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The Most Charming Pet Tags You’ll Find on Etsy!

The Most Charming Pet Tags You’ll Find on Etsy!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and this year, we’re bringing you loads of gift ideas for your friends, family, and pets! If you’re single and have been for quite some time and would love to have some company this season, you might want to get yourself a pet! In fact, pets have long been believed to provide several health benefits to humans. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), multiple studies have shown that pets do bring a number of health benefits to humans. Caring for pets can decrease blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and triglyceride levels. The best part? Having a pet, especially a dog, encourages exercise and outdoor activities, as well as socialization.

What to Get Your Pet for Valentine’s Day

If you’re already a dog or cat lover, you’re probably already treating them like your own children and showering them with lots of gifts and love! Before Valentine’s Day arrives, here are some of the most charming pet tags you’ll find on Etsy. We’re sure you’ll want one as a gift for your beloved four-legged best friend. Check them out below.

The Most Charming Pet Tags You'll Find on Etsy!

1. Personalized Dog or Cat Pet Tag, Hand Stamped on Stainless Copper

If you want to give your pet something unique this Valentine’s Day, give her this personalized pet tag that features hand stamped letters on stainless copper. Your pet cat will marvel at this shiny object that truly marks your bond with your pet. It features stainless steel split key rings in 8 and 12 mm, a round red copper coin that measures 25 mm, and a stainless steel moon that’s perfect for witching hour! Shop at Etsy.

The Most Charming Pet Tags You'll Find on Etsy!

2. Personalised, Forest and Trees Themed Handmade Pet Tag

If the good boy of your house loves to run about in the forest, get him this super cute and whimsical pet tag that features hand-stamped tree designs. It comes in 25mm or 30mm or copper, which is great for dogs and cats. Each is lovingly made, so it’s truly a one of a kind present for any pet or pet-loving friend. Shop at Etsy.

The Most Charming Pet Tags You'll Find on Etsy!

3. Personalized Hand Stamped Pet Collar Tags

Crafted using pure aluminum or pure copper, these elegant pet collar tags will surely turn heads on the street during walks. The aluminum tags are perfect for smaller pets as it is lighter, while the copper ones are great for larger pets. The copper tag is also finished with museum grade wax to prolong oxidization. Each letter is hand stamped, so you’re sure to get a unique piece every time. Shop at Etsy.

The Most Charming Pet Tags You'll Find on Etsy!

4. Custom Pet ID Tag

If you’re going for a classier look, choose this custom pet ID tag that is made of lightweight stainless steel tag with glossy finish. You can even have your phone number or any custom message engraved on the tag. It’s an elegant gift for anyone who likes keeping their pet stylish. Get this at Etsy.

The Most Charming Pet Tags You'll Find on Etsy!

5. Personalized Dog Tag

Go for a rustic, charming look with these personalized dog tags that feature a snapshot of the breed of your dog! The diameter of the Alaskan Malamute, Border Collie, German Shepherd, Dobermann, Bully Dog, Siberian Husky, Golden Retriever, Cane Corso, Labrador, Belgian Malinois, Samoyed, Chow tags are 1.7 inches or 4.4 cm. Get this at Etsy.

The Most Charming Pet Tags You'll Find on Etsy!

6. Unique Floral Pet ID Tag

Perfect for Spring, this unique floral pet ID tag features a whimsical design that’s feminine and charming. It’s great for both cat and dogs and serves as a sweet Valentine’s Day gift. The tags are double sided and includes a split ring attachment. It comes in three sizes, 0.75-inch, 1-inch, and 1.5-inch. Get yours at Etsy.

The Most Charming Pet Tags You'll Find on Etsy!

7. Maple Leaf Pet Tag

Here’s a truly one of a kind pet tag that will stand out from the rest. This maple-leaf shaped tag features acid etched text, which process takes slightly longer than stamping. It can be used as a pet tag or keychain and is a great gift this Valentine’s season. Grab this at Etsy.

The Most Charming Pet Tags You'll Find on Etsy!

8. Personalized Engraved Dog Tags

This charming little dog tag is made of good quality solid brass that does not face. It comes in round, square, or bone shapes and features text that is laser engraved onto the brass to ensure that it lasts long. Shop for yours at Etsy.

The Most Charming Pet Tags You'll Find on Etsy!

9. Walnut Wood Pet Tags

If you’re more into earthy tones and elements, this pet tag is for you. Instead of metals, this pet tag uses beautiful solid walnut wood and features engraving of your pet’s name on the front of the tag. You can also have your contact number engraved at the back. It comes in circle, rectangle, or hexagon shape, and can be customized to include a dotted or solid border. Get this at Etsy.

The Most Charming Pet Tags You'll Find on Etsy!

10. Dog Tag

This 1-inch dog tag features rustic bronze and rainbow hues, which is perfect for those who love the whimsical aesthetic. It features an 18 gauge thickness that will stand the test of time. It features a delicate maple leaf and a charming font that’s perfect for any pet. Split rings are included. Available at Etsy.

This Valentine’s Day, give a gift that can be used and treasured through time, just like these charming pet tags you’ll find on Etsy. These are lovingly and creatively hand made, which makes them even more special! For more great Valentine’s Day presents and ideas, check out the links below.

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