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Gifts for the Bereaved: Best Sympathy Presents for Grieving Friends

Gifts for the Bereaved: Best Sympathy Presents for Grieving Friends

The Memorial Day weekend brought about loads of fun for those who went on vacation. For those who have been self-isolating, it may have been a time of reflection on those we have lost in our fight for freedom. With the Covid-19 pandemic forcing us to rethink what’s most important in life, we take a closer look inward and how we deal with our emotions during times of tragedy. Globally, the coronavirus has taken the lives of over 350,000 individuals, with some 100,000 in the United States alone. During this time of global tragedy, we look closer at how we can support each other even as we self-isolate. Sometimes, when we cannot be physically present to show our support, the next best thing is to send our thoughts via gifts that show our support to our grieving friends or family. Some of these gifts for the bereaved are heartfelt gestures to show your loved ones that even afar, you have love and support for them. Here are some of the most thoughtful gifts for the bereaved. 


The Best Gifts for the Bereaved: A humorous yet thoughtful condolence card that isn’t a total bore (and won’t be tossed out either).

Gifts for the Bereaved: Best Sympathy Presents for Grieving Friends

1. Party Happier “The Universe is Kind of a Dick” Sympathy Card

Tired of sending sympathy cards that don’t seem to say what’s on your mind? Check out this humorous yet totally sympathetic card from Party Happier, a simple blank greeting card that “The Universe is Kind of a Dick” in front because sometimes, there’s just no other way to say it. This card comes with your choice of plain or lined kraft envelope. It’s printed on white 80 lb. cardstock in black ink and measures 4.25″ x 5.5″. This sympathy card is something your friends and loved ones will want to keep. Shop at Etsy.

Gifts for the Bereaved: Best Sympathy Presents for Grieving Friends

2. CheekyKumquat “Being Sad Sucks” Feel Better Card

Let’s face it: being sad sucks! Whether your friend has lost someone from an illness or in the line of duty, sadness is an unavoidable emotion at this delicate time. Show your support and empathy to your BFF by sending this card, which front side reads, “Being sad sucks (let me know if you want to go break some s***)”. This card is printed on high quality 120 lb card stock and measures 5.25″ x 4.25″ (US size A2). It’s a gentle reminder of how you’re supportive even in the most difficult times. Shop at Etsy.

Gifts for the Bereaved: Best Sympathy Presents for Grieving Friends

3. Suckycards “I’m Sorry” Cute Condolence Card

This adorable sympathy card hits the right spot for whoever is cutting onions in the room! Say you’re sorry with these tear-jerkers, which are delicately made from 5.25 x 4.25 (A2) folded card paired with an A2 brown kraft envelope. This Suckycard is perfect for showing your loved ones you care during these trying times of having to self-isolate and not physically be there for them. Shop at Etsy.

Gifts for the Bereaved: Best Sympathy Presents for Grieving Friends

4. TheLittleBlah “Make Things Less Sh*t” Sweet Condolence Card

If you and your BFF love to communicate using emojis, then this one is just right up your alley. Show her that you sympathize with her during her loss with this sweet condolence card, which features the quote “I wish I could make things less…” and a cute little poop drawing complete with a sad face and a couple of Band-Aids. The card measures 135 x 135 mm and is professionally printed on 100% recycled card, and comes with 100% recycled kraft envelopes. This card is designed and printed in Melbourne. Shop at Etsy.

Gifts for the Bereaved: Best Sympathy Presents for Grieving Friends

5. RaincityPrints “When It Rains, We Pour” Funny Wine Condolence Card

No matter how big the heartache, sometimes a glass of wine would help. This funny condolence card will help lighten up the mood with its “When it rains, we pour” sentiment on the outside cover. Inside, a reassurance from you to your BFF or loved one that you’ll be there for him or her, “(Just send word.)” This card measures 4.75″ x 4.75″, is printed on bright white 120 lb heavy card stock, and comes with a white envelope. Designed by Hilary in Vancouver, Canada. Shop at Etsy.


Best Sympathy Presents for Grieving Friends: A lovingly made grief care package to remind them about self-care.

