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The Best Subscription Boxes: Evergreen Father’s Day Gifts He’ll Enjoy For Life

The Best Subscription Boxes: Evergreen Father’s Day Gifts He’ll Enjoy For Life

With Father’s Day happening this Sunday, it’s no wonder that some people may still be rushing to grab a last minute present for their dads. But did you know that some presents are actually gifts that keep on giving? Instead of grabbing him a Swiss knife to add to his collection or another bottle of perfume, why not get him an amazing subscription box that will provide him with loads of new items to discover all throughout the year? It will be like Father’s Day every month! Subscription boxes are a great way to try new products, from snacks to skincare products and handy tools and knick knacks one can use at home or in the office. Subscription boxes are also a great way to receive personalized presents. Whether your dad is a snack connoisseur or is someone who loves the outdoors, here are some of the most fun subscription boxes he will truly enjoy receiving every month. These are the evergreen Father’s Day gifts he’ll enjoy for life (or for as long as you’re subscribed!).


Father’s Day Gifts: Subscription Boxes for Nerdy Dads

The Best Subscription Boxes: Evergreen Father's Day Gifts He'll Enjoy For Life

1. The Comic Garage Super Box

For dads who absolutely love collecting comic books, here’s a subscription box that will get him all the comics he’ll enjoy for the rest of his life. The Comic Garage Super Box lets you start a collection or expand on an existing one. Each box has 10 comics and has twice the value in every box. You can even choose from Marvel, DC, or both. These boxes feature expertly curated comics every month so he’ll never run out of comics to read. The best part is that The Comic Garage’s in-house team of comic book fans customize every box for each individual member so your unique box is created around your father’s favorite characters and comic preferences. Customers love this so much, it has an overall rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Promising review: “My box arrived yesterday and I’m already eagerly awaiting next month’s comics. I love the randomness of the selections. All the big names were in there. Hulk, Spider Man, X-Men with a few lessor known characters mixed in. Which I found cool because it opens my mind to other comics. Fantastic idea with excellent execution.” Jimmy Ready

The Best Subscription Boxes: Evergreen Father's Day Gifts He'll Enjoy For Life

2. World’s Finest Collection Box The Officially Licensed DC Comics Mystery Gift Subscription Box

Dads who are obsessed with all things DC will totally enjoy this gift subscription box that arrives quarterly. It is a uniquely themed subscription box that features his favorite DC Comic superheroes and characters such as Batman, Superman, The Flash, Green Lantern, and more. Every curated item in the box is exclusive to the box and will not be available anywhere else. Each box may feature collectibles such as apparel, accessories, vinyl figures, posters, home goods, and much more. This subscription box has an overall rating of 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Promising review: “I got the JLA box and I couldn’t have loved it more. I thought for sure a few of the items would be quickly added to the donate pile but they’re all actually fantastic. I think it’s worth the rather high price for a box of stuff you don’t need but will be pleasantly surprised by each quarter.” Luca Brasi

The Best Subscription Boxes: Evergreen Father's Day Gifts He'll Enjoy For Life

3. Supernatural Box The Officially Licensed Supernatural Mystery Gift Subscription Box

Fans of the huge TV hit series Supernatural will love receiving this subscription box that arrives every 3 months. It features 7 to 10 adorable, first-edition, and exclusive Supernatural merchandise in each box, amounting to over $100 worth of exclusive apparel, accessories, vinyl figures, home goods, and more. Each item in the Supernatural Box is 100% exclusive and cannot be found elsewhere. Whether it’s fun or functional items, these boxes have them all! Each box is uniquely themed to fit the seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. This subscription has an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Promising review: “My husband and I absolutely loved getting this. It was worth your money. The product was in fantastic conditions. We ended up getting a product that we have looked at, but never get because it cost so much.” Lora Sage

The Best Subscription Boxes: Evergreen Father's Day Gifts He'll Enjoy For Life

4. Space & Beyond Box Quarterly Subscription from Astronomy Magazine

Space-loving dads will totally enjoy unboxing this fun Space & Beyond Box from Astronomy Magazine. Each box features 5 to 7 high-quality astronomy related items in each box at a savings of up to 30% off retail. These exclusive products are available only to Space & Beyond Box subscribers, so you know you’re getting something truly special! Each box focuses on a unique theme that is extensively covered in the special edition of Space Particles Magazine from the editors of Astronomy Magazine. This subscription box arrives every 3 months. Shop at Amazon.

