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Sunday Pampering Essentials: All You Need to Relax and Unwind

Sunday Pampering Essentials: All You Need to Relax and Unwind

Welcome to the last stretch of the weekend! We know Sunday can be a bummer when you’re dreading going back to work on Monday but worry not because we’ve listed down everything you need for a relaxing Sunday indoors. In this list of Sunday pampering essentials, you’ll find our curated picks for a relaxing day, free of anxiety about the work week coming ahead. Here’s what we think you’ll love to have in your home for a relaxing weekend every week!

Sunday Pampering Essentials: All You Need to Relax and Unwind

1. A super cool ice roller that you can use on both your face and body.

Here’s a weekend (or let’s be honest, weekday) must-have for anyone who’s stressed and overworked: an ice roller! This versatile product is great for relieving pain and increasing blood flow to the face. With over 1,300 positive reviews on Amazon, this product is great not just to calm skin and reduce burns after sun exposure, but also to massage the eye socket and temples to relieve fatigue. Shop at Amazon.


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Customer review:

“Extremely affordable and feels great on my face right when i wake up in the morning! I can feel the difference after a couple of rolls along my puffy eyes and face. It soothes my puffiness with the cold but [with a] bearable feeling. And it does stay cool for a good amount of time. Best thing is it’s not a watery mess.”



2. An ultra comfortable robe that you’ll want to live in permanently.

Crafted with the finest ultra-soft velour, the Just Love Kimono Robe makes for absolutely comfortable clothing for weekends indoors. It’s great with pajamas or lounge clothes so you can feel it wrap its warmth around you! It features a chic chevron pattern, a classic look for any lounge bath robe. It’s so comfortable that you’ll want to wear it for years to come. And you can, as each is made with the highest quality materials that will survive numerous washes. Shop at Amazon.

Customer review:

“Cozy, warm, and soft, just the right thickness to keep you comfy and not overheated. I’ve washed it twice and it’s keeping its shape and quality, it’s even fluffier after a wash and tumble in a warm dryer. Only problem, my dog wants it for her blanket!”



3. A calming bath soak that will make you forget about the stresses of work.

If you’re feeling anxious about Monday being just around the corner, sink in the bathtub with Herbivore Botanicals Calm Soaking Salts. It is formulated with a base of mineral-rich detoxifying Himalayan Pink Salts which infuse bath water with a multitude of healthy minerals that your body can soak up. Treat yourself to some magnesium, selenium, zinc, and iron to get ready for the week ahead. This bath soak also features ylang ylang essential oil with its soft tropical scent and vanilla to soothe and calm the body and mind. Shop at Amazon.


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Customer review:

“These bath salts smell amazing and feel great after a long day. I mix mine with a really calming bubble bath and just soak for about 20 minutes before bed and I’m totally relaxed and ready to drift off to sleep. Highly recommend!”

—Jane Waggoner


4. A hydrating mask that will let you walk into the office with refreshed skin.

Stock up on your favorite hydrating mask with this pack of 10 Nature Republic Real Nature Mask in Cucumber. It contains real cucumber extracts that moisturize the face and make skin soft and smooth. You can’t deny that Korea has taken the world by storm thanks to their pop music and unique skincare products. Try this and experience a different type of skin rejuvenation this weekend. Shop at Amazon.


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Customer review:

“The cucumber sheet mask is one of my favorite from Nature Republic because it is light and refreshing. The liquid is not thick or sticky but on the thinner side, so I feel hydrated without any heaviness.”

—Amazon client


5. A good book you can sink into and forget you ever had Netflix.

Kristen Roupenian’s “You Know You Want This” was hailed by Vogue, Huffpost, Entertainment Weekly, Nylon, Marie Claire, and Bustle as one of the most anticipated books of 2019. You’ll see why when you prop open this book, which features an interesting collection of stories about women and sexuality. From amusingly horrific anecdotes to stories that will make you wonder what you would do if you were the character in that situation, this book is definitely a must-read for modern women across the globe. Shop at Amazon.


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Customer review:

“An absolutely spellbinding collection of stories. I devoured the book in one sitting, and, like so many of the characters within, might have benefited from a bit more self-control, because now I want more! As with ‘Cat Person,’ many of these stories will draw you in and, step-by-step, lead you to a much darker, unexpected, but not entirely unfamiliar place.”


