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Holiday Ideas for Homebodies: Gifts for People Who Love Staying Indoors

Holiday Ideas for Homebodies: Gifts for People Who Love Staying Indoors

Once again, the clock is ticking and everyone is rushing about preparing for the most awaited time of the year. As much as we love to go out and celebrate the holidays, there are some who prefer to bask in the warmth of the Christmas spirit from the comfort of their own homes. These homebodies may be a little difficult to convince when it comes to tagging along for shopping sprees and road trips, but that does not mean you can’t get them anything, or that they’re missing out. So with that being said, here are some of the best gifts you can give to let your stay at home pals settle into the celebrations.

The Best Gifts for Homebodies

1. BAREFOOT DREAMS® CozyChic™ Throw Blanket in Chestnut

Chilling at home while cuddling with an extra soft and cozy blanket that wraps around you just like a cute lovable pet would is always enjoyable for any stay at home person. Go ahead and check out this CozyChic™ Throw Blanket from BAREFOOT DREAMS® . Made from 100% polyester with microfiber texture, this lush throw blanket will give you the urge to cuddle in bed or plop on the couch all day with its silky smooth feel. Product features a lovely knit style design so it can also be an addition to your living room or bedroom décor. Fabric is machine washer safe and will not shrink, pill or wrinkle despite use. Highly recommended in Chestnut. Shop at Nordstrom.

2. FELLOW Stagg EKG Electric Kettle in Stone Blue with Maple Accents

Great mornings start with a good cup of coffee, even for those who plan to spend the rest of their day at home. The FELLOW Stagg EKG Electric Kettle in Stone Blue with Maple Accents, is the perfect way to go. Made from stainless steel, with a lovely wooden minimalist style handle, this electric kettle gets your water in the right temperature with its electric variable temperature control from 135ºF to 212ºF. A built-in LCD screen illuminates both environmental temperature in real time and your desired temperature. To keep water nice and hot without having to keep an eye out, its “hold” mode feature will maintain your desired temperature for up to 60 minutes. The kettle is also built with a precision-pour spout for mess free pouring. Product includes a kettle, lid and a custom base. Shop at Nordstrom.

3. RIFLE PAPER CO. Marguerite Porcelain Mug

For a lovely and dainty gift that will liven up one’s mornings, take a look at this Marguerite Porcelain Mug from RIFLE PAPER CO. Made from porcelain and inspired by French art styles, this exquisite mug sports a dashing scene of a colorful garden of blooms, with a brush painted style accentuated by the mug’s golden rim and handle, letting you have your daily dose of coffee with a touch of sophistication. Product is not dishwasher and microwave safe. Hand wash only. Shop at Nordstrom.

4. MOMA Design Store City Perpetual Wood Calendar

Make keeping track of important days and daily agendas more fun with the Design Store City Perpetual Wood Calendar from MOMA. Made from beech wood, this calendar gives you a fun and creative way to remind oneself of their schedule and lets one feel a fond appreciation for the beauty of another day that has passed, with its wooden buildings that resemble a busy city, which have the numbers in a month and a little movable wooden car that can be moved around a center block which has the days of the week. Building blocks are arrangeable so you have a fresh calendar for each month, perfect for a fresh start! Days of the week can also be customized to be shown in English, French, Spanish or Japanese. Product is an ideal gift for busy bees and home body hustlers. Shop at Nordstrom.

5. CROSLEY RADIO Cruiser Deluxe Turntable

Give a gift that allows one to be the master of their own music! Check out this Cruiser Deluxe Turntable from Crosley Radio. Made from metal, vinyl and fibreboard, this classic turntable can play 33, 1/3, 45 and 78 RPM records with its 6″ full range speaker. It’s belt driven turntable mechanism and adjustable pitch control allows you to play around with sounds and create a smashing song remix in an instant. Product is Bluetooth compatible, with an auxiliary input, headphone jack  and an RCA radio out , all packed in a modern and portable design which resembles a suitcase. Simply bring out this case, surprise guests and bring out the funky tunes as you enjoy the festivities. Available in two gorgeous metallic colors: White Sand and Tourmaline. Shop at Nordstrom.

Gifts for People Who Love Staying Indoors: Working From Home

1. FELLOW Ode Electric Brew Grinder

Switch up the go to coffee packs for finer coffee brews fit for warming up during the festive season with the FELLOW Ode Electric Brew Grinder. Made from aluminum, plastic and stainless steel, this electric grinder is sure to elevate your coffee making game and make you feel like a barista with its huge grind capacity of up to 2.20lb of coffee beans, high powered motor with an automatic stop function and 11 different grind settings which gives you a precise mix of texture and flavor. Shop at Nordstrom.

2. JBL Live 660 Wireless Noise Canceling Over Ear Headphones

You can never go wrong with a gift that is good for both staying focused and streaming favorite hits. Check out the Live 660 Wireless Noise Canceling Over Ear Headphones from JBL. These wireless over ear headphones are Bluetooth compatible, and use adaptive Noise Cancelling technology which keeps the noise away. Other features include Ambient Aware technology which allows you to safely walk busy streets by detecting and increasing ambient sounds, and should you receive and answer any calls while on the go the TalkThru feature lowers your playing music and amplifies your speech for clearer conversations. Battery lasts up to 50 hours. Shop at Nordstrom.

3. FELLOW Stagg XF Pour Over Coffee Maker Set

An energy boosting gift that helps someone kickstart new ideas and get the day going shows a whole lot of appreciation and support. Go ahead and check out the FELLOW Stagg XF Pour Over Coffee Maker Set. Made from stainless steel, glass and silicone,this pour-over coffee maker set is perfect for constantly brewing your morning cup of coffee with its double walled interior and vacuum-insulated dripper which allows longer heat retention. The coffee maker set sports a minimalist style matte black finish with a steep slope pouring spout which allows mess free extraction. Set includes: carafe, dripper, lid and 30 coffee filters. An ideal gift for a roommate, partner or for stay at home couples. Shop at Nordstrom.  

4. DYSON Cool™ Air Purifier & Fan Tower

Help refresh stale air and kick out indoor pollutants with the DYSON Cool™ Air Purifier & Fan Tower. This air purifier is built with highly intelligent and efficient sensors which detect pollutants, a fully sealed filtration and airflow system to make sure captured particles stay inside, an activated carbon filter which removes gasses and odors, and a HEPA H13 filter which can capture up to 99.97% of microparticles that are as small as 0.3 microns in size. It’s powerful air multiplier technology then projects purified air around the room and cools up any space. It works noise free with its Night mode which monitors and purifies using the quietest settings, with a dimmed display. Machine is programmable to turn off after selected preset intervals ranging from 30 minutes to 8 hours. Shop at Nordstrom.

5. ANGLEPOISE Type 80 Desk Lamp

For those who love to stay at home, gifts that are practical, stylish and can amp up interior decor are always much appreciated. Take a look at this Type 80 Desk Lamp from ANGLEPOISE. Made from aluminum and cast iron and precision engineered for ease of use, versatility and optimized function, this desk lamp provides soft lighting with its  sprung joint mechanisms, adjustable head and cables that are discreetly routed through the arms, making it perfect for afternoon studies or late night reading. The lamp is also inspired by the Streamline Moderne art style with its “halo light escape” feature which provides a halo shaped glow that can serve as a nightlight. Shop at Nordstrom.

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