Promising review: “I subscribed directly through Astronomy Magazine for my dad. He loved it! Since he doesn’t live nearby, he even filmed his ‘unboxing’ for me. It was great having something fun for him to open and enjoy that had quality astronomy products in it. I was surprised they even sent a bonus gift for Astronomy day in May. Since I wasn’t sure what it would be like, I only signed up for two boxes but now that I know how much fun it was for my dad, I plan on subscribing for longer.” MightyMissy

The Best Subscription Boxes: Evergreen Father's Day Gifts He'll Enjoy For Life

5. MEL Chemistry Starter Kit

This kit is designed for kids but who said dads can’t join in the fun? Let dad bond with the kids with this fun set of chemistry-themed subscription boxes that feature over 80 safe and exciting experiments that are supported by VR lessons and feature new chemistry topics every month. Have fun and learn at the same time with this starter kit with a free VR headset and chemistry lessons. Ingredients, equipment, and instructions are also provided in the subscription box that arrives every 3 months so dads and kids can bond all the time. Subscribers can enjoy the box, which features 2 to 3 experiments on a dedicated chemistry topic. It’s education disguised as entertainment thanks to its fun and visual experiments. Also great for homeschooling or engaging kids while at home instead of giving kids access to tablets or computers. This subscription box has an overall rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Promising review: “My 10-year old daughter loved following instructions and seeing experiments work, and then exploring molecular structures in VR glasses. Science behind experiments is explained in a fun visual way, and depending on age and interest level, kids can go more or less deep into it. I learned something new too.” Igor T.


Fun Subscription Boxes to Explore as Father’s Day Gifts Every Month or Every Quarter!

The Best Subscription Boxes: Evergreen Father's Day Gifts He'll Enjoy For Life

1. BattlBox Survival and Outdoor Gear Subscription Box Pro Plus

For dads who love the outdoors, whether it’s hunting, camping, trekking, and more, this subscription box from BattlBox will surely put a smile on his face. Designed for the gear enthusiast and big spender, the BattlBox Survival and Outdoor Gear Subscription box (Pro Plus) features 5 to 9 items in every box, including everything from the other tiers plus the Knife of the Month (KOTM). The Knife of the Month is a special treat and comes from brands such as TOPS, Kershaw, Spyderco, CRKT, Gerber, Bastion, and more. The subscription box also includes a Mission Card which provides a breakdown of the products and their features. Each item in the box is carefully hand selected and field tested by BattlBox’s team of Survival and Gear Experts to ensure top notch quality every time. Every month, your outdoorsy dad will receive a box with a variety of camping, survival, EDC, and all around epic outdoor gear that he can test on his own. Each box features varied products that also focus on specific types of equipment or skills, making every month a discovery experience for your dad. Get this at Amazon.

Promising review: “Absolutely love this subscription. The products are always SUPER high value, exciting to receive every month, and really useful. Beyond that, though, the team behind Battlbox is incredible. Their commitment to delivering the best products and a community to share, trade, and connect with is unmatched. Buy this, you won’t regret it!” JD

