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10 Cutest Baby Booties You’ll Ever Find

10 Cutest Baby Booties You’ll Ever Find

When it comes to parenting, each one has their own style and beliefs. Some people prefer to raise their children with some wiggle room, allowing them to explore on their own and learn things independently. Some parents may be more guarded. As babies grow up, we cloth them with protective gear and clothing to keep them safe as they learn about the world around them. While most parents may argue that going barefoot is best, some parents enjoy letting their babies wear booties. Today’s market offers a number of styles that are super cute and Instagrammable. After all, we’re all stylists at heart and fashion is indeed a creative outlet for us moms too. But did you know that wearing booties also has some benefits for babies? Here are some of them.

  • Baby booties offer protection for your child’s feet. Of course, we ensure that his play and living area is free of anything that may harm him, but sometimes, you can never be too sure. Especially when traveling, it’s good to let your child wear booties.
  • Baby booties also provide warmth from the weather. Babies’ feet can get cold, so to keep them toasty, you can let your child wear some booties instead of socks, which may be too thin to protect against the cold.
  • Baby booties provide wiggle room for your child’s feet to grow! Soft, thin soled baby shoes enable him to familiarize himself with the sensation of wearing shoes. It is important that babies wear shoes that are not hard or restrictive for optimal foot growth.

When it comes to baby booties, moms need not sacrifice comfort for style. We’ve rounded up 10 of the cutest baby booties you’ll find. These are great for adding to your collection or even for gifting during baby showers or any baby-related event.

10 Cutest Baby Booties You'll Ever Find

1. Taco Booties

If you’re a fan of Mexican food, you’re surely going to want to dress your baby in this ultra adorable pair of booties that will make anyone go, “¡Ay, caramba!” These adorable taco booties is perfect for both a mini fiesta and a long siesta. These are lovingly handcrafted in small batches and made of natural wool that is dyed, spun, and felted before being cut and stitched into adorable foodie details. It features a crispy looking taco shell and is overloaded with tons of details. The filling looks delectably delightful and we wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to go and take a bite. Shop at Uncommon Goods.

2. Baby Fortune Cookie Booties

This Chinese Year of the Pig, dress your little one in fun fortune cookie booties that will bring you both loads of luck! These plush, handmade booties are charming nad full of fun. Handmade from extra-plush fleece by Della Slowikin Portland, Oregon, these booties feature floor-gripping soles for your baby’s next adventure. Each slipper features a cute little curl that resembles that of an actual fortune cookie. The fortunes on the bootie read, “From small beginnings come great things” on one bootie and “An amazing adventure awaits you.” Get this as a gift for a baby shower or for your very own lucky baby! Shop at Uncommon Goods.

3. Sloth Booties

If you want to add a touch of whimsy to your baby’s wardrobe, get him this pair of super cute sloth booties! These tiny sloths may be slow, but they’re quick to keep your baby’s feet warm and protected throughout his adventures as he wakes and as he sleeps. Each pair is hadnmade from local sheep’s wool in Kyrgzstan by Gulnara Kydyrmyshova, so you’re sure to get only the most natural materials in a pair that is truly unique. Shop at Uncommon Goods.

4. Triceratop Booties

Travel back in time with your little one and tell him the wondrous stories of dinosaurs with this pair of triceratop booties. Get to know these prehistoric beasts with their three horns and tough looking exteriors. Don’t be fooled, however, as these two are just real softies at heart. They love to play and scour for snacks! Each pair of triceratop booties are handmade in small batches by skilled artisans in Kyrgyzstan, where natural wool is dyed, spun, and felted before cutting and stitching into these ultra adorable booties that you’ll love for your son or daughter to wear on his or her next playdate. Shop at Uncommon Goods.

5. Elephant Booties

Oh the places your little one will go with his best buds, the elephants! These gentle creatures are full of love and life. As part of the brand’s Continental Collection, these elephant booties are crafted from natural wool in Kyrgyzstan. It features an elephant face, complete with trunks and a cute little nose and floppy ears. These gentle beasts are charming and perfect for gifting during a baby shower or any holiday. Shop at Uncommon Goods.

10 Cutest Baby Booties You'll Ever Find

6. BENHERO Cozy Fleece Booties with Non-Skid Soft Sole

This Spring season, let your baby be a ray of sunshine with this pair of soft, lightweight baby booties. It features an anti-slip sole that is well-crafted for optimal quality and durability. It has a hook and loop self-adhesive to prevent your prewalking baby from kicking his booties off! Under the sole are non-skid rubber grips in the shape of flowers, which is perfect for Spring. Shop at Amazon.

7. LNGRY Crown Bowknot Soft Sole Anti-Slip Crib Shoes

Your little princess deserves the world and a good pair of shoes. These closed toe shoes features an anti-slip design that keeps your child safe has she explores the world around her. It’s made of lightweight material so you’re sure she’s comfortable as she plays. It features a dainty pink bow and a golden crown applique that’s perfect for any little princess. Shop at Amazon.

8. RVROVIC Baby Cozy Fleece Booties with Non-Skid Bottom

Perfect for gifting at a baby shower or for a birthday, this pair of cozy fleece booties are skin-friendly and have passed the safety test. It features lightweight soft fleece and suede material that keeps feet warm and toasty. It’s also super easy to wear and take off, with adjustable closures to ensure a perfect fit that won’t come off as they kick and play. Shop at Amazon.

9. MYGGPP Star High Top Sneaker Soft Anti-Slip Sole Shoes

For the grunge-loving parents out there, you’re going to love this super cool and ultra chill pair of baby shoes for your child. It looks just like your favorite All Star Converse sneakers that you had growing up! Now your little one can get a taste of the punk rock life with these classic star high top ankle style shoes. It comes with a polychrome shoelace and a soft anti-slip cotton sole that’s comfortable to wear. Underneath, a polkadot print adds a nice surprise to your child’s outfit. Shop at Amazon.

10. Hudson Baby Unisex Baby Cozy Fleece Booties in White Unicorn

With over 1,000 reviews on Amazon, these super cute white unicorn booties are truly magical! It features a velcro enclosure that makes dressing and taking off super easy. Moms love that it’s easy to put on and it stays on, despite a child’s kicking and crawling. Moms also adore that it features a non-slip sole that when compared to regular socks, keeps baby safe and skid-free. The best part? It keeps baby’s feet warm while keeping fashionable! Shop at Amazon.

10 Cutest Baby Booties You'll Ever Find

Our special pick: Hudson Baby Unisex Baby Cozy Fleece Booties in Orange Fox

We couldn’t help but fawn over these super cute fox booties from Hudson, which moms attest to staying put on their babies’ feet as the little tots go on their merry adventure. This product has over 1,200 reviews on Amazon and moms attest to its ability to keeping babies’ feet “nice and toasty.” They also love its velcro enclosure that makes it easy to put on and remove, but keeps it on despite kicking and crawling during his daily adventures. Shop at Amazon.

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