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The Most Fun Saint Patrick’s Day Gift Ideas Ever

The Most Fun Saint Patrick’s Day Gift Ideas Ever

Saint Patrick’s Day is just over a week from now and over here at The Teelie Blog, we’re gearing up for a fun celebration with family and friends. Saint Patrick’s Day is a cultural and religious celebration held every March 17 in honor of the death of Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. While it is mostly an Irish cultural celebration, many Christians around the world are also partaking in the fun festivities of the holiday. It’s often associated with lots of drinking, eating, and wearing of green clothing and accessories. The reason behind this is that the Lenten restrictions on drinking alcohol and eating are in fact lifted on that day and instead, alcohol consumption is in fact, encouraged! This year, we’re celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day with some fun alcohol-themed games and knick knacks. We’ve curated the most fun Saint Patrick’s Day gift ideas ever, which you’ll find below. Get inspired to give the gift of fun in honor of Saint Patrick!

The Most Fun Saint Patrick's Day Gift Ideas Ever

1. UNCORKED! Games Whiskey Business! The Party Game of Risk Taking & Whiskey Making

This fun game features a whiskey tumbler to throw the dice, whiskey barrel playing pieces and coasters for keeping score. While drinking isn’t required, it’s highly encouraged to keep the fun going. This addictive strategic dice game plays fast, so the excitement never runs out. You’ll play as a group of competing distillers producing Irish Whiskey, Scotch, Bourbon and Rye. To gain the ingredients you need to produce your own brand of alcohol, you’ll have to roll the dice. But watch out because you might just spoil that batch you’re brewing! Players will have only until the Last Call to make or steal the most barrels they can. Shop at Amazon.

2. Boston Warehouse Beer Popper and Cap Catcher with Game: Pop It Drop It

If you’re entertaining this Saint Patrick’s Day, make sure you have this super cool, whimsically designed bottle opener that comes with a cap catcher. The catch? It has a fun game that lets your guests select from “Truth or Dare,” “Shot,” “Chug a Beer” or “Dance,” depending on where his or her bottle cap lands. This wall-mounted bottle opener is a must-have for any beer aficionado and is best placed in a man-cave or entertaining area. It features a sturdy bottle opener, a cap catcher, and a cast metal opener. The wall hanger is made from hardwood. Shop at Amazon.

3. Refinery and Co. Wooden Beer Pong Game

Game night will never be the same with this mini wooden beer pong set that is beautifully crafted using wood and featuring a vintage finish. It also features a custom cup layout that lets players strategically re-rack and wooden launching catapults. It easily folds up when you’re done playing for easy, effortless storage. Great as a gift or as an addition to any man-cave. Shop at Amazon.

4. Recycled Skateboard Coasters

Add a touch of grunge vintage to your kitchen with these super fun recycled skateboard coasters. Breathe new life into old skateboards with these recycled, handmade coasters that feature a wheel of life design that is inspired by the Buddhist symbol. Because of the recycled nature of this item, each wooden disc is truly unique. It features swirling and interconnected “blades” that represent “the three jewels” or victories over delusion, greed, and ill will. Each cork is sanded smooth and backed with cork to avoid slipping. Handmade by Jason Podlaski  and his team in Pennsylvania. Shop at Uncommon Goods.

5. Bourbon Days Necktie Gray and Black

Fan of bourbon? Show your love for bourbon with this stylish tie that’s very chic and fashion forward. It’s made of 100% silk that’s hand silk-screened in China. It features overlapping bottle silhouettes that is reminiscent of classic mid-century modern patterns. Comes in a gorgeous gray tone that goes well with any smart casual outfit. Shop at Uncommon Goods.

The Most Fun Saint Patrick's Day Gift Ideas Ever

6. Craft Beer Candles

Your beer-loving BFF will totally adore these unique scented candles. Crafted by Craig Davis by hand, these beer-inspired soy wax candles call to mind breweries across the country. He meticulously blends the long-lasting soy wax bases with cheery, beery, all-natural scents, and pours them into hand-cut, reclaimed bottles for a chic look that is environmentally-friendly and reduces glass waste! Each candle is hand-poured in Truckee, California. IPA features the scents of nutty hops, spice, orange citrus, and herbs, while Lager features sweet barley, bergamot, tobacco, and wood scents. Stout features dark chocolate, oatmeal, almond, and vanilla scents. Shop at Uncommon Goods.

7. Simply Great Whiskey Scented Beard Oil

If you want your man to smell like whiskey without having to pass out in a few minutes, get him this fun whiskey-scented beard oil from Simply Great. The brand has been crafting scents since 2011, producing beard oil by hand and in small batches. Each batch is made of high-quality, natural ingredients, including Hazelnut and Rosemary oils from trusted sources. Each beard oil comes with a nifty ball rod cap and is packaged in a recyclable amber glass bottle labeled with a recycled kraft label printed with non-toxic biodegradable wax inks. A nice, environmentally-friendly gift that any whiskey-loving man would appreciate. Shop at Amazon.


8. Mini Flip Cup Game

Gather your friends around on Saint Patrick’s Day for a fun round of mini flip cup! This team relay game requires players to use their fingers to launch mini red cups onto their tops. This game board is handcrafted from locally sourced lumber in Minneapolis. Make for a perfect gift this Saint Patrick’s Day! Shop at Amazon.


9. Cocktail Inspired Lip Balm Trio

Say Cheers to the weekend with this trio of cocktail-inspired lip balm! Crafted by Kristin Donnelly in Iowa, these all-natural lip balms are made with organic essential oils, luxurious butters, and golden beeswax. Say goodbye to your usual bubblegum pop lip balms and say hello to these adult-only lip balms that are truly sophisticated. It features beeswax, jojoba, safflower oil, shea butter, castor oil, gentian root, essential oils of sweet orange, bitter orange, juniper, clove and peru balsam. These ingredients come together nicely in this pack of Old Fashioned, Tiki, and Negroni lip balms that keep lips moisturized and a little tipsy. Comes in a gorgeous tube styled after fine whiskey packaging, making it ready for gifting anytime. Shop at Uncommon Goods.

10. Booze-Infused Hot Sauce Trio

Saint Patrick’s Day got a little bit spicier thanks to this hot sauce trio that truly packs a punch. These thick, liquor-infused hot sauces add a layer of complex flavor to any dish. It’s made of crushed peppers with no sugar added, so you’re sure to get all the heat and flavor in one bite. Mango Bourbon offers a toasty, oaky, caramel Kentucky bourbon and mango’s sweet, tropical flavor, while Jalapeño Tequila blends the signature, dry, herbal-floral taste of tequila with the fresh, summery taste of jalapeño. Completing the trio is Habanero Moonshine that is super hot and fruity but also features the mule-kick of real moonshine. Makes for a fun gastronomic journey this Saint Patrick’s Day. Shop at Uncommon Goods.


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