Gifts for the Bereaved: Best Sympathy Presents for Grieving Friends

1. TheMarkedBox Grief Care Package

Some essential oils, some aromatherapy. Self-care need not be complicated, especially in times of grief. Give your friend one of the best gifts for the bereaved in the form of this Grief Care Package from TheMarkedBox, which features a personalized jar candle with 100% soy, vegan, non-GMO, and pet-friendly oils, one Me Time headache remedy stick, created with shea butter, vegan oils and soothing peppermint, one Me Time mini bath salts, created with Russian salt, bergamot, and tea, and a mini bag of matches. Each gift comes in a kraft take out box with a personalized label. You can also opt to include the handmade organic mini ball soaps made with Himalayan salts, lavender, tea, charcoal and turmeric. Shop at Etsy.

Gifts for the Bereaved: Best Sympathy Presents for Grieving Friends

2. LaurelBox Sympathy Gift Box for Bereaved Mothers – Journey of Grief Gift Box Set

The passing of a loved one is never easy. Oftentimes, when we think of death, it’s our old relatives, grandparents, or parents. But death can come to one’s life in the form of a miscarriage as well. The LaurelBox Sympathy Gift Box for Bereaved Mothers was “curated by a bereaved mother who lovingly chose these seven items from the laurelbox shop to nourish a mama’s heart as she walks through different cycles of grief.” Unlike other mass-produced condolence gifts out there, this grief gift box set features a special letter written from one grieving mother to another. This lovingly curated package includes the Shining Bright Birthday Candle, You are Adored Herbal Tea, Forget Me Not Mug, Deeply Loved Locket in Silver, Lip Whip, Collecting Your Tears Handkerchief, Words of Memory Vintage Spoon with the word “hope”. Shop this gift at Etsy.

Gifts for the Bereaved: Best Sympathy Presents for Grieving Friends

3. CherishBoxShop Sympathy Gift Box

Show your loved ones some love and support even while self-isolating by sending them a CherishBoxShop Sympathy Gift Box, which features some self-care essentials to help them through a grueling time. This sympathy gift box includes the Calm Essential Oil Blend, which works as an extremely calming, grounding restorative blend, Crunchy Magnesium Oil, which helps those who have trouble sleeping as magnesium regulates melatonin, the Detox Lavender Bath Soak made of dead sea salt, Himalayan and organic lavender, and Lifestyle Lab Co lavender and flax eye pillow that can be heated or frozen, and the Healing After Loss Meditation Book that features insightful affirmations, gentle guidance, and thoughtful prompts so they can write away their grief in this page-a-day journal. Shop at Etsy.

Gifts for the Bereaved: Best Sympathy Presents for Grieving Friends

4. HerbsAndTwine Thinking of You Gift Basket Sympathy Gift

This handmade sympathy gift will let your loved ones feel your love and support from miles away. It is a French lavender “thinking of you” spa gift set that will remind them about the importance of self-care during trying times. It includes an indulgent French Lavender Bath Salt enclosed in a rustic bottle with the words “Stay strong. Thinking of you.” on it, 3 3 Lavender Essential Oil Bath Bombs, Dreamer’s Soap made of moisturizing goat milk and natural essential oils, Organic Coconut Beeswax Lip Balm made of organic beeswax, coconut oil, avocado oil with Vitamin E and shea butter, and a Hand-poured Lavender Soy Candle topped with French lavender. You can even add on the Sweet Dreams Loose Leaf Tea. Shop this pick for gifts for the bereaved at Etsy.

Gifts for the Bereaved: Best Sympathy Presents for Grieving Friends

5. MyDailyMantra Sending You Love, Thinking Of You Gift

Send positive energy to those in need with the My Daily Mantra Gift Box and its good, bright energy. It features a delightful scented soy candle of your choice, designer matchbox, organic tantalizing Vanilla Mint lip Balm, a healing Pyramid or Chakra stone, Whipped Body Butter with a 20% shea butter formulation, signature handmade artisan soap, and homemade bath fizzy bath bomb handcrafted with florals. Shop at Etsy.


