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Spill the Tea! 10 Teas You Need to Try for a More Balanced Life

Spill the Tea! 10 Teas You Need to Try for a More Balanced Life

Did you know that tea is the most consumed beverage worldwide next to water? That’s according to Harvard School of Public Health, which also reported that the practice of making and drinking tea dates back to China in the 3rd century AD. Global trade sparked its popularity since then and in the early 19th century, afternoon tea drinking became popular in Great Britain. To this day, many enjoy a warm cup of tea and its health benefits. According to Penn Medicine, there are a lot of health benefits to regularly drinking tea. It’s been known to fight inflammation and even can keep cancer and heart disease away. Others simply drink tea to bring back some quiet balance to their lives. In today’s list of curations, we’ve rounded up 10 teas you need to try for a more balanced life.

1. Midnight Rose Tea – Black Tea – High Caffeine – Flower Blend

Those who enjoy having a floral touch to their tea will enjoy the Simple Loose Leaf Midnight Rose Tea, a black tea that features a flower blend and high caffeine to energize your Spring/Summer days. This unique tea uses a sencha green tea base and combines the rich dark notes of black tea, vanilla, rose petals, and rose hips into a tea that calls to mind a dew-soaked morning in a rose garden. This tea is perfect for serving on its own or with a splash of milk to dampen the notes of rose. It can also be mixed into your regular tea to add a beautiful flavor. This tea contains sencha, black tea, vanilla bits, rose petals, rose hips, safflowers, and vanilla and rose flavorings. Shop at Simple Loose Leaf.

Promising review: “This tea is just lovely. The vanilla notes are subtle, but definitely there, and the rose just adds a nice floral richness.” Ivy

2. Moroccan Mint Tea – Green Tea – Medium Caffeine – Chinese Gunpowder Tea

Those who love the cooling and calming effects of mint will enjoy this Moroccan Mint Tea from Simple Loose Leaf, which is also known as Maghrebi mint tea,  a green tea and chopped mint leaf tea from the northern regions of Africa. This is served in a classic way with a large dose of sugar. It is easy to brew hot and hard to create a very bold and bitter tea for a traditional Maghreb experience. However, it can also be brewed in a more Arabic fashion using lower temperature just like other teas. Shop at Simple Loose Leaf.

Promising review: “I love this mint tea. I drink it hot with a bit of honey and it’s a perfect start to the day. You can really taste the mint.” Jennifer T.

3. Raspberry Vanilla Mint Green – Green Tea – Medium Caffeine – Sweet & Light

Here’s something you can enjoy with your girlfriends over brunch: the Raspberry Vanilla Mint Green Tea, which provides medium caffeine for just the right amount of kick. Upon drinking this tea, you’ll notice the raspberry flavor, followed by a hint of peppermint. When brewing this tea, you’ll see a lightly colored young hyson green tea that provides a subtle green flavor, while the raspberry stays on the nose when sipping. The flavor concludes with peppermint with a cooling sensation at the back of your throat. Shop at Simple Loose Leaf.

Promising review: “The flavor is light and fruity with a gentle vanilla note while lacking the overly herbacious flavor of plain green tea. It’s a very pleasant and enjoyable cup that is winning me over to healthy green tea after all!” Karen K.

4. Tropical Green Tea – Green Tea – Medium Caffeine – Hint of Mango

If you’re missing the feeling of summer travels in sunny destinations, then the Tropical Green Tea is for you. It features a lovely and delicate scent that features notes of freshly opened mangos and a gentle Spring breeze. This tea feels like a dewy spring when everything feels clean and fresh and the sun is just rising on the horizon. This tea is easy to prepare, just serve it hot without overbrewing it. It can also be served via a cold-brewed method for warmer days. This tea is made up of Young Hyson Green Tea, All Natural Flavors, Sunflower Petals, Safflower Petals. Shop at Simple Loose Leaf.

