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15 Awesome Backyard Fun Ideas for Summer

15 Awesome Backyard Fun Ideas for Summer

The Fourth of July weekend kicked off summer on a different note this year. Some people are opting to stay indoors to avoid getting Covid-19. But that does not mean summer has to be a bummer from here on out. Sure, there may be a number of cancelled trips to faraway destinations and postponed weddings and other social gatherings, but that does not mean summer fun is unattainable. In fact, we have gathered 15 awesome backyard fun ideas for summer in this quick list. Learn how you can make the most out of summer safely at home.


Awesome Backyard Fun Ideas for Kids: Best Toys for Summer

1. Tangle NightBall Glow in the Dark Light Up LED Football

Turn summer evenings into fun bonding moments with the family with the Tangle NightBall Glow in the Dark Light Up LED Football, which features a large size that’s great for all hand sizes, even smaller ones. It is designed to illuminate both upon impacts or during movement, making for interesting play with family and friends. Easily toss, bounce, and roll the ball to see the light triggered and illuminated. This toy is made from BPA-free, latex-free, phthalate-free, non-toxic TPR material and features a LED motion activated technology. This product has an overall rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Promising review: “This ball is cool! It lights up when you throw and catch it. My boys love it! Easy to catch too because of the holes. Totally worth it!” Jenn G

2. NERF Fortnite HC-E Super Soaker Toy Water Blaster

Having fun in or out of the backyard pool just got better with the NErF Fortnite HC-E Super Soaker, a great water blaster inspired by the blaster used in Fortnite and featuring the look and colors of the one in the popular video game. It offers stealth soakage, letting you swamp opponents without them seeing you coming. It holds up to 7.4 fluid ounces (218.8 milliliters) of water and is easy to fill and fire. This toy is rated 4.1 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Promising review: “My grandson’s love these water guns. Good, long range stream. They are ages 6 to 13. They have had hours of fun in the backyard. Great summer past time.” Love2read

3. Educational Insights GeoSafari Solar Rover

Our list 15 awesome backyard fun ideas for summer won’t be complete without a STEM toy in the form of the Educational Insights GeoSafari Solar Rover, which introduces the concept of solar energy to kids in a very interesting way. This toy, which requires no assembly and no batteries, is completely solar powered. It comes with a solar rover and 3 traffic cones to build your own rover challenge course. All you need to do is alternate light and shadow to power the solar cells, move forward, and turn left or right, and block the sun to stop. It also includes a 20-page, multilingual activity guide. This toy is rated 4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Promising review: “My kids were excited to get this Geosafari Solar Rover. All of us love the fact that it doesn’t require any batteries and moves with ease in the sunlight. It’s a great way to get into the topic of what solar power is and how it works with my oldest. The cones can add a challenged obstacle course and I can see my nieces and nephews playing with this soon when they come over!” Debbie Y.

4. Wowmazing Giant Bubble Wands Kit 3-Piece Set

Nothing beats a classic. This giant bubble wand from Wowmazing creates huge bubbles with its 2-handle design. This 3-piece kit has everything you need to make big, colorful bubbles in your backyard. It is a lightweight, durable, colorful outdoor toy that is perfect for kids and kids at heart. This product has an overall rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Promising review: “Purchased this for my 7 year old granddaughter. She loves making these huge bubbles while her 3 year old sister pops them. They laugh and giggle through the 30 minute process of using up the solution. Great purchase.” Marilyn Hadley

5. Micro Kickboard Mini Deluxe 3-Wheeled, Lean-to-Steer, Swiss-Designed Micro Scooter

Especially designed for kids aged 2 to 5, Micro’s 3-wheeled Mini Deluxe kickboard features a Lean-To-Steer design that offers a stable ride for toddlers and small children as they master balance and coordination. It is a durable toy that holds up to 110 lbs but is lightweight and easy to maneuver. Parents loved this product so much, it has an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Promising review: “My nephew got one of these at two years old and has been riding it for two years. Bought this for another two year old. Perfect size for toddlers. Sturdy. Great wheels and ball bearings for a smooth and intuitive ride. Very easy to use, and the red color looks great.” Shannon Ramsey


Fun Ideas for Summer: Invest in a Kiddie Pool!

1. Intex Rainbow Cloud Inflatable Baby Pool for Ages 1-3

Start your kids young with the Intex Rainbow Cloud Inflatable Baby Pool and encourage your child to love the water. Cool off with your toddler in this baby pool that features a rainbow arch that provides some shade from the sun, keeping your little one protected. Don’t forget the SPF though! This colorful inflatable baby pool is a great addition to any yard as it measures only 56 x 47 x 33 inches. This product has an overall rating of 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Promising review: “It’s great! We love it. No complaints. Using as a ball pin inside and pool outside. Purchased white pin balls to match the cloud. Our 11 month old loves it too. We did use an air compressor to blow up and the arch is perfect.” Jason Moyer

2. SplashEZ 3-in-1 Sprinkler for Kids

For those who don’t want to go all out with an actual kiddie pool just yet, go for this exciting sprinkler from SplashEZ. It is an educational kiddie pool great for kids 12 months or older. It features a learning mat for a base so your little one can soak up some knowledge as he or she plays. It is made of material that is durable and BPA-free and phthalates free. Let your kids experience some aqua-themed fun with this educational sprinkler. This product has an overall rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Promising review: “My kids love this splash pad! Perfect for this heat this summer. If we are outside we are using it. Great product!” Lauren Koepf

