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Valentine’s Day Party Themes and Activities 2021: How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day Safely

Valentine’s Day Party Themes and Activities 2021: How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day Safely

Valentine’s Day is often regarded as a day of joyous celebration of love in all its forms. While most couples go on dates, those who are unattached find ways to celebrate self love or familial love. After all, different kinds of love should be celebrated by one and all, especially during these trying times. The coronavirus pandemic continues to affect communities all over the world and a lot of people may choose to spend Valentine’s Day indoors. But that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. In fact, we’ve whipped up some fun ideas on how to celebrate Valentine’s day safely plus Valentine’s DAy party themes and activities for those who want to celebrate with the people they’ve quarantined with throughout this time.

How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day Safely

Valentine's Day Party Themes and Activities 2021: How to Celebrate Valentine's Day Safely

  1. Make breakfast in bed for your loved one. Start a day with a hearty meal that will show them how much you care. Spend some extra bonding time in bed over warm breakfast, truly the most important meal of the day. The Alder Creek Gift Baskets Breakfast in Bed for Valentine Gift Basket is a great choice, as it includes everything you need for a sweet breakfast in bed. This giftable basket includes tazo tea, scone mix, Lindt chocolate truffles, two coffee mugs, 2 hot chocolate packets, 1 stainless steel butter knife, jelly, cookies, and wafer cookies. Shop at Macy’s.

Valentine's Day Party Themes and Activities 2021: How to Celebrate Valentine's Day Safely

  1. Learn how to make desserts. If you and your partner both have a sweet tooth, why not learn how to make your own desserts through an online class? The Plated Desserts Made Simple: Elegant Chocolate Towers class by the Cake Nuvo Online Baking School lets you create stunning and incredibly yummy plated desserts and chocolate decorations that will impress not only your partner but also your family. Take the class on Udemy.

Valentine's Day Party Themes and Activities 2021: How to Celebrate Valentine's Day Safely

  1. Have a small fondue party at home. Celebrate Valentine’ Day with the people you’ve quarantined with, with a fun chocolate fondue party. You’ll need the Nostalgia CFF965 3-Tier 1.5-Pound Chocolate Fondue Fountain, which offers a decadent cascade of sweetness for a tasty gathering. With a 24-oz capacity, this party favorite lets you dip strawberries, apple wedges, cherries, marshmallows, popcorn, pretzels, and more. It features an elegant stainless steel tower and heated bowl that provides a consistent dip every time while the auger-styled fountain provides continuous flow. Get 20% off for a limited time at Macy’s.

Valentine's Day Party Themes and Activities 2021: How to Celebrate Valentine's Day Safely

  1. Bond over a great conversation. With our demanding lifestyles, it’s difficult to take a break and really slow down to spend time with our partners or loved ones. This Valentine’s Day, take the time for introspection through a good conversation. Consider the Talking Points Cards Couples Conversation Starters for Great Relationships, with 4 categories for every stage of relationship so you can engage in a meaningful conversation with your partner. Get to know each other better with thought provoking questions and share some good laughs over unexpected topics. These Talking Point cards have an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Valentine's Day Party Themes and Activities 2021: How to Celebrate Valentine's Day Safely

  1. Play some old school video games. Throwback to your younger years and bond over some classic video games with the Nintendo NES Classic, featuring the original look and feel that’s redesigned to be smaller, sleeker, and has up to 30 fun games, including Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda, PAC MAN, Dr. Mario, Mega Man, Final Fantasy, and more. The Nintendo NES Classic with bonus NES Classic controller has an overall rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Valentine's Day Party Themes and Activities 2021: How to Celebrate Valentine's Day Safely

  1. Learn new mixology tricks through a cocktail and bartending masterclass. Missing the bars? Make your own alcoholic drinks at home with the Bartending Mastery Cocktail & Bartending Masterclass by Michael Miller, a six module online course that showcases the recipes, origins, and modern methods of the most popular classic cocktails and a comprehensive dive into the basic knowledge and skills of bartenders. In this lesson, you’ll get 3 hours of on-demand video, 20 articles, 2 downloadable resources, and more. Grab this masterclass at Udemy.

