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Photowall Custom Made Wallpapers are Here to Add Life to Every Room in Your Home

Photowall Custom Made Wallpapers are Here to Add Life to Every Room in Your Home

Are you tired of your plain and dull walls? It’s time to give your home a makeover. You don’t have to change everything in your house. All you need is a well-designed wallpaper to give each room an easy overhaul. Photowall custom made wallpapers are here to offer a wide selection of beautiful wallpapers for your living room, kitchen, bedroom, and other parts of your home.

Photowall Custom Made Wallpapers

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What makes Photowall different from other wallpaper manufacturers and providers? The answer is passion. Each designer is passionate about giving their consumers a variety of options when it comes to wallpapers. With the lack of quality wallpaper choices available in today’s market, Photowall fill in that void. The company’s belief that a room’s wall affects how we feel is the reason why each Photowall wallpaper has personality, artistry, and vibrancy.

Our Photowall Custom Wallpaper Picks

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As we browse through Photowall’s vast collection of wallpapers, we had a hard time picking our top 5 designs. Luckily, we’ve managed to choose these designs that we love.

1. Botany Monstera

This beautiful wallpaper is perfect for your living room or even the bedroom. It gives any room an instant pop of life because of its vibrant palm leaves print. You can order this from Photowall.

2. Rainbow

This cute wallpaper will look great in the kids’ playroom or their bedrooms. It has a whimsical design that adds a fairy tale-like ambiance to the room. This is available on Photowall.

3. Toned White Brick Wall

If you want your walls to have personality but you prefer sticking to neutral or toned down shades, this wallpaper is for you. You can use this in the living room, kitchen, or your bedroom. You can purchase this from Photowall.

4. Woods Multi

This is another cute and whimsical design that’s perfect for the children’s bedroom or playroom. The adorable design in pastel and muted colors are simply delightful on the walls of your child’s room. You can get this from Photowall.

5. Colli – Light

This wallpaper is simple yet would add more flair to any room. You can use this for your home office, bedroom, or living room. The subtle shades still add pops of color to the room effortlessly. You can purchase this from Photowall.

You can check out more wallpaper designs here:

Image: Honeycomb Blue

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If you’re planning on a wallpaper installation DIY, you can watch this video tutorial on how to properly install your wallpaper :

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Our Favorite Photowall Wall Murals

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Photowall isn’t just about wallpapers. They also offer a wide range of wall murals that cater to different tastes. We’ve viewed their plethora of wall murals and here are our recommendations:

1. World Traveler

This fun and quirky wall mural can also be an informative one. Place this on the walls of your child’s playroom or bedroom and he or she can dream about different places to travel. You can purchase this from Photowall.

2. Great Wave, Katsushika Hokusai

This classic Japanese artwork is also a great addition to your home décor. This wall mural would look great in the living room or your home office, if you have any. It gives an oriental and relaxed ambiance to your home. You can order this from Photowall.

3. Surfing

If you are into surfing, this wall mural is perfect for you. Place this the wall of your bedroom and you’ll feel the vibes of the ocean and waves as you rest or sleep in your room. This is available on Photowall.

4. Woodlands

Here’s another beautifully designed wall mural. This will look great on your bedroom, living room, or dining room area. The relaxing effects of the designs’ elements and colors are sure to spread out throughout the entire room. You can get this from Photowall.

5. Land of Coco

Finally, our last pick is this colorful wall mural. Mixes of green, coral, and lavender shades create a relaxing and imaginative design. This mural will look great in the bedroom, dining area, and living room. Buy yours now from Photowall.

Find more wall mural design inspirations here:

Image: Blooming Delight II

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For a demonstration on how to install your wall mural, watch this video:

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Photowall is your go to site when you want to revamp your home. They have a variety of wallpapers, as well as other wall decors, that you can use to spruce up the rooms in your house. You can never go wrong with these Photowall custom made wallpapers. They are sure to add color and personality to your homes.

View different wall art collections on Photowall by clicking the following links here:

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