The Best Subscription Boxes: Evergreen Father's Day Gifts He'll Enjoy For Life

2. Bean Box Gourmet Coffee Sampler 3-Month Gift Subscription

For dads who are coffee connoisseurs, give them this monthly subscription of amazing gourmet coffees from Seattle’s top small-batch roasters. This fun coffee subscription box lets dads experience a wide variety of single origin coffees and artfully-crafted blends. Each Bean Box includes about three types of coffees amounting to nearly half a pound of freshly-roasted whole bean coffee. These beans come from 23 of Seattle’s top-rated, award-winning, small batch-roasters, including: Kuma, Herkimer, Ladro, Slate, Bluebeard, True North, Velton, Broadcast, Conduit, Lighthouse, Middle Fork, Seattle Coffee Works, Zoka, and more. Experience Seattle in a box every month with Bean Box, which offers a 3-month subscription, 6-month subscription, 12-month subscription, a Single Box, or a Single Box Plus. This subscription box has an overall rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Promising review: “Ordered this as a gift for my parents who are huge coffee fans. When the box arrived, you could smell the coffee beans already. It smelled so amazing I almost kept it for myself. They ended up loving the coffees included. Definitely would purchase again.” Amia Fatale

The Best Subscription Boxes: Evergreen Father's Day Gifts He'll Enjoy For Life

3. Gainz Box Premium Fitness Apparel, Gear, and Consumables Subscription Box

Dads who love to keep fit will enjoy this Gainz Box, a monthly curation of functional fitness apparel and gear customized by size and gender. Dads who enjoy going to the gym for their “gains” will love receiving a monthly box filled with apparel, equipment, supplements, and clean snacks at double the value. Each box contains about 4 to 6 items from well-known, popular, up-and-coming brands including workout apparel, supplements, equipment, accessories, healthy snacks, education and other surprises. Your dad will also receive a premium piece of apparel or equipment on every third box he receives. Gainz Box is veteran-owned and each box gives back to charities that support the community. Shop at Amazon.

Promising review: “Great way to try new brands. Always a ton of value in each box!” Matt Muncy

The Best Subscription Boxes: Evergreen Father's Day Gifts He'll Enjoy For Life

4. BRĀV BOX Premium Healthy Snack Subscription Box

For dads who are deployed or stationed away from home, send him this Brāv Box, a curation of amazing healthy snack options that will remind him of home. Each box contains 8 to 12 premium snacks, including jerky, dehydrated fruits and veggies, protein and meal bars, cookies, chips, puffs, popcorn, seeds and nuts, nut butters, vitamins and supplements, energy drinks, and candy. Each product in these boxes are made by American-owned brands. This healthy snack subscription box is also great for those who mind their fitness and want to get into the best shape of their lives. Brāv was founded by Courtney Roberson and Nick Zimmerman, a current active duty Air Force Captain who believes in health and fitness and wanted to share it with military members who did not have access to healthy options. The Brāv Box is a great gift for those deployed or simply for those who want to create better snacking habits. Shop at Amazon.

Promising review: “I really enjoy the BRAV box subscription, my wife got me. I spend the majority of my day driving from jobsite to jobsite. So I put on a few pounds. I was in need of a healthy, high protein, sustainable snack while on the road. The healthy snacks in the BRAV box have met and exceeded my expectations.” Jared

The Best Subscription Boxes: Evergreen Father's Day Gifts He'll Enjoy For Life

5. BREO BOX Lifestyle Subscription Box

Finally, for the dad who simply loves stuff: the Breo Box. The Breo Box is a lifestyle quarterly subscription box and gift box for men and women. It features 5 to 8 unique high end items curated to fit the four seasons, Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. These boxes feature lifestyle, tech, gadgets, home goods, fitness, Bluetooth headphones, coffee and tea products, and other useful items from brands such as Fujifilm, Ember, OXO, PhoneSoap, Corkcicle, Blender Bottle, and more. Dads will love to receive the Breo Box, which are thoughtfully curated with detailed attention to current trends and seasonal changes. Shop at Amazon.

Promising review: “I ordered my boyfriend 3 seasons of Breo Boxes for Christmas! He gets super excited around the time they are going to come! He is always asking me if I saw any new spoilers or if it has shipped yet?! He has always been super into the newest technology and this has been the perfect gift for him! I got the first spoiler for Summer 2020 which was a projector and he wasn’t too hyped because we have a projector (actually 2) already. Customer service (Alek specifically) was super nice and went over the top to allow my boyfriend to skip the summer box and receive the fall box instead! Very pleased with the company all the way around.” Kelsey B.

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