Valentine's Day Party Themes and Activities 2021: How to Celebrate Valentine's Day Safely

  1. Create your own charcuterie board. Enjoying an evening in and binge watching Netflix? Why not pop open a bottle of wine and create your own charcuterie board with the CTFT Cheese Board Set? This giftable charcuterie board features a removable double-sided marble slate that can be used as a side plate to provide more space and a groove serving edge to keep your nuts, biscuits, bread, cheese, and meat in place. It comes with four cheese knives which are stored in a magnetic hidden drawer. This set has an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

5 Awesome Valentine’s Day Party Themes and Ideas for a Fun and Romantic Celebration

Film Noir Themed Party

Film buffs will enjoy dressing up as their favorite noir characters this Valentine’s Day with a film noir themed party. Whether you’re a film culture enthusiast or simply someone who loves to watch old movies, this theme is perfect for you. Here are some essentials you’ll need to pull off a fun film noir themed Valentine’s Day party.

1. MerryNine Paper Garland Circle Polka Dots Set

This pack of 5 paper garlands feature 10-feet long garlands with polka dots in magnificent gold, white, and black color, all made with high quality double sided gold glitter paper and card stock. They are sewn together with double sturdy thread so you can reuse it for future occasions. Each circle is approximately 2 inches in diameter, providing an eye-catching decor for your film noir party. Get this party decor on Amazon.

2. Beistle Movie Reel with Filmstrip Centerpiece

Perfect for adorning on a buffet table or a romantic table for two, the Beistle Movie Reel with Filmstrip Centerpiece is made of vacuum plastic and measures 9 x 9 x 4 inches. It has a film with an extension of 15 feet. It’s a quaint addition to any film noir themed or movie themed party or gathering. Get this on Amazon.

3. Brandon-super Movie Film Clap Board

Crafted from natural wood, this film clapper is an authentic addition to your film noir party. It comes with a white erasable pen so you can write on the clapper, which measures 12 x 11 inches. You can also use regular chalk because the clapper is made of wood. Perfect as a prop for any photo shoot or party. Get this clapper on Amazon.

4. London Fog Men’s Plymouth Belted Twill Double-Breasted Trench Coat

Make like a film noir protagonist with this trench coat from London Fog. This double breasted trench coat features a notched collar, epaulettes, and functional gun flaps, as well as a self-belt waist and belted cuffs, and side-entry pockets at the waist. Made of 100% polyester. Get this trench coat on Amazon.

5. Partypackage Ltd Black Twenties Film Noir Gangster Italian Mafia Fedora Hat Accessory

Complete your film noir look with this fedora hat accessory from Partypackage Ltd, which offers a unique 50’s to 60’s Italian mafia gangster style. Great for use in costume parties and competitions, Halloween, and more. Get this fedora hat accessory on Amazon.

High Tea Themed Party

If you and your significant other are tea enthusiasts, you might want to host a high team themed party this Valentine’s Day. For an intimate afternoon socially distancing indoors, brew some hot tea and bond over your love for the worldly drink. Consider these celebratory essentials. (Read more: Celebrities Who Love Tea + The Best Gifts for Tea Lovers)

1. Amazingware Porcelain Tea Set, Service for 6 in Pink

This gorgeous collection of tea drinking essentials is highly giftable this Valentine’s Day. With a total of 22 lovely pieces, this service for 6 includes a sugar bowl, a cream pitcher, 6 teacups, 6 saucers, and 7 teaspoons. With a classy and romantic British royal style, the items in this set feature an exquisite colored glaze, pumpkin shape, and gleaming gold trim. These pieces are made from high quality porcelain and come in a cute box that’s perfect for gifting this Valentine’s Day. Shop for this tea set on Amazon.

2. Tea Forte Jardin Tea Samplers with Fruit, Herb, and Flower Tea

This Valentine’s Day, explore the world of teas with your loved ones with this elegant assortment of organic teas from Tea Forte. Curated in collaboration with The New York Botanical Garden, the limited edition collection features five organic tea blends with 2 infusers of each blend. The Jardin collection, which is just right for Valentine’s Day, features Chamomile Citron (Herbal), Chocolate Rose (Black), Green Mango Peach (Green), Strawberry Hibiscus (Oolong), and Vanilla Pear (White). This sampler features 10 assorted pyramid tea bag infusers that are handcrafted to allow the delicate leaves to luxuriantly unfurl in hot water for the ultimate tea experience. These teas come in an elegant, embossed gift box with a satin ribbon that need not be wrapped as it is gorgeous on its own. Get this gift set on Amazon.

