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How to Create a Pirate-inspired Fall Party

How to Create a Pirate-inspired Fall Party

With Halloween just six weeks away, it’s never too early to think about creative ways to celebrate the season. Fall is a great time to gather with loved ones especially around the Thanksgiving season. Whether you want a simple get together or a themed party, we editors at the Teelie Blog have something special in store for you. One of the most fun themes to have for a Fall party is a pirate-themed one. A pirate-inspired Fall party can be thrown in time for Halloween or Thanksgiving. You can even save your decor for upcoming birthday parties and other get-togethers. Here are some great tips on how to throw a pirate-inspired Fall party.

  • Create a fun little game for little kids by setting a plank of wood at the entrance to the party using wood on bricks (just make sure it’s safe for the little ones!), an idea courtesy of The Spruce.
  • Who said Easter egg hunts are only for Easter? This Fall season, let the kids go search for treasures around the garden or the house. The one with the most treasures found will be a renowned little pirate! Award his efforts with some candy and other treats.
  • Have your guests get into the swashbuckling ambience by dressing up in their own pirate costumes. You can also opt to offer props for photo booths to make for memorable OOTD’s.
  • Check out crafty ideas for pirate-themed party invitations and creative ways to bundle up party favors for your guests to take home after the gathering.
  • Ask your guests to come up with their own pirate names and wear name tags and address each other using such names throughout the party.

For more great ideas on throwing a memorable pirate-inspire Fall party, check out these essentials.

Create a Magical Ambience with Pirate Themed Decor and Party Essentials

1. QCWN Pirate Map Tapestry

Set the scene of the party by transforming the walls of your home. The QCWN Pirate Map Tapestry is a multipurpose room decor, made from thick polyester with a rugged, antique pirate treasure map design. The product is available in two sizes, 59 x 51 and 78 x 59 inches. It is stylish, highly durable and smooth to the touch with its soft, rich, velvety texture. Easy to wash, store and reuse for other events such as birthdays and halloween parties. This party essential has an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Promising review: “It’s a great photography backdrop for a pirate party! It’s a lightweight fabric (not plastic or vinyl) so it is durable and washable. The picture is clear, not pixelated, not shiny so it’s not going to be glaring in photos.” Helen

2. LANGXUN Large Size Retro and Weathered Linen Pirate Flag 

Every pirate themed party needs a pirate flag and nothing beats going retro! Check out this Retro Weathered Linen Pirate Flag from Langxun. Aside from being  made from black linen cloth and fade resistant dye, with torn and trimmed edges  for a rough, jagged and mysterious effect, it also sports a graphic skull wearing  a red bandana in the middle. This novelty flag is sure to complete the look of your party. This party essential has an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Promising review: “We used this as part of a decoration for a pirate themed trick or treat. It had a good weight and caught the wind well without waving around too much. I was very pleased with the results. Arrived quickly and looked great.” Hondatech739

3. Tatuo Pirate Banner Pennant Pirate Theme Party Triangle Flags

For additional indoor and outdoor decorations, it is time to hang up some pirate themed banners. Check out these Triangle Halloween Skull Banner Flags from Tatuo. Made from plastic and strung together with weather resistant material, each flag measures around 16.5x25cm. Flags come with a black background and a white skull, creating contrast and accentuating both the theme and the atmosphere of the party. Banners come in strings of four, each string containing 15 flags, 60 in total. This pirate party essential has an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

4. Beistle Inflatable Pirate Ship Cooler

The ship sails and refreshments come forth! Let your guests grab a drink from this eye-catching inflatable pirate ship cooler from Beistle. The product is 39 inches wide and 33 inches tall and  can carry approximately 72 12-oz.cans. Made from plastic and high quality prints, this accessory  could be the star of the party! It would most definitely be a fun way to make the drinks go round. 

Reusable for other occasions and different theme parties. Get it now on Amazon.

