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Best Tech Gifts to Give This Christmas

Best Tech Gifts to Give This Christmas

New Year, new tech! This Christmas season, consider giving the latest and the greatest in tech gadgets to family and friends who love to be in the know with all the latest tech trends. In today’s list of curated gifts for Christmas, we’ve rounded up the top rated tech gifts to give this holiday season according to those who’ve already bought and used them. From relaxation tools to gear for going on the road, here are the best tech gifts to give this Christmas so you can stay ahead in 2022.

1. MUSICOZY Sleep Headphones Bluetooth Headband Sleeping Headphones Sleep Mask

Noisy neighbors? Been tossing and turning in bed for hours? Got a bed partner snoring loudly? Help a loved one say goodbye to restless nights with this Sleep Headphones Bluetooth Headband Sleeping Headphones Sleep Mask from MUSICCOZY. This lightweight, skin friendly, noise cancelling Bluetooth Sleeping Mask is made of polycotton fabric, premium memory foam with a smooth silk lining and a silicone cover and is enhanced with the latest Bluetooth technology which allows you to pair it up with any device within 33 feet and listen to relaxing music to help you get quality sleep. Product contains a built-in upgraded long lasting battery chip which can play music for up to a maximum of 10 hours, with a charging time of only 1 to 2 hours. Good for both indoor use and for travel. Available in 9 different colors. Rated 4.4 out of 5 on Amazon.

2. Garmin Venu Sq Smartwatch

Looking for a gift for that one friend who always wants to get on the go even without bringing much of their valuables? This smartwatch from Garmin is exactly what you need. The Venu Sq Smartwatch gives them a whole package of convenient technological features wrapped around their wrist. These features include health apps that provide preloaded workouts, for cardio, yoga, strength, endurance and muscle building, all while monitoring your body energy levels, respiration, hydration, estimated heart rate and more, safety features including GPS and incident detection which notifies your selected contacts of your location, social media alerts so you never miss a text, call or any notification from any of your social media accounts, and a contactless payment app that allows you to make purchases on the go, as well as other useful widgets. Product can fit wrists with a circumference of 125-190 millimeters,  has a user-friendly bright colored display, and can go up to 6 days of battery life with a single charge.  Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

3. Tile Mate Essentials 4-Pack Bluetooth Trackers & Item Locators

Save someone from having that mini heart attack when they forget where they put their stuff. Check out this 4-Pack Bluetooth Trackers & Item Locators from Tile Mate Essentials. These sleek black water resistant locator tiles hold your items allows you to find things right away. Use the Tile app on your phone to ring your tile when it’s within Bluetooth range, or ask your Smart Home device to find your item for you. Loud rings with an improved bigger range allow you to spot it right away. Even when outside of Bluetooth range, trackers allow you to view its last location or places where you’ve recently put them. Compatible both Android, IOS and Smart Home with a 3 year non replaceable battery included when you purchase the set. Set includes 2 Mate, 1 Slim, and 1 Sticker tile model, perfect for keys, wallets, earphones and more. Rated 4.6 out of 5 on Amazon.

4. n.o.w. Tone Therapy System

Help someone set up a good meditation space anytime, anywhere with the n.o.w. Tone Therapy System by Solu. This pair of metallic silver speakers may not be the ones you often use for parties but they are sure to make a great gift, especially for those into yoga and meditation, with its New Origin Waveforms (n.o.w.) that create calming tones, binaural beats and an overall sound healing therapy session in just 3 minutes. Each speaker has its own significant tunes but must be played together for the full experience. Simply press the ON button on both speakers, listen and focus on the tunes, allow yourself to destress, clear your mind and and feel re energized. Long lasting battery allows over 200 plays in a single charge, and the system shuts itself off for you after 3 minutes, making it easy to pack up, set up and repeat. Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

5. Bose Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Over-Ear Wireless Headphones with Built-In Microphone

A handy gift that can be used for work, leisure and entertainment is sure to be cherished. Check out this Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Over-Ear Wireless Headphones with Built-In Microphone from Bose. These powerful wireless headphones provide clear, crisp, quality sound and audio with its noise cancelling features and refined voice pickup, as well as easy communication with voice assistants to open other apps for multitasking. Adjustable lightweight headband and thick ear cups also provide maximum comfort and perfect fit. Wireless battery can last up to 20 hours on a single charge. Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

