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How to Celebrate Cinco de Marcho in Preparation for St. Patrick’s Day

How to Celebrate Cinco de Marcho in Preparation for St. Patrick’s Day

With the coming of March marks the arrival of St. Patrick’s Day, a festive cultural and religious celebration held every March 17, the day Saint Patrick passed away. He is the patron saint of Ireland, which is why the holiday often celebrates the heritage and culture of the Irish aside from commemorating the day that Christianity arrived in the country. St. Patrick’s Day, which is often associated with drinking beer and celebrating, is in fact a public holiday in the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, and the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador, and Montserrat, a British Overseas Territory. During this time, Irish themes such as the shamrock are used as a motif during the celebration. The reason behind this, as per National Geographic, is because legend says St. Patrick used the shamrock’s three leaves to explain the Holy Trinity to the Irish pagans.

Ahead of St. Patrick’s Day however, is the celebration of Cinco de Marcho, an unofficial holiday celebrated annually on March 5. According to Time and Date, Cinco de Marcho marks the beginning of a 12-day period in which “people train their livers for drinking huge amounts of alcohol on St. Patrick’s Day.” Cinco de Marcho is a play on the words “Cinco de Mayo,” another celebratory holiday that involves drinking alcohol. For Cinco de Mayo, we’ve rounded up drinking games, holiday decor, and entertaining must haves that can help you prepare for an exciting and fun-filled St. Patrick’s Day celebration.

Fun Drinking Games for Cinco de Marcho and Beyond

1. You Laugh You Drink The Drinking Game for People Who Can’t Keep a Straight Face

Stuck at home for Cinco de Marcho? Worry not as you can have as much fun indoors as outdoors with the You Laugh You Drink game! It features 150 cards with hilarious prompts that will make you laugh and make you tipsy at the same time, which is perfect for how you want to spend Cinco de Marcho and St. Patrick’s Day. All you need to do is do what the card says as the rest of your playmates try their best to keep a straight face. Those who laugh at your antics will have to take a shot. This game is created by the makers of the best-selling party game Drunk Stoned or Stupid. Great for at least three players aged 21 and above. This game has an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Promising review: “A really funny game if you are playing with your good friends. Some of the actions are insanely hilarious, and others are simple and fun. It’s a great mix of everything and even more enjoyable when consuming alcohol. Responsibly of course.” Yojairo Torres

2. Buzzed The Hilarious Party Game That Will Get You & Your Friends Hydrated

Staying in has never been this fun. The Buzzed party game is a great game to keep hydrated just in time for St. Patrick’s Day. Whether for a small party or just staying in with friends, this 21 and over game lets players take turns drawing a card from the top of the deck, read the card out loud, and let you drink based on the prompt on the card. Confess to your friends, compete, vote, and do more fun activities as no two rounds are ever the same with this game. Buzzed has an overall rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Promising review: “This game is awesome! Granted there are a few cards that we threw out, but only four or five of a huge deck. My wife enjoyed it so much she bought the expansion pack. Be safe, be responsible, and have fun with this one!” FairSA

3. Do or Drink Party Card Game

An outrageous party game in a conveniently packed box, Do or Drink is perfect for any game night or small get together. This game does not have any “free skip” cards so you will have to perform all dares to take your party or gathering to the next level. With as much as 350 cards to keep you entertained for hours, this game is also easily expandable with 100 more insane cards to add to your collection. No boring dares here! This card game has an overall rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Promising review: “This game is not to be messed with, It is absolutely ruthless. We made the decision to play virtually with friends and it works just as well. This game is the best. It doesn’t get repetitive either which is great. I may even get the expansion packs!” Dexter Wright

4. These Cards Will Get You Drunk

A fun and hilarious drinking game that’s great for friends, the These Cards Will Get You Drunk collection features easy rules and quick gameplay. All you need to do is draw a card, follow the rules, and drink! It’s perfect for two to eight players aged 21 and above as it lets you compete, vote, and battle your friends with over 100 dynamic cards, each with unique instructions. This game has an overall rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Promising review: “This game was a lot of fun. I survived all of about 15 of these cards and was toast. Fun little challenges and rapid fire questions that are impossible to answer after a couple or more drinks. Fun times with friends will be had. Just make sure there are enough couches, blankets, Ubers or designated drivers to get the losers home.” Tutuanna

5. Sotally Tober Drinking Games for Adults

Spending St. Patrick’s Day at home under quarantine with your quarantine buddies? Worry not as this entertaining game will help you make great memories, uncover new talents, and embarrass yourself and your friends! Sotally Tober is an outrageously fun game with endless replayability so you’ll keep entertained for longer. All you need to do is compete with friends and family by drawing a card. Each card falls under one of five categories: Activity (orange) cards indicate actions you must perform, Skill (green) cards gives you special abilities, Curse (blue) cards make you suffer, Secret (yellow) cards are hidden tricks you can perform, while Decree (red) cards place effects on everyone. Contains up to 125 cards with endless replays. This game has an overall rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Promising review: “Just casually bought this and brought it to play with some friends one night. Needless to say, we were like crying from laughter and it is now everyone’s favorite game to play. There are some funny cards in this deck that we did not expect.” JRCarb