5. Adorox 12 Pack Pirate Treasure Chest Party Favor Goodie Box 

-More hidden treasures await! Bring in the goodies with the Adorox 12 Pack Pirate Treasure Chest Goodie Candy Box. Made from high quality cardboard, with a wooden  treasure chest design, it is easy to assemble, and measures 5.5 x 3.5 x 6 inches. The box is big, trendy, and sturdy enough to fit toys and other treats such as  pirate themed stickers, tags, chocolates, candy bars and snack packets, making it  the perfect giveaway package for hungry pirates. This pirate party essential has an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Promising review: “These were so easy to assemble, I was shocked. Super cute, and perfect size. So glad I bought them!” Amazon Customer

More Pirate-themed Party Essentials

  1. TCS Party Bundles 40-Inch Pirate Ship Foil Mylar Balloon and 11-Inch Pirate Treasure Map Latex Balloon Bundle, featuring a detailed rustic-looking pirate ship foil balloon and menacing pirate map balloons, as well as coordinating black curling ribbon. Get this on Amazon.
  2. JHkim Pirate Party Decorations Pirate Themed Hanging Swirls Decor, made of safe and reliable quality-thick paper cardstock and featuring cutouts and 16 foil swirls, with rudder, treasure map, drifting bottle, treasure, ship, hook, captain, anchor for any pirate-themed party. Get this on Amazon.
  3. Gift Boutique Pirate Treasure Map Party Supplies Tableware Set, with 24 9-inch dinner plates with a treasure map and pirate ships, crossbones, key, treasure box, fire, tent, and printed words, 50 coordinating napkins, 24 7-inch dessert plates featuring navigation icon, and 24 9-inch cups. Get this on Amazon.
  4. Kristin Paradise  Pirate Photo Booth Props with Stick, a set of fun photo booth props featuring pirate masks, pirate ship icons, and more. Includes 25 pieces print cards, 25 pieces bamboo sticks, and 25 pieces glue dots. Get this on Amazon.
  5. Ppxmeeudc Pirate Party Sets, with 24 pieces of pirate hats, eye patches, earrings, pirate tags, telescopes and compasses, made of reusable high quality plastic. Get this on Amazon.

Create a Children’s Nook to Keep Kids Busy and Entertained During Your Pirate-inspired Fall Party

1. Amscan Toddler Boys Rascal Pirate Costume

Keep kids entertained during your pirate-themed Fall party with this fun pirate costume, an imaginative ensemble that will let them sail the seven seas. This Rascal Pirate Costume is a tough looking ensemble that features a black and white striped shirt, skull and crossbones vest, and red sash all combined into one jumpsuit. It features a stay-put closure that will make sure it stays on no matter what adventure brings. Shop at Macy’s.

2. Melissa and Doug Kids Toy Pirate Chest

Let your kids store their treasures in this wooden pirate chest from Melissa and Doug, a hand-stained piece that features ornate brass handles and a be-jeweled skull lock. Also in this fun make-believe set is a pirate bandana, an eye patch, a loot bag, golden doubloon coins and a secret compartment to stash away your child’s most valuable loot! Let their imagination roam free in the wide open seas with this set that’s great for kids aged 6 and up. Customer Sally gave it a 5-star rating, writing, “This is satisfyingly sturdy, able to withstand a five year old standing on top of it! And the false bottom compartment is a winner, too. Just the right amount of cool loot included, so a child can add to their collection. While it’s square, the bandanna also does triple duty as a cape or flag.” Shop at Macy’s.

3. Redbox Banzai Pirate Sparkle Play Center Inflatable Ball Pit with 20 Balls

If your kids love pirates, they’ll surely enjoy this flitter-filled, pirate-themed play center, which sparks their imagination with its pirate graphics and fun swords. This play center includes 20 soft touch balls, and a captain’s wheel to help develop hand-eye coordination and glitter filled swords. Great for setting up in a kids’ playroom or a children’s nook at a party. Shop at Macy’s.

4. Fundamental Toys Molto Pirate Ship Blocks, 30 Pieces

Let your kids turn the wheel and set sail into adventure with these building blocks that form a magical pirate ship. Have your little pirate climb the mast to look out for enemies or sail the harsh seas in search of adventure and treasure. It features a moving cannon, a cargo hatch to stow the blocks and all your kids’ treasures, and a rotating platform. Fascinate your child’s mind with this imaginative collection of pirate ship blocks. Shop at Macy’s.

5. Sport Squad Pirate Hook Ring Toss

Keep kids busy with this fun Sport Squad pirate hook ring toss, a classic ring toss with a hornswagglin vertical twist. Find out who will be the richest pirate of them all by hooking the ring and collecting the doubloons. Transform into a buccaneer with this full color pirate themed carnival ring toss , which includes five strategically placed pirates hooks. It’s a fun way to keep the youngsters occupied as it can be played on the ground or placed on a table for added height and more challenge. Each hook on the pirate hook ring toss game has unique gold doubloons with incremental values so you can advance to become the richest of them all. Shop at Macy’s.

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