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These Faux Florals Will Bring Spring Into Your Household Without Any Effort

These Faux Florals Will Bring Spring Into Your Household Without Any Effort

Now that Spring is upon us, sprucing up your home with some gorgeous florals is inevitable. Whether it’s real flowers from your own garden or the local flower shop, or faux florals from the department store, you can transform any room in your home to a Spring-inspired haven for you and your family. If you’re going for real, freshly picked flowers from the local market, here are some tips on how to make the best flower arrangements for your home.


Flower Arranging Tips for Real Flowers

  • Take note of the water. When bringing home fresh flowers from the store, make sure they’re placed in water immediately. Get a bucket and fill it with tepid water. You can opt to add floral preservative before you place your flowers in them.
  • Cut the flowers before arranging them. Better Homes & Gardens recommends cutting an inch off the stems using a sharp knife before arranging them because the cut will help the flowers absorb water better. Make sure to remove any leaves that have dried up as well.
  • Use florist’s foam to keep flower arrangements sturdy and hydrated. Florist’s foam keeps your flower arrangements looking fresh and well put together. Make sure to soak it in water for 15 minutes before cutting it up and placing it in your container. Check the foam every day to see if moisture is still present and water it if it looks quite dry.

If you prefer faux florals to brighten up your home this season, you can also purchase gorgeous faux blooms at the local department store. You can also mix and match them the same way you do with fresh flowers. Here, we’ve listed down some of the most gorgeous faux florals to bring Spring into your home this season.


10 Faux Flowers to Brighten Up Your Home

Faux Florals

1. Faux Cherry Blossom Spray

Add a touch of delicate charm to any room in your home with this faux cherry blossom spray that is dotted with blooms in pale, springtime hues. Each spray is hand-selected for their exceptionally natural appearance and are modeled after specimens from gardens all across the globe. You’re sure to turn heads with these fresh-looking faux florals that will brighten up your home this season. Shop at Anthropologie.

Faux Florals

2. Faux Peony Stem, Pink + Yellow

If you love peonies, you’re going to adore this faux peony stem that features not one but two buds! This remarkably realistic faux peony stem features vibrant and full color that brings a burst of springtime freshness to the indoors. It’s also perfect for displaying in a slim glass vase. Modeled after actual fresh peonies from around the world, this piece captures the fleeting beauty of a peony bud in various stages of bloom and offers a unique variety that you will not find anywhere else. Capture the beauty of peonies right in your home with this faux floral that you can get from Anthropologie.

Faux Florals

3. Faux Magnolia Spray

Magnolias have long been symbolic in various cultures all over the world. In China, magnolias were a symbol of a woman’s beauty and gentleness. In South America, white magnolias are included in bridal bouquets because it represented the bride’s purity and nobility. Capture the classic beauty of a magnolia flower with this faux magnolia spray that brings a delicate elegance to your home. Get this at Nordstrom.

Faux Florals

4. Faux Hydrangea Stem

Hydrangeas come in a variety of vibrant colors, including blue, purple, pink, and white. These lush flowers grow in bunches, which make for a truly pretty sight. Hydrangeas are believed to represent gratitude and thanksgiving, abundance and prosperity. If you want to add a pop of color to your home but don’t want to keep maintaining live hydrangeas, go for this faux hydrangea stem that adds dimension and long-lasting beauty to indoor flower arrangements. This graceful faux hydrangea stem goes well on its own or with a bunch. Shop at Nordstrom.

Faux Florals

5. Faux Mimosa Spray

Did you know that the mimosa flower has become the symbol of Women’s Day? In other cultures, the flower is symbolic of one’s sensitivity. The mimosa tree is aromatic, but it’s not the flowers that give off the scent. Instead, it’s the stamens of the flower that gives off the aroma. The mimosa plant often blooms from April to July, making it a perfect addition to any Spring floral arrangement. This faux mimosa spray features bright yellow berries that contrast with green leaves, giving it a cheerful look that’s perfect for year-round floral arrangements. Shop at Anthropologie.

Faux Florals

6. Faux Sweet Pea Stem

Did you know that the sweet pea flower is native to Sicily, Cyprus, and southern Italy? This gorgeous flower is a product of an annual climbing plant that grows up to two meters in height. You can capture the beauty of the sweet pea with this faux sweet pea stem that offers a set of delicate pink flowers. Add this to any floral arrangement at home and watch as it transforms the entire room with its delicate Springtime hues. Shop at Anthropologie.

Faux Florals

7. Faux Snapdragon Spray

Snapdragons are interesting flowers because it comes in an array of wonderful colors. It is a cool-season annual that grows alongside pansies and violas. It comes in red, orange, white, pink, and yellow colors (among many others) that make for cheery flower arrangements. This version of the snapdragon features a cool blue color that’s perfect for any country-themed home. This faux snapdragon spray easily adds a charming summer vibe to any floral arrangement, all year round. Shop at Anthropologie.

Faux Florals

8. Faux Botanicals Dancing-Lady Orchid

Bring a touch of sunburst energy to the indoors with this dancing lady orchid that’s handcrafted with remarkable detail. These faux flowers liven up any room at home with its intricate detail and eye-catching charm. Perfect for all year-round floral arrangements that require no frills or tedious maintenance. Shop at West Elm.

Faux Florals

9. Artificial Plants, Snowberry

Snowberry is also called the pearl tree because of its super cute berries that are produced towards the end of summer and in winter. It is a shrub that produces white or pink berries that may look attractive but are poisonous because of its alkaloid compounds. To steer clear of any poisonous fruits, you can get a faux snowberry plant that features a cluster of bell-shaped white flowers. It offers a delicate touch to any flower arrangement or can stand on its own in a gorgeous statement vase. Shop at West Elm.

Faux Florals

10. Faux Botanicals, Poppies Bouquet

Poppies are known as a symbol of remembrance and while this may seem like a sad addition to a flower arrangement, its cheery colors can liven up any room in the house. This bouquet of faux poppies come in a delicate pink color that is feminine. These faux poppies are handcrafted with great detail and will provide an all year-round freshness you can’t find anywhere else. Get this at West Elm.

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