scented Candle from Dior is an elegant choice because it is poured into a ceramic holder adorned with the Miss Dior floral millefiori couture motif. It features up to 24 hours of burn time and diffuses the widely popular and well-loved Miss Dior perfume, a delicate rose scent that captivates. Shop at Macy’s.

2. HYBRID & COMPANY Rosewood Vanilla Scented Jar Candle

Featuring an indulgent scent of rosewood and vanilla, this jar candle is a great gift for enjoying all your go-to scents. It offers a long burn so you can enjoy your favorite aroma for longer. It’s a perfect backdrop for at-home dinner dates, lazy Saturdays cuddled up with your significant other, and all other little, intimate moments shared with your special someone. This candle features an all natural soy wax blend that is safe for pregnant women and babies. It is enclosed in a colored glass jar that gives off a romantic glow. Made in the US. Shop at Macy’s.

3. LITERIE Scented Candle, 8 oz

Take a stroll down West 28th Street, where a flower market awaits with its tulips, delphiniums, and ranunculus. With notes of peony and rose, this Literie scented candle offers 50 hours burn time and is made of soy and coconut blend wax. It comes in a glass jar with a removable lid, making it easy to store or display. Shop at Macy’s.

4. NEST NEW YORK Himalayan Salt & Rosewater Classic Candle, 8.1 oz.

Feel comforted and relaxed with this indulgent scented candle from Nest New York. Its serene blend is meticulously crafted with a proprietary premium wax that contains notes of rosewater, geranium, salted amber and white woods. Its floral fragrance envelopes you in a loving comfort that you will cherish for a long time. Shop at Macy’s.

5. SCENTERED Love Home Aromatherapy Candle, 7.8 oz

Scentered offers therapeutic candles made up of a custom blend of natural waxes. This particular candle features a sensual, woody oriental scent, with spicy citrus top notes of orange and clove, and heart-warming floral rose and jasmine notes, brought together by rich base notes of patchouli, vanilla, cedarwood cabreuva. This candle is a romantic gift for Valentine’s Day and will serve as a great backdrop for those cozy nights spent indoors with that special someone. Shop at Macy’s.

Scented Candles That Evoke Sweet Romance for Valentine’s Day

1. HYBRID & COMPANY Rose Peony Scented Jar Candle

Feel loved and cherished with this rose and peony scented jar candle from Hybrid & Company, which offers a pleasant aroma to any dinner date or lazy weekends at home with your loved one. This long burning candle offers a long-lasting scent thanks to its all natural soy wax blend. It’s housed in a soft colored jar that emanates a gorgeous glow when the flame shines through the candle. This candle is a delightful gift to give this Valentine’s Day. Shop at Macy’s.

2. JO MALONE LONDON Limited-Edition Rose Blush Home Candle, 7.1 oz.

Jo Malone London is one of the most loved brands when it comes to personal and home scents. That’s why this Limited-Edition Rose Blush Home Candle is a great gift to give this season of hearts. It features the scent of delicate rose petals all wrapped up in delectable jelly that’s made for the great British summer fete. This scented candle features a vibrant basil and juicy note of lychee that’s wrapped up in musk. It’s also expertly crafted in the British countryside in a signature glass design. Shop at Macy’s.

3. RITUALS Imperial Rose Scented Candle, 12.6-oz.

Those who want to give the gift of luxurious scent should choose this Rituals scented candle which evokes the scent of a rose garden in full bloom. The notes of rose are combined with fresh watery elements and a traditional green tea element. Together, these scents offer a warm and elegant touch from musky and powdery base notes. Shop at Macy’s.

4. ANDREW ROMEO Forehead Kisses Candle, 8.8 oz

Want to know what falling in love smells like? Then get your hands on this Andrew Romeo Forehead Kisses scented candle, which features the delicate scent of black currant with the sexy scent of ginger. Together, these scents evoke the feelings of falling in love, including one’s most precious first kiss to the most passionate nights with your special someone. Shop at Macy’s.

5. Teelie Turner Fashion Positive Quotes in ‘Follow Your Heart’

This Valentine’s Day, follow your heart and express love with this simple yet charming 9 oz candle from Teelie Turner Fashion, which features a classic vanilla scent. The candle is made in a 85/15 blend of soy wax for clean burning and comes housed in a jar with a black lid. Shop at GearBubble.

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