Promising review: “I brewed this one hot but with it’s light flavor I will definitely be trying a cold brew next. If you like very light green teas with hints of mango this is the tea for you!” Morgan

5. Ginger Orange Peach Green Tea – Green Tea – Medium Caffeine – Fruit Flavor Blend

Imagine Mardi Gras in a hot cup! This Ginger Orange Peach tea is truly a party that you can share with loved ones. It’s easy to brew and can be enjoyed as you sit by the beach. It’s fun tropical blend offers medium caffeine, which is just the right amount to get you energized for get togethers or adventures. This blend contains Green tea, Ginger roots, Orange peel, Peach pieces, with ginger, orange, and peach flavor. Shop at Simple Loose Leaf.

Promising review: “Loved it! Very nice flavored green tea. Great balance of fruity flavors.” Lydia

5 More Amazingly Flavored Teas for Entertaining Guests This Summer

1. Empress Rajini Tea – Black Tea – High Caffeine – Smooth & Bold

Perfect for starting your workday mornings, the Empress Rajini is a smooth and bold Indian black tea that is both beautiful and energetic. It features lavender and rose petals and is infused with mango and peach flavor amidst its black tea base. It is a well-balanced, sophisticated and strong black tea with a sweet tropical fruit background with a touch of florals. It’s perfect on its own or can be served with a splash of milk. Also great as an iced tea refreshment for your summer gatherings. Shop at Simple Loose Leaf.

Promising review: “This tea reminds me of a discontinued blend from long ago. This is a wonderful tea, not harsh very smooth with a great aroma and flavor profile.” DHC

2. Prickly Pear Green Tea – Green Tea – Medium Caffeine – Clean & Sweet

Perfect for the Spring/Summer season, this tea features a Prickly Pear flavor upfront and a secondary flavor of sweet notes of a blooming desert. It also features a slightly sweet and dry herb smell that calls to mind the desert after a spring rain. It’s best served neat so that you can experience its full range of flavors. Best brewed at 180°F using 2-3 grams per cup for 2-3 minutes. Contains Young Hyson Tea, Wildcrafted Prickly Pear Fruit Pieces (Prickly Pear Fruit, Rice Flakes), All Natural Flavor, and Safflower Petals. Shop at Simple Loose Leaf.

Promising review: “This tea has little aroma. The hints of pear are subtle and the green tea is very light. Great choice for someone who enjoys a very light brew.” Morgan

3. Pecan Praline – Black Tea – High Caffeine – Rich and Nutty

Featuring a wonderful and bold smell, the Pecan Praline Black Tea is a South Indian black tea with a subtle caramel note combined with soft nutty flavors and simple sweetness. This tea does not have an overpowering cinnamon taste, but instead has a subtle flavor that offers depth and complexity. It features spices and nuts wrapped up in a slightly sweet fruit aroma that calls to mind freshly baked banana nut bread. To appreciate all of its delicate flavors, serve neat. Perfect for a cozy afternoon or for a warm treat after dinner. Shop at Simple Loose Leaf.

Promising review: “The wonderful smell when I opened this was amazing. Of all of the teas I have purchased, the smell of this tea stands out!” Monica

4. Wild Berry Green Tea – Green Tea – Medium Caffeine – Sweet and Fresh

Perfect for the Spring/Summer season, this tea calls to mind warmer days and flowers blooming. This tea features a medium body young hyson Chinese green tea with blueberries and raspberries all wrapped up in a neat cup. It’s great to prepare as an overnight cold brew and served over ice with some fresh fruit or on its own alongside a slice of blueberry pie. Shop at Simple Loose Leaf.

Promising review: “Amazing taste and very refreshing.” Samantha S.

5. Summer Nights – Black Tea – High Caffeine – Rich & Savory

This Summer Nights Black Tea features at the forefront caramel and toffee and brown sugar, wrapped up in summer night’s smoke. Upon sipping, you’ll experience the cinnamon and cocoa and marshmallows that make it rich, sweet, and complex. It contains Assam Black Tea, Cinnamon Chips, Cocoa Nibs, Mini Marshmallows, All Natural Flavor, and Lapsang Souchong Black Tea. Shop at Simple Loose Leaf.

Promising review: “This is like a summer campfire, complete with smores! It’s a tiny bit smoky with chocolate and sweet notes from the marshmallow. It’s a bit sweet for everyday but a nice treat.” Melanie F.

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