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This List is For Anyone Who’s Obsessed with Llamas!

This List is For Anyone Who’s Obsessed with Llamas!

The human brain is a wondrous thing capable of a wide range of emotions, including feelings of positivity when we see cute animals and babies, or baby animals, especially when they’re fluffy. In fact, a study from 2015 that was published in Psychological Science revealed that those who have “extremely positive reactions” to photos of cute babies also “displayed stronger aggressive expressions” such as wanting to pinch the baby. The study, which involved pinching bubble wrap, found that the participants who saw images of cute baby animals pinched more bubble wrap than those who saw older animals.

But why are we this way? We feel the need to squeeze things or express aggression whenever we feel overwhelming positive emotion because this is an “expression of what one would think is an opposing feeling,” Yale University psychologist Oriana Aragon reported, as per National Geographic.

Admittedly, one of the cutest wild animals that roam the planet are llamas and alpacas. While the two are camelid cousins, they do differ in some ways. Llamas grow larger than the smaller alpacas, which also have short spear-shaped ears. Llamas have banana-shaped ears, as per the Modern Farmer. Alpacas tend to look cuter thanks to the rounded corners on their faces, while llamas have a longer, more elongated face. When it comes to their fur, alpacas’ hair is finer and comes in a wider variety of colors. Alpacas have less hair than their cousins.

Today, we’ve listed down some cute home and personal items for anyone who’s obsessed with llamas and alpacas! Check out these fun items you can collect today.

Obsessed with Llamas

1. Larry the Llama Doormat

Say hello to your new favorite home accessory! Meet Larry the Llama, a well-traveled llama who will greet your guests when they come to your door. Crafted by Andrea Brown from 100% coir fiber, this sturdy welcome mat features a colorful Peruvian scene with a llama right in the middle of it! He’s carrying some precious cargo and is flanked by gorgeous mountains, inspiring journeys near and far. Measures 30 inches by 18 inches by 0.75 inches. Shop at Uncommon Goods.

2. Fred and Friends Como Tea Llama Tea Infuser

Tea time has never been more fun with this llama tea infuser! This Andean-inspired infuser is great for your favorite blend of tea. All you need to do is stand it upright in your mug and wait for the llama infuser to do its job. Perfectly paired with a good book or some biscuits. Shop at HSN.

3. Large Llama Planter

Add a touch of greenery to your home with this fun llama planter that can house a cute little plant. It has a glossy, ceramic finish and four legs, as well as a llama shaping and an open back to fit your favorite plant. Shop at Urban Outfitters.

4. Oilo Llama Jersey Cuddle Blanket

This versatile blanket from Oilo is luxuriously crafted for your little one! It features a snuggly plush on one side that’s soft to the touch and a modern soft knit jersey pattern on the other side for instant style. It measures 30 inches by 40 inches, enough to cover your growing baby during naptime or to use as a stroller cover. Shop at Nordstrom.

5. Fiona Walker England Llama Mobile

Designed by Fiona Walker in England, this charming little mobile is inspired by Scandinavian colors and design. It features gentle little llamas trotting about on the mobile, inspiring smiles from your little one. The animal head is made of 100% wool felt and is hand made in Jaipur, India, where women work from home so they can care for their children. Each is dyed using recycled water to save on the resource. This product is Fairtrade. Shop at Nordstrom.

Obsessed with Llamas

6. Llama Bath Mat

You and your kids will have another reason to enjoy bath time: this llama bath mat! This fluffy llama-shaped bath mat is made from super-soft cotton terry loop. It’s super soft and comfy on wet toes, both big and small! It’s so versatile that you can use it in your bathroom or an area rug in playrooms or living rooms. Shop at Urban Outfitters.

7. Llama Ceramic Mug

Here’s an interesting breakfast staple you must have in the kitchen: this ceramic mug with a unique color tone and a fun llama standing by to say good morning! Featuring the wooly mammal up front, this glazed ceramic with matte finish llama detailing mug features a footed structure that truly embodies a llama. This mug is food safe, dishwasher safe, microwave safe, oven safe. Shop at Urban Outfitters.

8. Llamarama Large Zipper Pouch

Meet your new favorite travel partner: this large zipper pouch can house your toiletries, change, keys, candy, and other essentials. It features a happy little llama who may look small, but she’s totally companionable and strong, being able to carry 75 to 100 pounds with ease. This aqua, yellow, and coral cotton pouch is crafted in India and measures 9.25 inches by 7 inches. Shop at Uncommon Goods.

9. Thumbs Up Herd Mentality Llama Teapot

You can almost hear this llama teapot sing, “I’m a little teapot, short and stout! Here is my hande, here is my spout!” Designed with a dark lid that resembles a saddle and a gorgeous ornate blanket-style motif, this little llama teapot features a spout at the mouth. The quirky vessel is great for starting conversations in the kitchen or dining area. Shop at Modcloth.

10. Cost Plus World Market Matte Gold Metal Llama Night Light

Llama lovers will enjoy sleeping through the night with this golden llama watching over them. Be free of imaginary monsters with this legendary golden llama that’s crafted from iron and features a matte metallic gold finish. It is a cute little accent in any room for a kid or kid at heart. Shop at Cost Plus World Market.

Llama-loving collectors will enjoy adding these fun things to their collection. The whimsical touch of a llama can bring good tidings to your life and can represent your values of hard work and resilience. Spruce up your home with these knick knacks and start meaningful conversations today. For more cute ideas, make sure to bookmark The Teelie Blog and check out more stories below.

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