3. Intex Jungle Play Center Inflatable Pool with Sprayer

Worry not if your family can’t head to an actual safari this summer, as this is the next best thing. Bring the safari into your backyard with this fun Play Center Inflatable Pool with Sprayer from Intex. It features a water slide, wading pool, detachable monkey and giraffe, 6 fun balls, ring toss. The best part is the water sprayer that easily hooks up to any garden hose for added wet fun. Also includes a drain plug for faster water drainage. This product has an overall rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Promising review: “I read a lot of comments about people being just okay with it but for my little two year old it’s a dream pool! Yeah the slide isn’t totally usable but it’s a beautiful little waterfall!” Joy Chitwood

4. Intex Fun ‘n Fruity Inflatable Play Center

Have a refreshing summer with the Intex Fun ‘n Fruity Inflatable Play Center, which offers two pools in one! It features a water slide, inflatable pineapple, orange, strawberry, and 6 balls that fit in the wall, as well as a landing mat at the bottom of the slide for extra padding and a drain plug on the pool floor for easy maintenance. Expect hours of splashing fun with this backyard must-have this summer. This product has an overall rating of 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Promising review: “Our son loves it! We did not have an issue with deflating. We didn’t have an air pump so we used a blow dryer to inflate. Great for the summer!” Jamie

5. Intex Glitter Mini Pool

Treat your little princess to a spectacular summer with this Intex Glitter Mini Pool! Perfect for kids aged 1 to 3, this inflatable pool measures 34 x 34 x 10 inches and features 3 glitter filled rings. It has a soft inflatable floor for comfort. This product is rated 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Promising review: “This is a great pool. It’s small but is perfect for my 1 year old to splash around in. It’s super cute as well. We sometimes use it as a ball pit when there is no water in it.” Jessica


More Fun Ideas for Summer: Get Ready for a Staycation

15 Awesome Backyard Fun Ideas for Summer

1. Luxy Float Giant Inflatable 103″ Golden Dragon Pool Float

Game of Thrones fans will especially love this inflatable golden dragon, which can accompany you throughout your summer adventures in your imagination! It measures 103 inches when fully inflated and features a recessed seating area that is comfortable for play and lounging and can hold up to 400 pounds or two persons. It also features an improved valve that enables easy inflation with a pump or a hairdryer, and rapid deflation. This product is made of soft, durable, and heavy-duty material that will last several summers or more. This inflatable dragon from Luxy Float has an overall customer rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Promising review: “Looks better than expected in the pool. Really cool and fun to use. Can easily fit anyone if your legs are hanging off the edge by the dragon’s head… and its BIG. The only knock for me is I have to add a little bit of air after each use. but that’s really no big deal. Definitely recommend.” MJ

15 Awesome Backyard Fun Ideas for Summer

2. GoFloats Unicorn Pool Float Party Tube

Who says you can only have fun on the beach? This summer, stay inside and have fun in your own backyard pool with this GoFloats unicorn party tube, which is ideal for swimmers of all sizes who weigh up to 500 pounds. It is made of premium UV treated raft grade vinyl, which is thicker than regular vinyl. It features a rapid valve inflation so you can inflate it 10 times faster and deflate it in just two minutes and have more fun sooner. This GoFloats product has an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Promising review: “For years rafts like this were super expensive. I was surprised to see them go for only $20 each. Well worth the money! Very good quality. The size is perfect for my husband and I to float around the pool comfortably while tanning and conversing.” Christie

15 Awesome Backyard Fun Ideas for Summer

3. Obuby Inflatable Avocado Pool Float with Ball

Avocado lovers will be amused at this fun avocado flat from Obuby, which includes a ball you can toss around in the pool! It measures about 65 x 51 inches when fully inflated and can carry up to 220 pounds. It comes with a large brown removable beach ball, which serves as the avocado pit. The float and ball are made of high-quality environmentally friendly PVC material that is non-toxic, tasteless, high density, thich, durable, and long-lasting. It’s easy to inflate, deflate, and store for next summer. This product from Obuby has an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Promising review: “We Purchased this float for a recent summer vacation and absolutely loved it! Our kids got a kick out of the ‘pit’ beach ball and my husband and I really enjoyed lounging in the float. The shape makes it so you can rest your head while lying on the float. We rented another house with a pool at the end of the summer and can’t wait to use it again!” Leor Shapiro

15 Awesome Backyard Fun Ideas for Summer

4. Swimline Inflatable Pizza Slice Pool Float

What’s summer without some pizza? If you’re bored from staying home, lounging on the pool with this scrumptious looking pizza slice float from Swimline will surely cheer you up. It features a tasty pizza crust head rest so you can sit back and relax, dual drink holders for when you need to chill, and a unique design that can be rafted up with a second slice or more for the entire family! Measures 61 x 49 x 5 inches. This product from Swimline has an overall customer rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Promising review: “These are the most comfortable pool floats we’ve ever had. We paid more than $40 for one at the local pool store and then found these on Amazon so we bought more. Everybody thinks they are so funny (who doesn’t like pizza?) and then is amazed by how comfortable they are.” SJ All

15 Awesome Backyard Fun Ideas for Summer

5. Intex Lollipop Pool Float

Rounding up our list of 15 awesome backyard fun ideas for summer is the Intex Lollipop Pool Float, which calls to mind days out under the sun. It features a realistic lollipop design and measures 82 x 53 inches, which is enough room for 1-2 regular sized adults. Its bright and fun colors are attractive and attention-grabbing. This product is rated 4 out of 5 on Amazon

Promising review: “Float is very durable! Constructed of a thick material. I have had kids jumping on and off of this all summer, and they LOVE it! I have even had a rope tied around the stick attached to the boat without a problem. I wouldn’t hesitate purchasing another one. As for the writing on the stick part, it certainly is not a big deal. At least there are warnings!” Anewday


Summer is just beginning and staying at home is not a hindrance to having fun with the entire family. For more great ideas on how to spend the time under quarantine, check out these insightful stories from our archive.

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