Sunday Pampering Essentials: All You Need to Relax and Unwind

6. A bath pillow that lets you lounge while soaking up the bath salts and reading a good book!

You’re going to love passing the time in the bathtub with this Gorilla Grip Original Spa Bath Pillow. It features seven powerful suction cups that uniquely help eliminate common and irritating pillow slippage so you can stay comfortable for as long as you want. Indulge in the most relaxing bath experience with this large, 2-panel design pillow that fits any size tub, spa, or jacuzzi. It’s super easy to clean and store too! Shop at Amazon.

Customer review:

“This pillow is great. It buffers the tub so that the noise from the jets is minimal. The pillow also cradles your head and neck in a very relaxing position in either a conventional bathtub or the jacuzzi. It allows you to anchor your body so that you don’t have to float in the water.”



7. A fun waterproof shower speaker that lets you enjoy your favorite tunes while in the bath.

Take your time in the shower or put on some relaxing music while soaking in the bathtub with this super affordable and easy to use VicTsing Shower Speaker that is water-resistant. It features a silicone case that is shockproof and dustproof, a detachable suction and aluminum alloy metal hook. It has a 5W speaker that provides excellent sound and a full range output so you can soak in not just the bath salts, but also the great music. It’s also equipped with a Bluetooth speaker and hands-free function so you can pick up the phone or even call without having to touch it. Its rechargeable battery supports up to 6 hours playing time. Shop at Amazon.

Customer review:

“Nice little speaker with pretty good sound. It doesn’t have a lot of bass, but that’s to be expected on a small speaker. It has good Bluetooth range, so I don’t have to keep my phone in the hot humid bathroom. The suction cup holds it firmly on the shower wall or bathroom mirror.”



8. An indulgent, luxurious shower oil that will wash away all your worries in an instant.

Longing for one last pampering session before the new work week begins? Indulge with  L’Occitane Cleansing & Softening Almond Shower Oil, a lavish, softening foam that gently cleanses the skin to leave it satin soft all day. It is rich in almond oil and nourishing lipids that restores skin balance after a long week. Shop at Amazon.


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Customer review:

“This shower oil has an almost cult following and now I know why. I have extremely dry skin, especially in Winter, and have found that oil is the best way to soothe my skin. I know others use this for shaving, which I have only tried once, but seemed to work fine. The smell is mild and pleasant, but doesn’t interfere with post-shower fragrance use.”



9. A brightening eye patch that battles dark circles and promotes skin elasticity.

Sundays are for treating your eyes to a pampering moment with Musely Hydrogel Eye Mask “Bye Bye Eye Bags”. This treat for the eyes contains prickly pear seed oil that brightens the under eye area and vitamin K that promotes elasticity. It features grape seed oil that firms and reduces the appearance of fine lines and aging. Meanwhile, its antioxidant-dense cucumber fruit extract fights environmental skin damage. Shop at Amazon.

Customer review:

“I used these eye masks on a long haul flight. They’re easy to apply and stay put nicely. I put them on and even wore a sleep mask over them and they were still in place when I woke up! I felt that they helped keep my under-eye hydrated so I looked well rested when I arrived at my destination.”

—Holly Griffith


10. A purifying scented candle that will banish negativity and unwanted energies.

Get rid of a week’s worth of stress with the Art of the Root Purification Soy Herbal Candle. This soy candle cleanses your home of any negative feelings and energies, to restore energy levels by encouraging the shedding of emotional baggage and daily stress. It is crafted with real essential oils and herbs, including lemon, eucalyptus, rosemary, sage, fennel and a touch of patchouli, and made from 100% pure soy. Start the week fresh with this candle that will purify, cleanse, and re-energize your spirit. Shop at Amazon.


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Customer review:

“The candle doesn’t have a strong smell, but the amount it has is perfect. I light the candle in the living room and it travels all throughout the apartment. You can walk from one room to the next and get a slight scent of the candle. Furthermore, you truly feel relaxed with this smell, so it is definitely worth a try!”


Have an amazing weekend and a good start to the week with these Sunday pampering essentials. For more great ideas on self-care, make sure to bookmark The Teelie Blog and check out the stories in the links below.

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