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What She Wants: Valentine’s Day Gifts for Wives

What She Wants: Valentine’s Day Gifts for Wives

There are at least five recognized love languages that enable humans to effectively show each other how much they care about each other. A quick Google search will show that there are quizzes to determine what your love language is. The five love languages are words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time, and physical touch. We all express and receive love in any of these five ways. This Valentine’s Day, a lot of people are going to show love by giving gifts or doing acts of service for the people they care about. Because of this, we’ve curated some special Valentine’s Day gifts for wives and spouses who have dedicated their lives in service of their families. Here are some of the unique presents you can give your wife this Valentine’s Day.

What She Wants: Valentine's Day Gifts for Wives

1. Anthropologie Agate Cheese Board

Think of a romantic evening indoors with your wife and a little date night away from the crowds on the streets and in the malls. Cook up a simple dinner that she would appreciate, put on some good music and pop open a bottle of wine, but not before serving up some exquisite cheese on this agate cheese board that looks so mesmerizing! This cheese board is made of smooth agate and features a gleaming brass border that’s truly elegant. It’s a nice accent piece for any kitchen or living room. It’s a gorgeous conversation starter for any at-home party as well. Shop at Nordstrom.

2. Slant Collections Hey Pretty Lady Stemless Wine Glass

Fuel your wife’s obsession with wine and take it back to the good old days with this stemless wine glass. This super cute and cheeky wine glass features a quote that says “Hey Pretty Lady,” which calls to mind the days of young love! This glass features a gorgeous pink ombre effect with gold lettering on one side. It’s very chic and youthful and is great for entertaining or just spending time over an amazing bottle of wine at home. Also perfect for bonding over your favorite Netflix shows! Shop at Nordstrom Rack.

3. Yuzu Soap Bath Bomb Cubes

Pamper your wife with some me time with these one of a kind bath bomb cubes. Circular bath bombs are so last year! These cubes are handcrafted in small batches using all-natural ingredients, so you’re sure to be getting only the highest quality. It is infused with moisturizing coconut oil, aromatic essential oils, and natural clay. It comes in several variants, including invigorating eucalyptus mint, soothing lavender sage, crisp lemon and tea tree, and refreshing orange and mint. Shop at Anthropologie.

4. Voluspa Rose Otto Embossed Large Tin Candle

Forget roses that wilt and dry, your wife will love this Voluspa candle instead! The Rose Otto collection includes this large tin candle, which features steamed distilled rosa damascena flower tops and Bulgarian rose essential oil,. This oversized metal cone shaped design of the brand’s Ice Cream Cone Table Candle is gorgeous as home decor and is perfect for any bedroom or living room. Let your wife indulge in the luxurious scents of imported roses in this scented, hand-poured candle that is made of proprietary coconut wax and is free of phthalates, parabens, and sulfates. Shop at Bloomingdale’s.

5. La Mer The Brilliance Brightening Facial Kit

Your wife will totally love this brightening facial kit that she can add to her beauty routine. Encourage her to take some time off to relax and pamper herself with this exquisite two-step cotton mask from La Mer. It features the Infusion Primer, which prepares the skin for the brightening process. It also includes the Brilliance Brightening Facial Mask that helps diminish dark spots and makes skin look more luminous, bright, and refreshed in just 8 minutes. She’ll love using this right before stepping out for date night or while rejuvenating on weekends. Shop at Nordstrom.

What She Wants: Valentine's Day Gifts for Wives

6. Smoko Inc Feline Rather Toasty Cat Foot Warmer

This winter season, keep her feet warm with this ultra cute pair of cat foot warmers! Your cat-loving wife will adore this pair of foot warmers that feature a grimacing, grey cat face with impenetrable stare! It will be a cute but funny gift for cat-loving couples who already own a cat. All you need to do is plug it into an electronic device with its USB cable to warm it up. She’ll stay comfortable throughout all that Netflix binging you’ll do over Valentine’s Day, so you won’t have to argue over who gets more of the blankets! Shop at Modcloth.

7. Kitchen Essentials Herb Planter

Women who love to cook in the kitchen and grow their own herbs will absolutely love this Valentine’s Day present. This herb planter is powered by passive hydroponics that make it easier to grow herbs indoors. These glass planters are designed by Sarah Burrows and Nick Behr in Illinois and features a frosted bottom half that helps minimize sunlight on the roots. It is best placed on a sunny window or under a grow light. Your wife will love growing cilantro, basil, or parsley in these charming, whimsical little jars. Shop at Uncommon Goods.

8. Heart-Shaped Garden Trowel

Speaking of growing plants, we have this super cute heart-shaped garden trowel for wives who love to spend time in the garden. This truly one of a kind trowel is hand-forged by a century-old Dutch family business in the Netherlands called Jaap Sneeboer and Family. The trowel features a sturdy, stainless steel blade and an FSC-certified ash wood handle. Each piece is one of a kind and made with love that you can pass on to your garden. We can’t think of a better Valentine’s Day for your wife and her green thumb. Shop at Uncommon Goods.

9. Wine Soaps, Set of 4

Make bath time more interesting with these wine-inspired soaps from Heather Swanepoel in Monroe, Georgia. Each is handmade using distinct scents and ingredients. This set of four features blended notes from popular red and white wine varieties with complementary scents and oils. It features a citrus chardonnay and a fruity pinot noir. Using these soaps during bathtime is just like opening a full bodied bottle of wine: each has a distinct scent and experience that will make bathtime a little more indulgent and quite frankly, sinful. Shop at Uncommon Goods.

10. Tea from Around the World Set

Jet-setting tea connoisseurs will enjoy this set of 10 single-estate teas that lets you sample exotic varieties from all over the world. These loose leaf teas feature an assortment of flavors from different regions, letting your wife explore a world of flavor right at the comforts of your living room. Discover the chestnut aroma of Long Jing green tea and the mix of bancha tea and roasted rice found in Genmaicha in this collection. It includes 10 tubes of tea, each with enough leaves to brew a 6-8 cup pot. The collection also comes with an informative book with loads of information about each tea and even some brewing tips! Shop at Uncommon Goods.

This season of hearts, treat your significant other to what she wants! Grab inspiration from this curated list of Valentine’s Gifts for wives and watch out for more amazing deals in our blog. For more of our specials on Valentine’s Day Gift Guides, visit the links below.

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