More Gifts for the Bereaved: Our Choices for the Best Sympathy Presents for Grieving Friends and Loved Ones

1. Genteele Micro Plush Throw Super Luxurious Feel in Navy

Envelop your loved ones in your warmest hug even when you’re far away with the Genteele Sherpa Throw Blanket, the softest blanket in the market today. Measuring 50 x 60 inches, this perfectly sized blanket is great for cuddling and relaxing when you need a little extra comfort. It offers an elegant, upscale look that will also level up any living space. It features fine double brushed sherpa wool that remains soft even after multiple washes. Features white elegant faux sheepskin wool and velvety cashmere micro mink. Customers loved this so much they rated it 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Promising review: “I gave this to my dad, who is bed-ridden, for Christmas. He was thrilled by how soft it was and how warm it kept him. He laid it on him for about an hour until I left. Just before I left for the night, he told me again how much he liked it. So far, this has been a great gift!” JCarp71

2. It’s OK That You’re Not OK: Meeting Grief and Loss in a Culture That Doesn’t Understand by Megan Devine

“Grief is simply love in its most wild and painful form,” author Megan Devine writes. “It is a natural and sane response to loss.” That’s exactly the lesson Devine wants us to learn in this moving book that offers a profound new look at how people today experience grief and how we should help others endure tragedy. This book offers insights on why well-meaning advice, therapy, and spiritual wisdom are at times not the best approaches to dealing with grief, why it’s important to challenge the myths of grief, practical tips on how to better manage stress, improve sleep, and decrease anxiety, and how to help the people closest to your heart. This handy book is rated 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Promising review: “I cannot speak highly enough of this book. Must-have for anyone going through grief, or anyone supporting a loved one going through grief, or anyone at all for future reference and better understanding of the human condition.” SarahKG

3. Willow Tree Angel of Hope, Sculpted Hand-Painted Figure

Offer love and hope from afar with the Willow Tree Angel of Hope, a sculpted, hand-painted figurine that serves as a gift to comfort and encourage hope and healing. It is crafted by artist Susan Lordi from her studio in Kansas City, Missouri. Each piece is cast from Susan’s original carving and painted by hand. Like her other figurines, this figure communicates through gesture, to represent an emotion or mark a memory. It also includes a sentiment, “Each day, hope anew” written on the enclosure card. Perfect for those who want to share love, closeness, healing, courage, and hope during a time of grief. Customers have rated this figure 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Promising review: “I purchased this sweet figurine to stand along side some figurines my father-in-law bought for us in remembrance of our children we lost to miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy…I thought this angel would be the perfect addition to remind us to NEVER GIVE UP HOPEthat God has a plan for our lives that may not look like what we dreamed of but they are more beautiful than we can imagine. This is a wonderful gift idea for someone who is hurting due to loss, grief, depression, etc and will be a great reminder to them to always have hope!” Casey Hubbard

4. Joseph Joseph 8-Pc. Nesting Glass Container Set

Offer convenience during a time when even the simplest chores can be difficult. This set of Joseph Joseph Nesting Glass Containers are great for storing, serving, and heating all in one versatile container. It comes in a variety of sizes ready to handle anything from leftovers to entrees. The best part is that the set nests for easy storage. This set features four containers with easy-pull lids: 4.3 oz., 18.6 oz, 44 oz, 84.5 oz. It has a compact space-saving design and is made of borosilicate glass and plastic that are dishwasher, freezer and microwave safe. The bowls are also oven safe. 100%of reviewers recommend this product, which is rated 4.9 out of 5 stars. Get 49% off with an extra 15% off when you use the code MEMDAY at Macy’s.

Promising review: “Just the perfect size. Used from the freezer to table. Very versatile containers. Being clear glass you can see what’s inside without having to take the lid off. Better than plastic containers as the glass won’t “fade” with age. Hopefully will have years of use.” Ann

5. Michael Aram Calla Lily Midnight 8×10″ Frame

Help remember loved one with the Calla Lily Midnight Frame from Michael Aram, which Calla Lily Midnight Collection is inspired by the beauty of the calla lily flower. In this collection, the flowers are deep purple and gold. Aram explains, “The dark, midnight color of the calla lily flower reminds me of how truly mysterious nature can be. It has a magical feeling that only darkness can create.” Shop at Macy’s.

This list of gifts for the bereaved are just one of the many gift guides you’ll find in The Teelie Blog. Whether it’s Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, or any holiday you’ll want to give a thoughtful gift for, we have every type of gift guide imaginable. For more great ideas on gifts, check out these insightful stories from our archive.

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