Cinco de Marcho Celebration Must-haves

1. Blue Panda Party Shot Glasses Cinco de Mayo Tequila Fiesta Set of 5

Cinco de Marcho is a glorious fusion of Irish and Mexican cultures, with one thing in common: alcohol! To add a latin flair to your celebration, whip out these fun party shot glasses. This set of 5 shot glasses feature different succulent plant prints that are cute and whimsical! Made of high quality glassware that’s thick and has a sturdy base, these glasses are great for using year in and year out. It’s even great as a gift for Cinco De Mayo lovers out there. This set has an overall customer rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Promising review: “These are my first shot glasses for my adulthood. I am going for a desert cactus theme for my front room, and these are just great! 2oz is more than I need, and I like the smaller mouth on these as I am no longer spilling stinky booze on my clumsy self.” Steve

2. Crazy Dog T-Shirts Peace Love Tacos Funny Cinco De Mayo Graphic Novelty Kitchen Apron and Oven Mitt

Get into the spirit of Cinco de Marcho and Cinco de Mayo with this funny graphic novelty kitchen apron and oven mitt from Crazy Dog T-shirts. Designed in the U.S., this apron and oven mitt set features high quality, professional print that won’t rub off or fade with time. It’s a hilarious piece to wear during cookouts and backyard celebrations. Customers gave this an overall rating of 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Promising review: “I love the design and it kept my hand safe when pulling things out of the oven.” Tammy Catelli

3. JOYIN 36-Inch Inflatable Cactus Cooler and Pool Party Decoration with Sombrero Hat

Level up your pool party festivities with this fun inflatable cactus cooler featuring a funky cactus wearing shades and a sombrero. Made of high quality, thicker PVC material, this inflatable cooler and pool party decoration is great for chilling your beverages. All you need to do is add air, ice, and drinks and you’re all set for a fun backyard party. Get this Cinco de Marcho must-have on Amazon.

4. Prepworks by Progressive Salsa Bowl with Spoon

Can’t wait for summer? Turn up the heat with this salsa bowl and spoon pairing from Prepworks by Progressive. Made with ceramic and hand-painted an energizing shade of red, this salsa bowl will surely stand out in your next family gathering. It’s shaped like a red chili pepper and will definitely start conversations among friends and family. This set includes a dip bowl, lid, and spoon. This highly giftable item has an overall rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Promising review: “So awesome! My mom makes homemade salsa, sometimes multiple times a week. I ordered this as a gift for her, and she absolutely loved it.” Andora Stanley

5. Vallenwood Mexican Sombrero, Dip & Chip Bowl For Nachos and Guacamole

Great alcohol goes best with great finger food, which should be served in style. This Mexican sombrero dip and chip bowl set is great for family gatherings and other occasions when you need to impress. This sombrero even features a hat top that is removable and quickly turns into another bowl. This high grade porcelain server is dishwasher and microwave safe. It’s also super giftable! Get this on Amazon.

St. Patrick’s Day Home Decor

1. St. Patrick’s Day 20-Inch Large Artificial Wreath

Add the warmth of a March holiday to your front door with this St. Patrick’s Day artificial wreath that is made up of faux boxwood leaves that feature vibrant color and vivid natural form. It’s perfect for adding to doors, walls, or for a buffet table set up. Get this quality wreath on Amazon.

2. St. Patrick’s Day, Shamrock Hanging Sign

A whimsical addition to your home decor this Cinco de Marcho throughout St. Patrick’s Day, this shamrock hanging sign hopes to bring the luck of the Irish into your home this season. It features 13 x 14 inches, large enough to be seen from afar. This sign is made of sturdy fiberboard and features diagonal stripes in dark green light green and a natural wood tone. Customer gave this decor a 5 out of 5 star rating, writing, “Nice thickness without being too heavy or light, hangs very nicely and evenly on my front door. Vibrant colors, solid wood. Highly recommend.” Get this on Amazon.

3. Shamrocks Leprechaun Hat Lights

Imagine the little leprechauns dancing all over your house on St. Patrick’s Day with these whimsical leprechaun hat lights! It has a 10-foot long length with up to 40 LED lights that are about 1 x 1 inch small. These battery operated lights feature three light modes, flash, steady, and on and off. It’s made from silver-plated copper wire that is highly flexible and can be bent so you can wrap it around your other decor or hang it up on walls, windows, doors, trees, gardens, and more. Light up your St. Patrick’s Day with these super cute lights! Get this on Amazon.

4. St. Patrick’s Day Decorations Hanging Plush Gnome Elf Ornaments

This pack of four green gnome plush doll ornaments are sure to start conversations in your home. Say hello to a pair of Mr. and Mrs. Gnomes, who are dressed in green and have orange braids or beards. They’re all dressed to the nines and ready to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with their smart-looking hats that are designed with shamrocks, green plaid, and a leprechaun’s belt. It will surely bring you good luck, warmth, and happiness when you display them in your home this season. Each cute gnome measures 5.9 X 2 inches, with a lanyard of 3 inches long so you can easily hang it over the fireplace or use it as a table or bookshelf accent. Customer Lisa Reely gave these little gnomes a 5-star review, writing, “Slightly smaller than I expected, but super cute. Great addition to our St. Patrick’s day collection. Also on our anniversary we love to collect little reminders that can show up whenever. Good quality product, well worth the cost.” Get this on Amazon.

5. Onesing St. Patrick’s Day Clover Banners and Paper Honeycomb Balls

Paint the town, or in this case your home, green this season as you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in style. These St. Paddy’s Day decorations are sure to uplift everyone’s spirits with their bright colors. It comes with six tissue paper honeycomb balls, 20 pieces of felt clover banners that are made of reusable and environmentally-friendly materials. Bring good luck into your home with these decor that will brighten up any living space this St. Paddy’s Day. Get this on Amazon.

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