More Awesome Tech Gifts to Give This Holiday Season

1. Insta360 ONE X2 360 Degree Waterproof Action Camera

Give a gift that creates memories and Instagram worthy pics in just one snap! Take a look at the ONE X2 360 Degree Waterproof Action Camera from Insta360. This waterproof, ultra bright touch screen camera allows you to shoot vivid high quality photos and videos with 5.7K 360 degree capture wide angle footage and allows smooth capture of moving shots with the FlowState Stabilization feature. The camera also utilizes 4 microphones with wind and noise reduction allowing it to detect, locate and hone into your voice for recording clear audio , regardless of background noise and how you hold your camera. Camera also allows AI editing with the TimeShift feature which allows you to speed up or slow the video up with cool hyperlapse effects, and the Invisible Selfie Stick feature which detects and automatically removes the selfie stick from the photo so no worries about cropping edges out and feel free to take your video editing creativity and storytelling to a whole new level. Compatible with both Android and IOS. Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

2. Amazon Echo 4th Generation

Add an extra layer of homey ambience to your space with the Amazon Echo, which offers rich, detailed sound that automatically adapts to any room. The Amazon Echo features a built-in hub to voice control compatible lights, locks, and sensors and set timers, reminders, and alarms. Fill your space with sound with its multi-room music capabilities that lets you play synchronized music across Echo devices in different rooms. Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

3. AVID POWER Tire Inflator Air Compressor

A gift well thought of always comes in handy, even during emergencies. Be the scout and always come prepared with the AVID POWER Tire Inflator Air Compressor. This modern,  portable cordless inflator is a must have for reunions and road trips as it allows you to inflate small sized car, bicycle, and motorcycle tires as well as other inflatable materials such as swimming pool floats, toys, beach balls and many more with the accurate Automatic Stop Function feature which lets you preset the value you want and the air compressor will automatically shut off when the pressure is reached, as well as its Dual Power Supply feature, which allows you to use an adapter to utilize car power as an alternative power source should the battery run out. Product also has an LED light to brighten up work space for added safety and visibility. Comes with a cordless inflator, 20V Lithium-ion battery pack, 12V car power adapter, charger, air tap, inflating needle, a tool bag for easy storage and a user manual upon purchase.Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

4. WOLFBOX 12-Inch Mirror Dash Camera

Unlike most rearview mirror cameras, the WOLFBOX 170° front and 140° rear lens provide an ultra wide view, minimizing the blind spots for safe driving on the road and maneuvering in your garage. It features a smart screen split function, which lets you observe dual lens display simultaneously. It also features a 2.5D curved screen and built-in high-quality chip, that lets you record front nad read with high resolution of full HD 1080P. Great for adding safety to your ride, especially when hitting the road this coming New Year. Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon

5. Hatch Restore Sound Machine, Smart Light, Personal Sleep Routine, Bedside Reading Light, Wind Down Content and Sunrise Alarm Clock

Hand out a multipurpose gift that will get someone’s night routine checklist all ticked off. Check out this Sound Machine, Smart Light, Personal Sleep Routine, Bedside Reading Light, Wind Down Content and Sunrise Alarm Clock from Hatch Restore. This adorable semi circle is a must have in your bedside table as it allows one to set the mood and pamper themselves with their daily self care routine before bed to prepare for the day ahead with features that include a library of soothing sounds, white noise & lights, which can be upgraded with a Hatch Restore Membership for you to get a subscription that gives you unlimited access to an ever-growing library of new content such as meditations, sleep stories, soundscapes and so much more, a gentle alarm clock, and a reading night light that will not strain your eyes with its blue hue. Product is compatible for both Android and IOS and is available in four different colors. Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Loved these tech gifts? Then make sure you don’t miss our other gift ideas! For more on the best deals this holiday season, make sure to sign up for our weekly newsletter, where we bring you curated gift guides and other awesome holiday ideas.

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