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Our Favorite Jewelry for Valentine’s Day

Our Favorite Jewelry for Valentine’s Day

It’s not uncommon to give jewelry on Valentine’s Day, especially if you’re a couple who have been together for quite some time now. Jewelry often symbolizes a bond between two people, as well as an accessory that shows off that bond. An engagement or wedding ring isn’t just a symbol of one’s status, but also that person’s bond to his or her betrothed. This season of hearts, we’ve curated some special gifts in the form our of our favorite jewelry for Valentine’s Day. Whether you are looking to give someone a nice gift to show how much you care, or are looking to make a big change and propose, here are some unique, lovingly crafted pieces that’s perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Our Favorite Jewelry for Valentine's Day

1. Rough Pink Morganite Ring

Call to mind the deep woodlands where fairies and otherworldly creatures roam with this gorgeous morganite ring. This statement ring has a nature-inspired setting that features a pink morganite stone with fiery red garnets adorning it. Its main metal is made of 925 sterling silver, while the authentic stones originate from Africa. It also features a black rhodium and yellow gold plating that is truly one of a kind. Shop at Etsy.

Our Favorite Jewelry for Valentine's Day

2. Raw Quartz Stone Druzy Crystal Geode Bracelet

If you’re a fan of NBC’s hit drama series “This is Us,” you may have recently seen something like this on actress Eris Baker. These sparkling raw druzy bracelets feature a heart and initial charms that are whimsical and charming. It features a high quality quartz crystal geode with an iridescent champagne finish. It is carefully set in an elongated hexagon shape and coated in gold electroplating. These bracelets are very fashion forward and unique, as each stone is never quite the same as the next. Shop at Etsy.

Our Favorite Jewelry for Valentine's Day

3. Raw Aquamarine Ring in Rose Gold Twig

If you’re looking to propose to your significant other on Valentine’s Day, consider this unique, hand-sculpted uncut raw aquamarine ring that features a twig-inspired band. It features a premium rough 2.75 ct uncut raw aquamarine stone set in a twig texture and polished band that comes in a gorgeous rose gold tone. Shop at Etsy.

Our Favorite Jewelry for Valentine's Day

4. Wood and Resin Ring

They say the value of the ring doesn’t determine how much you love a person. That’s why other people opt for more affordable yet exquisitely crafted jewelry, just like this piece that is made of resin and wood. It’s just like having the entire universe around your finger. This ring is beautifully handmade from exotic wood and transitions into a resin top that features gorgeous colors that create the illusion of a mystical forest or the deep corners of the galaxy. The wooden part of the ring is finished with natural and eco-friendly carnauba wax and flaxseed oil to give a lovely matte lustre and to keep it weatherproof. Shop at Etsy.

Our Favorite Jewelry for Valentine's Day

5. Celestial Jewelry Gold Crescent Moon Necklace

This heavenly piece is perfect for women who love looking up at the skies and gazing into the wide universe. It’s a thoughtfully designed piece that’s handmade with love and made to last. Perfect for modern witches and sorcerers, this piece is definitely a conversation starter among friends. Shop at Etsy.

Our Favorite Jewelry for Valentine's Day

6. Marquise and Triangle Silver Zirconia Ring

Those who aim for elegance and simplicity will find it in this 925 Sterling silver ring with 14k solid gold and a 10mm Marquise cut Zirconia and a 5mm triangle cut zirconia. It’s a gorgeous, delicate ring that can be worn with any outfit from day to night, every day. Shop at Etsy.

Our Favorite Jewelry for Valentine's Day

7. Raw Crystal Fluorite Necklace

Those who are into crystal healing will appreciate receiving this delicate necklace that features raw fluorite. The stone is highly protective and stabilizing so you can harmonize your spiritual energy. It also helps in providing mental clarity and stability. Wear this piece every day for protection from negative energies. Shop at Etsy.

Our Favorite Jewelry for Valentine's Day

8. Raw Rose Quartz Ring

This is one Valentine’s Day staple that you must not skip. This blushing rose quartz, the crystal for love, is set in an electroformed organic setting. It’s delicately handcrafted with either copper, rhodium, or 24k gold. Amplify all kinds of love this Valentine’s Day with this rose quartz ring that’s carefully crafted to feature a feminine, delicate design. Shop at Etsy.

Our Favorite Jewelry for Valentine's Day

9. Raw Sapphire and Gold Stacking Ring

This ring is perfect for stacking with other crystal rings. This handcrafted raw stone ring features a dark blue Sapphire set in a 24k Gold heavy plated organic setting. It is crafted through the process of electroforming, which uses electricity to generate gorgeous metal molecules that are shaped into jewelry. Shop at Etsy.

Our Favorite Jewelry for Valentine's Day

10. Raw Tibetan Quartz with Black Graphite Ring

This sleek ring is the perfect addition to a little black dress this Valentine’s Day. It features a double terminated raw quartz with black graphite set in thick copper and given a vintage patina. Each stone in this collection is truly one of a kind, while the ring is hand crafted. Shop at Etsy.

This season of hearts, give the gift of crystal healing with some of our favorite jewelry for Valentine’s Day. If you’d like to give other gifts, however, make sure you check out our Valentine’s Day Gift Guides in the links below. All week long, we’ve curated the highly recommended items that will inspire and make living life so much easier and so much more stylish! Don’t forget to bookmark The Teelie Blog for your daily dose of inspiration.

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