3. Bee Harmony Mini Honey Gift Set

Honey with your tea? This Valentine’s Day, add a little sweetness with the Bee Harmony Mini Honey Gift Set, which features four 3 oz. Bee Harmony Honey mini jars in different flavors. This set features Clover, sunny-colored honey with a delicate, mild sweetness sourced from the Dakotas, Montana and other Midwest states and Wildflower, a classic, medium-colored honey with a subtly robust, full-bodied sweetness, sourced from America’s wildflower meadows. This set also includes Orange Blossom crafted from oranges harvested from the finest Florida and California orange groves, giving this honey a softer color with clear notes of citrus, and Berry, a medium-colored honey with mixed notes of berries, sourced from the Pacific Northwest, Wisconsin, Michigan, Maine and other Northeast states. This giftable set is available on Amazon.

4. Kokitea 3-Tier Elegant Ceramic Cake Stand in Pink Gold

Add a touch of romance to your tea party with this elegant 3-tier cake stand, which is exquisitely built with a delicate and sturdy gold crown bracket. Display your sweets and treats with this cake and dessert stand that features heart-shaped ceramic platters for a charming touch. Shop this cake stand on Amazon.

5. Matilde Vicenzi Roma Gift Tin Assortment of Patisseries, Pastries, and Cookies

Nestled in a decorative reusable tin with scenes and views of Rome, Italy, this assortment of patisserie, pastries, and cookies from Matilde Vicenzi Roma offers great pairings for your favorite tea. It features eight delicious patisseries, creamy filled pastries and crispy cookies packaged in a 32 oz gift tin. Explore a variety of exceptional cookies and pastries filled with velvety cream and indulge in its buttery flavor, rich chocolatey cream, and crispy finish. These items are made with high quality raw materials and made using age-old Italian traditions. Made in Italy. Shop for this giftable tin box of goodies on Amazon.

‘90s Glow in the Dark Party

Travel back in time to the good old days and host a ‘90s glow in the dark party, complete with light up accessories and a fun playlist from the 1990s, with music from the Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, and more!

1. JeVenis Back to the 90s Balloon Banner

This hip balloon banner is perfect for any 1990’s themed party, as it features bright splashes of shiny color. It’s a great backdrop for Instagrammable photos to share with loved ones and friends. This set includes one “Back to the 90s” balloon, 2 star balloons, and 2 disco ball balloons. Get this party decor set on Amazon.

2. Outside the Booth 90s Throwback Party Theme Photo Booth Props

These party props will send you right back to the ’90s. With as much as 41 durable and full sized pre cut photo booth props with wooden sticks and adhesive pads, these essentials will make your celebration more fun as it lets guests pose and take funny photos to share. These 90s themed party signs are printed in vibrant color on durable cardstock with real glitter application for more sparkle. Get this set on Amazon.

3. KarberDark Glow Sticks and Connectors for Caps, Bracelets, Necklaces, Balls, Eyeglasses, and More

Turn the lights down low and start to glow with these glow sticks and glow in the dark party essentials. This set includes 200 pieces of 8-inch glow sticks, 20 pieces of 5.5-inch sticks, 20 pieces of 3.5-inch sticks, 3 caps, 6 balls, 5 eyeglasses, a skull and heart, 3 butterfly bracelets, 3 bracelets, 6 earrings, 3 hair clips, and 300 pieces of connectors. The glow in the dark sticks come in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and pink. Grab these exciting glow in the dark essentials on Amazon.

4. Esdabem Flash Light Up Cups Set

Light up your ’90s themed party with these mesmerizing cups that are equipped with flashing LED lights. A variety of lights flash and flicker inside these cups, creating a magnificent dreamlike atmosphere in your party. This set includes 24 LED party tumblers, all of which feature 3 light up mode settings such as slow blink, running flash, and all on. Grab these glasses on Amazon.

5. Gift Boutique Neon Glow in the Dark Party Supplies Tableware Set

Pay homage to the ’90s with this tableware set featuring glow in the dark designs on a black background. Made of high quality thick paper, these party essentials make for a totally rad, boppin’ party. Get this tableware set on Amazon.

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